One Mean Bean

I post twice today to inform that a Bean posted a mean comment on my bloggy in the last post. He saided that I need to get a life and something about being laid. Okay seriously I lays down ALL THE TIME by the fireplaces. And I like my life, else why would I blog about it!! I have so many friends. Now since I trackify even anonymous comments, I know this bean came from Chicago. And I likes Chicago so I have nothing against Chicagoians. I also thinks he workies at a financial company that I won't name names because I do not be mean even to mean beans. But I am a good internet whiz and I could trackify this bean in a minute if I feeled like it. If he comes back again I will knows because I tagged his I.P. as "mean bean." Also he camed from his work 'puter at 5:30 on a Friday. Silly bean.

I have nothing against beans who don't like kitties, but I think it is pretty darnded humorous because he spended 20 Minutes and 9 Seconds on my website. He also spended time reading about clicker training on my site. It is pretty funny, he probably needs to get a lifes. I at least do not read bloggies that I do not enjoy reading! And not for 20 minutes! In 20 minutes, I could order a Domino Pizza (ok I know that 'cause I read the commercial, I do not eat pizza 'cause of the tomato sauce), or I could groom myself, or I could take a little nap. I could check out some of my friends' bloggies at the Cat Blogosphere. A lot of things.

I do not want to have to start moderating commentation, but I will do it if I get anymore hate mails, especially this close to my birfday!! I hopes no other kitties got any mean message.


  1. Victor Tabbycat said...

    He was bloggin frum werk at 5:30 on a Friday... an finks YOU need to get a life? Geesh. The interweb's big enuf fur the mean bean to go find sumfin else to read.  

  2. Kelly in KC said...

    Hi Veronica - that bean don't know nuffin. He probably never had a kitty to adore. My peoples adore me and they are so happy! I can tell cause on Friday nights I gets to lay on their laps while they watch lots and lots of Laws and Orders. Don't really get why they like Laws and Orders cause there's no kitties on it but it keeps them still for my nice long lay. hee hee -Mischka in KC  

  3. Veronica (M) said...

    fanks everyones for your comments, I do not care about that bean. I just thinked he was one funny mean bean.

    todays I am going to relax by the fire cause we are having another discrete snow event!

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    it's cold in chicago too. i bet the mean bean wuz just jealous b/c he don't have a cuddly warm kitty at home like us. i'm glad he don't have a kitty too, b/c he don't deserve one.  

  5. Daisy said...

    What a big doo-doohead that person is! It is very weird that somebody would feel so threatened that they would take the time to leave a comment like that. Our blogs are the most innocent of funs!  

  6. hello & mimmy said...

    mommy says your present came to your house today! we sents it purriority to make sure it gots there before toosday. you better be patient and wait until your berfday to open it. no peeking! only 3 days away!


  7. Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...


    Dis bean iz one not so bright in da head bean...he needz to do sumpin' else rather den be postin' bad commints on itty-bitty kittiez Web sites.
    We will whaps him fur you!!!!  

  8. Dark n Stormy said...

    u r so awesome. i loved your 2nd post!  

  9. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    There are some very mean people out there. :( We get mean, nasty comments on occasion, calling us ugly and strange and weird. Just because we don't look like furred kitties, people think it's okay to call us names.

    Sorry to hear you've experienced some of this meanness. :(  

  10. The Whiskers & Purrs Gang said...

    We is real sorry to hear you gotted a mean note. What a big doofus that guy is. We is glad you can laff at it 'cause it makes us mad when we git nasty grams. Makes us wanna go pee on their pillows!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang  

  11. Katie & Da Katz said...

    Goods fur you!!

    Dat you kin trak dem... couldz you help our meowmie to do dat??

    you can finds hur at

    Tanks you!
    Katie Ann Kitty Too.  

  12. Kimo & Sabi said...

    Yep - we noticed that mean bean posted another nasty messsage on yer purrthday. You should engage yer moderator.  


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