Figaro was the extremely BAD of kittehs yesterday!!! He was doing so good, no bad accidents for a whole week. And the last week when he did have accident it was Mamaw's fault for forgetting to put his insert in the setup. Before that, no accidents for days before that! He even started going to the bathroom on his own without Mamaw having to put him on the seat. Then yesterday Mamaw was about to leave for a party and she put him in the bathroom and closed the door to make sure he would do some businesses before she left. And...when she got back....puddle all over the FLOOR! He did the puddle right by the toilet for no reason. We are very confused. Maybe he gots mad that he had to stay in the bathroom all by his self. Definite he had to go a lot because his puddle was VERRRY big. And this was after mamaw brought him home a present from the store. He got a mouse that squeaks when you touches it. We are going to post a review of it soon once we decide if we likes it.

Mamaw is definite considering the video monitor. Last night she had to wakes up 3 times because I felt like doing businesses in the toilet. Of course I am the good of kittehs so when I do businesses it goes IN the toilet!!! But if Mamaw does not come I make a mess with the litters. Of course she also wakes up random times in night because she thinks I am doing the business when I am really not.


  1. Jenny said...

    why is figaro such a silly kitty? he is a hard one to figure out, huh? veronica, tell your mamaw that i hated getting up in the middle of the night too. i did it a lot in the beginning when we moved to the discs with holes in them. with the baby monitor, i watch hello go (if i hear here in the middle of the night), but i definitely check the monitor in the morning to see if she used the LK so i can get up and clean it before she needs to use it again.


  2. Marina said...

    I think everyone has kitties that wake them up in the middle of the night for potty training. Chester likes me to know that hes gone because he used to get treats when he did a good job. I had to stop doing that because he got so annoying at 3am when he'd announce he was finished his business!!!  


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