We Gots a Present

Everything in the house has been going smoothly. Figaro has been good - although we have not changed the setup yet. Tomorrow Mom is going to increase the size of my hole in my setup. We also ordered some cool stuff online from eBay. One, Mom got us some kitty tags with our names on them that are stars. They should be neat, I got peach and Figaro got baby blue. We can't wait til they get here. Two, Mom got us a motion detector chime for the bathroom. It will chime anytime one kitty is in there, so that parents will know when they need to go check up on us.

Also yesterday Papaw got Mamaw a present. Here I am checking it out what is inside. It was a necklace. I don't understand because for me I would rather play with the bag but she let me have that and only keeped the necklace. Then she just put it on and didn't even play with it!!! I will have to play with it for her later tonight when she is sleeping.


  1. Jenny said...

    wow, figaro is good has 5 points now. that is very good. keep up the good work fig! very cute blog today veronica. i'm glad i got some lovely reading in before i take a nap with mommy.



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