Yesterday was warm day and beautiful sunset, 59 degrees. So we took a walks outside in the front yard. I wish we could go furthered but we did not because I got worried about all the dogs out walking. They were barking a lot. My photo here is very good it shows me with the beautiful backdrop. Of course my beautifulness is even beautifuller than the backdrop.

I petitioned parents again for the kitty stroller. Here is what Papaw said to Mamaw about it: "[Mamaw] that is crazy, if you buy this I am calling your Mother!!! what will the neighbors think???" Even I explainded to them I find one

on eBay for only $40! Still they do not like it. They thinked I would ask for something this important and I don't really want it. But I do want it, I do!!! I want one in Green, like my bloggy and my favorite color. Plus my BIRTHDAY is coming up in a weeks, I know they do not have a present for me yet...what am I gonna get?? It is my first birthday and I have been a really good kitty!!!

Also yesterday our MOTION DETECTOR finally arrive from eBay, it came from the Hong of Kong. All the way from Hong of Kong, the label says so. BUT we are very disappointed in it. It is supposed to chime very quiet when we go in the bathroom so parents know we are doing business and don't distrubs us until we are done. That way they can make sure I am not making accidents on the floors or in the tub. BUT it chimes extra loud and it has 2 settings, we thinked one quiet one loud, but this is not true. 1 setting goes "ding-ding" VERY loud. The other setting goes "doing-doing...WE WELCOME YOUS!" It talked, we were the flabbergasted of kitties. Anyway, we do not need so loudness, Mamaw is going to see what she can do to fix, but that is what you can expect for $9. However in other news it does react to kitty movement which is one big plus. Strangely on the side of it it says "Sixteen Song." Also, she hoped we don't get used to having to hear "WE WELCOME YOUS" befor we can do businesses.


  1. Parker said...

    I want a stroller too!!!  

  2. Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

    I do not need a stroller. I stroll very well on my own with no help.  

  3. DEBRA said...

    Hey Veronica
    I want a stroller too.

    And we have to figure out a way to get one....  

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    veronica- don't be lazy. use your leash and harness. you don't need a stroller. they are for babies like the fig. ask for something yummy for your berfday like a big raw steak! fig doesn't like beef so you won't even hafta share. i went to petsmart yesterday to see if there were any new, cool-looking toys. i didnt see any. too bad.

    well, my blog is back up. it made me sad that it didn't work for 2 days too. you are sweet for listing it in your thursday 13. mommy spent all morning posting photos of mimmy and typing. i don't mind so much. i wish mimmy would come out and play.

    your BFF, hello  

  5. Daisy said...

    First of all, Veronica, that is a very beautiful and gorgeous photo of you! Secondly, I think you MUST get a stroller. Maybe it is a very secret birthday present for you. I hope so.

    ps: My Mommie thought she would be embarrassed going strollering with me, but nobody even looks into the stroller!  

  6. hello & mimmy said...

    hi again my bestest friend, veronica mars-

    my mommy (she is in a bad mood today, again) said that she got the baby video monitor with the handheld b/c she can carry it around the house with her. is the big one cordless too? sometimes mommy cooks in the kitchen or lies on the couch in the living room. it is nice having a little handheld to carry around. but if your mamaw only needs it for nighttime to check from her bedroom, then get the big, cheaper one. the camera looks exactly the same. my house is 3 stories, so it is a lot of work walking up and down stairs to check on bathroom activity.


  7. Marina said...

    hahaha oh Veronica! I am laughing so hard at imagining hearing "we welcomes yous" every time you kitties go potty! I hope you won't get too used to that either, it would be really weird. Especially if your Mamaw and Papaw had peoples over and they heard that too when they were going potty!

    I don't think you will like a stroller much either. It looks super fun and cool, but you will just want to get out of there when you are inside, it is much better to just enjoy your harness and leash, that way you can touch things and smell them better!!

    Make sure Fig behaves!

    -Marina and Chester  

  8. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    you found a stroller for $40 and your daddy won't buy it for you?? i'm shocked! i wish i could have a stroller. i have FIV so i'm not allowed outside at all but mommy wishes and wishes she could take me out in a stroller.
    that photo is so very lovely!

    PS a green stroller would be perfect for you! you're right, it would match your bloggy  

  9. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie said...

    Maybe your pawrents could cover up the speaker to make it a little quieter. They could also try opening the detector up and see if there is anything they could adjust. For $9, there isn't too much they can ruin.

    We're also wondering how visitors are going to appreciate a motion detector alerting everyone when they visit the bean litter box. Just a thought. ;-)  


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