Thursday Thirteen - Stuff that happened

Usually I pays a lot of attentions to everything going on in our house because it is also MY house and I stay here the longest (Mamaw and Papaw and Figaro all go out frequently). So here are the thirteen things of notable that happened in our house in the last couple of weekses. Our house is even younger than ME and it has so many problematics.

1. There was bad insulatings in our garage so the guy came to put insulatings, but then he almost electrecuted his self and they had to turnoff the power. He had smelly shoes.

2. The electric company came and fixed the electricutions dangers. But we didn't get to watch because we are not allowed in the garage.

3. The washer was leaking so the washer guy came and said he fixeded it. He laid underneath the washer, we liked watching hims.

4. The washer leaked even more so he came again and said he has to order parts from New Zealands.

5. The washer doesn't works anymore it keeps beeping because the washer guy messed with the levels settings - mamaw is MAD!

6. The fireplace guy came to fixed the fireplace because we had a remote control that wans't working., But now the remote works but not the switch because the fireplace guy said it was a wiring thing on ALL fireplaces. But Mamaw does not know how to use the remote so we don't get to have fireplace on anymore even though it SNOWED yesterday. He finally did it after we had to call every weeek for 3 montheses!

7. The guy came (unannounced) Tuesday at 8am to fix a hole they forgot they had in our kitty bathroom. Good thing I wokened up Mamaw at 6 like usuals or she might have been in beds!

8. The guy had to come back yesterday to finish polishing up the hole and painting over the stuffs but he never showed up even though we waited patiently at homes.

9. Today across of the street they started building a new house!!! Maybe Uncle Swoop could move there and we could see him more oftens.

And...some stuff Mamaw and we did in the meantimes....

10. Mamaw lit her toast on fire in the toaster oven and burnded all the insides of the oven, then she had to clean it up for 1 hours. The photo is of me in the toaster oven this summer when it first arrivelled. I runned in there when Mamaw got mad at me for going on the countertop because I thought I could hide, but then I looked so cutes Mamaw took a picture. Now it is all yellowed from getting burneded up on the corners.

11. I throwed up pumpkin all over the nice white carpet and Mamaw had to cleaner it for 1 hours.

12. Papaw went to a business in the DC of Washington.


Well Mamaw is charging up the video monitor and then she is going to set it all up. This is just in time because she thinks we are ready for a new step in the trainings. Yesterday Figaro went to the bathroom all by his self, dug around, and did a #2 in the toilet! We are so proud of him, usually he needs Mamaw supervision before doing a #2 else he does it on the floor. And we have not had a #1 accident for a while. We are super excited about the video monitor, we have to post pictures soon except the laptops for posting pictures is brokens!!! Every computer is breakings lately. AND internets. Also, Mamaw finally gave ins and bought a FURMINATOR. Because Figaro sheds like the crazy of kitties. It is also coming from the Am of Zon.


  1. DEBRA said...

    Momma will remember dis when she thinks she has had a bad week.


  2. Daisy said...

    Those are some very interesting things that happened at your house. It is very Boring at my house. Nothing fun like that ever happens. I would especially like to see toast on fire.  

  3. hello & mimmy said...

    oh veronica! there has been a lot going on at your house. good thing you are there to supervise! i'm so excited you get to be a poo poo spy today! it is so fun. tell your mamaw she can use a simple pushpin to mount the camera to the wall until she is sure where she wants to install it.

    mommy made a video of me going pee this morning with her new camera. i begged her not to post it but she will prolly do it when i'm taking a nap. mimmy has to hop up onto the toilet to do her businesses now too.

    btw, you look like the cutest kitty ever in the toaster!

    your BFF, hello

    pee. ess. your berfday is in 5 days!  

  4. Dark n Stormy said...

    WOW, what a week!!

    Thank goodness there was some good news! Yea Figgy! :)  


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