Look at teh Skinny of Figaro

Here is a photo of Figaro when he was the skinny. He is scritching his self. That was a long time ago. This is actually the day of Halloweens when he dressed up in a bow tie. Cute, isn't it.

Well, we were the good of kittehs recently. First, Mamaw keeps the library open again and we (and by we of course I mean Figaro) do not show interests in going #1 in there. Second, Figaro did the #2 like a good boy yesterday. Also yesterday, I used my big hole insert, which for clarity I will now refer to as my Amber Disc in case kitties on the LitterKwitter method wish to be clarified. But only for #1. And this morning, Figaro did the #1 all by his self by walking to the bathroom and doing it. Mamaw was SO proud! Of course there are no holes in his setup, but she did poke micro sized holes so the #1 goes through there and there is not so much to cover up in the setup. This is a great ideas. We hope we keeps it up. Mamaw can't wait to transition us to big kid toilet!

And again Figaro make attempt at Lolcat. I tells him, give up Figaro, you are not the funny, is more funny with cheezeburgers. But he thinks he is, go figures. The pic is above but you can vote on it on the site too. It didn't get promoted even to the voting page but he thinks it will. Here is his lolcat.


  1. Jenny said...

    i love hearing good t-training news! figaro looked very handsome for halloween. i'd love to see some toilet photos soon too. btw, it will be 35 degrees in houston tonight which is VERY COLD.



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