Birthday Re-cap!

Okay, as all of you are exciteds I will recount the story of our party yesterday. This morning Mamaw was cleaning up after everyfing and she is spose to be working but she said instead she will help me uploads my picshurs.
First, here is what our cornish game hen looked like! You all helped to eat it, yum. There are still some leftovers. I ate a little bit and let Fig have a lot mores since he was the guest.
The beans had some pastas with homemade sauce and chickun.
They did not get any game hen although one of the beans asked, "What is THAT? it looks like a tiny chickun!" I like that bean friend though because she does not try to bother me too much. And Figaro likes her because she calls him "Fig Pudding" and cuddles him and gives scritches, which HE likes. Of course the parents would never be friends with beans that WE don't like.
Then we opened up our presents. First I opened my present from my BFF Hello! I was very excited about opening it all day and kept chewing on the package so Mamaw had to hide it from me until it was times to open it. She gotted me a really sweet card!!! Look how cute it is! The inside says "Happy Birfday - from one glamour puss to another." And Hello wrote: "Dear Veronica, Aren't You glad we don't have to go through so much to be beautiful? You're a woman cat now! Happy 1st Birthday,
Your BFF, Hello"
Second I peeked in and she gotted me a toy that you can put catnips in. Mamaw put catnips in it and I figured out how to get it all opened up and spillded the catnips and eated them. That was a gooooood time. She also got me the Cat Dancer! I didn't get to try it out yet. And..some kitty breath mints. I like that because I can have clean fresh breaths! I very like these presents. Also I got some Hello Kitty stickars from her which I can use for maybe the other side of my ID tag that doesn't have writings on it. Then I can have a hello kitty ID tag. I am also thinkings about putting it on some of my other stuff so Figaro knows it is not his.
Then also our bean uncle sended us an eBay gift certificate!!! Maybe I can put it to the use of getting my stroller...I am not sure, I have to discussify with the Mamaw.

Then we opened up our presents from the parents and Figaro. Figaro helped Mamaw pick that present at the store on Monday. It is a "Cat and Mouse" toy where there is a mouse that goes around and you try to catch it. I didn't play with it much but Figaro played with it a LOT and I watched him. No wonder he wanted to get me that, he wanted to play with it!! I think I am going to put my Hello Kitty pink stickars on it so he knows it is for GIRLS ONLY and leaves me aloned so I can play wif it myself.

Figaro gotted me 4 baggies of TEMPTASHUNS! We were allowed to have them right away. I eated a whole bunch because Mamaw told me she would give me a bunch if I showed the guest beans how good I play the piano (which is very good) so then I gotted some.

Finally, the beans had CAKE! You can't tell but the cake says "1 YR. V" because we were out of vanilla frostings and Mamaw had to use white chocolate chips for writings. I did not eats any
because chocolate is not for kitties but I was too busy gnawing on a cornish game hen wing to care. That is my favorite anyhows! But I did help blow out a candle and I made a wish. I made a very
good wish, I wished that all the homeless kitties will find homes soons. Because I am so happy to have such a nice home. And I am a little bit the selfish of kitties so I also wished for a
This was a very good birfday. I can't wait for next year !!!! ;)


  1. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Oh, we hadded so much fun! Thank yoo fur inviting us.  

  2. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    Wow, Veronica, you had a fabulous birthday and received lots of great presents! :) Enjoy! :)  

  3. Carrie said...

    Happy Belated Birthday, Veronica! sounds like you had a GREAT party!

    Le Chat

    P.S. Can I post a link to your blog on mine?  

  4. Samantha & Tigger said...

    It was a wonderful party Veronica! Thank you so much for inviting us!
    What wonderful presents!!
    Your FL furiends,  

  5. HRH Yao-Lin said...

    Look at that cake! You lucky thing you!!!! I think your birthday was awesome! x  

  6. PB & J said...

    What a great party - and look at that cake! Happy First Birthday!  

  7. Dark n Stormy said...

    that sounded like a really fun party!! the cake looks yummy!!!  

  8. Eric and Flynn said...

    That wuz a great party. Fanks furr inviting us.  

  9. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    Oh Veronica! We had so much fun at your party. Thank you so much for inviting us. I'm glad Bendrix was on his best behavior. The hen was awfully nummy nummy nummy. I'm still dreaming of it's goodness.
    You got such wonderful gifts! You're beans are very sweet. I think your wish was just fine. It is OK to wish for something else for yourself for your birthday. Your wish for all kitties to have loving homes like ours is very sweet.  

  10. hello & mimmy said...

    that was the bestest party ever! i'm so glad you liked your presents. you have to let me know if you like the toy with catnips in it. i don't like 'nip but mimmy really does. mimmy and i both love the cat dancer though. do you feel older? are you sad it's over?

    your BFF,

  11. Cara said...

    Belated Happy Birthday.

    Hello everyone. I have a cat too. He got some fresh ham for his birthday. And now he has a stalker! Read about some of it on my blog. I need some advice. Thank you.


    Cara (mom of Little Handsome)  

  12. Daisy said...

    Veronica, what a wonderful party! I think you are very smart to put Hello Kitty stickers on all of your things so Fig does not make a mistake and think they are his. The Cat Dancer is my very favoritest toy!

    I have been trying to learn to play the (toy) piano for a long time now, but I am No Good at it. I would like to see you play sometime!  

  13. Tybalt said...

    What a wonderful 1st birthday you had, Veronica! I am sorry I wasn't around more yesterday to help you celebrate, but my mommy was home sick so I had to be busy snuggling on her and purring so she'd get better.  


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