A new Training plan?

Mombean is thinking about a new Training plan. Figaro just keeps having accidents and we did not move a STEP forward since before the Christmas holidays - that is almost 4 of months on the same step! And we have been toilet trainings since Novembers!

Next weekend we have relati-ves coming and the week after that the parent beans are going on a 5 days vacation. So we will be back on our regular litter box for about 1 weeks.

Mombean thinks, Figaro is having so many accidents, maybe we needs to switch the setup? She thinks, maybe, we buys the LitterKwitter and proceed with the trainings from steps 1. We have so many friends who goed on LitterKwitter, like Hello and Chanel and Tanya and Mist and Smoke and Chester who are so far ahead of us in trainings even though they started later. We is tired of trying to modifies the setup we have now that is home-made, and also Hefty stopped making the special disposable inserts we was using. Mamaw looked for them in all the stores. Maybe our setup is just unsteady or else Figaro feels funny on it. Mombean said she can use our Economic Stimulus Check to buys it! Fanks, George Dubya! (LOL).

So...you kitties-in-Training, what do yous thinks? Did switching from the homemade setup to the LitterKwitter helps you??? We is very curious and we takes all advices.

Some beans are allergical...

This weekend my grandparent-beans (not the ones I see all the time, the other ones) are coming to visit us from very, very far away. They are going to stays in our housey, which means that since we usually use the guest bathroom for our toilet trainings, we will have to gived up the trainings and use a litter box instead. Also, our grandpa-bean is allergical to kittehs! How weird, right! I did not knowed before that beans are allergical. So mombean is going to do a lot of things on friday to help get rids of danders.

Here are some things she will be doings:

1. cleanings of the carpets, couches, mattresses
2. we have to get BATHS
3. running of the HEPA filters
4. we have to get confined to the master bedroom for the weekend - but at least I can takes my laptop in theres with me and surf the innernets whenever I feel like its

Yuck! But, Figaro will be relieved about the break from toilet trainings.

Man-bun Monday

Today we seed a man-bun by our pond. Do you see the pond? Mombean and dadbean have been working on making it nice. I am waiting outside and watching the man-bun because I am not allowed to go outside when there are buns out, since I might chase and scaredy them! Can you see the man-bun in the background of my photo? He likes to come now that there is a pond to drinky out of.

In other news (which are bad news) the Figaro did a bad thing last night. The parent beans camed home with two of their friends and finded - poopy all over the carpet!! Here is what happened, the Figaro has very long bottom-hairs. We thinks that the Figaro made the #2, and then it got stucked on his bottom-hairs. So he squiggled his bottom around on the carpet all over the hallway and gotted poopy everywhere. It took long times to clean up for the mom-bean and then after that Mombean said something about being all sobered up now. I thinks she was having some drinkies before that!! Yipes. The parent beans were also very embarrassing in front of the companies. Of course he did not mean it, mombean said she will be giving his bottom a hair-cut again soon, like he gotted last month!

The Fig is the Bad

Mombean was at work for 8 hours yesterday. And...she came home to pick up the Figaro...and he had a WET bottom. What did he do? Yes, he did the #1 on the FLOOR. He squatted only there was no hole like on the toilet so he gotted his bottom all wet with yellow. Yuck-ee. It appears that he did the #1 accident like 30 seconds before the arrival of mombean because he trotted out of the bathroom with his wet bottom as she came in the door.

My gooodness!!! Of course, it is probably a little bit Mombean's fault because since I had already used the toilet eearlier that day and mombean did not change it out there was no where for Fig to go and he has a small bladder ANd eats a lot of foods.

That makes two accidents in 1 week. The accident was on the bathroom floor though so it was easy to clean up. The Figaro's bottom also got a bath.

Also last night I got to stay out all evening hanging out with mombean on the front porch while she planted some Dwarf english shrubs. they looks cute but they are definitely dwarfs! Here is a photo of one we founded online that looks like ours, we didn't upload picshurs yet because mombean's laptop that posts picshurs is broke. And I use mombean's old laptop since she gaved it to me but it does not have cool feeturs. The nice thing is it is in the DEN where only I am allow to go and not Figaro (because he likes to pee in there) so I get to postify and relaks on the couch and do whatever I want all days long in there, it is my own private place. And my own private 'puter!!!

My mombean is doing many researchers on investings because she is an 'conomist.

Here is the top 13 tips that I heared her discussify recently. I shares them with you because I like to dissipates knowledges around everywheres.

1. Save moneys and start investings earlys so when you retires you have lots of green papers to take out from the banks.

2. Maxify the moneys in your Roth IRA. That is highly important. Unfortunately kitties do not get allowed to have Roth IRAs but the maximum for beans is $5,000 green papers per year, if their income is not too high because it gets phaseded out after a high incomes. These are goods because the governments cannot take any of your green papers away as taxes when you removes them from your Roth.

3. Maxify the moneys in your 401(k). Sometimes you can even maxify moneys in a 403(b) ANd a 457 which is the best for money conservations. You should maxify your 401(k) especially if you get matchings from your employer! Its like free green papers. If you don't get matchings, your maxification can reduce your tax liability for that year and the moneys goes in before taxes. But you get taxified on it when you takes it back out.

4. If you have childrens you can also maxify money in your Education 529 fund which also does not get taxified when it goes for paying colleges. Also in some states you get tax credits for maxifying in here, and the account can be given to any relative if you decides the child is genious and gets many scholarships. Unfortunately kittehs cannot be beneficiaries of this fund! Too bad!

5. Diversify your fundings. Investing in mutual fundings is important within your 401s Roths and etcs. But they have to be diversified! You must get some mutual fundings that are in the U.S., some which are in the foreign countries, some which are Small cap funds, and some which are Large cap funds, and furthermore there are growth funds and value funds. You can have 50 per cents in international funds and 50 per cents in U.S. funds. Then out of those 50 per cents can go in large and 50 in small, and from those 50 per cents in value funds and 50 per cents in blend funds, or else 70 per cents in value funds and 30 per cents in growth funds. Value funds and small funds perform betters over time but they can also be volatile. If you diversify it is good because you are getting less risks!

6. Make sure you are a little bit safe too. You have to add the bond funds. A good mix is a total bond index like Vanguard Total Bond Index. Or else you can do half-and-half in short terms and intermediate terms fundings.

7. Make sure aside from retirements you have moneys saved up in case an emergencies like you loses your job! I thinks it is good to have 5-6 months of expenses moneys for that.

8. Of course pays down your credit cards first becaues they have high percentages!!!

9. For investifying, it is best to do INDEXING. Index funds are not actively managed, which reduces the taxification every year. They are also better because computers pick out which fundings are good and puts them in that fund, and you do not have a financial expert maniging anything. Economics research shows that these kind of experts do not really do significantly better jobs. If you have indexings you have way way cheapers expense ratio! The expense ratio is the amount of moneys that the fund takes out of your moneys EVERY year even if your fundings are doing badly! Compare, for examples, a high expenses ratio of 1.07% from an actively managed fund to the 0.10% in a Fidelity index funds! It maked a big difference if you have many green moneys!

10. If you buy indexings usually there is no loads. A loads can be as big as 5% which means you have to pay 5% of any moneys you put in to the funds! that is a front-end load. Sometimes there is a back-end load you have to pay when you takes it out!!! That is many green papers! If you are carefuls and get index funds you do not haves to pay a load!

11. Some good investings firms for this type of investings is: Fidelity and Vanguard. Those are our tops choices, Vanguard specially.

12. Sometimes ETFs are good choices too, they are exchange traded fundings. But it takes many more works to understands them.

13. Don't be too passionates about moneys! Don't take them outs when the markets is bad because you are just losing moneys. Leave them in there over a long time and they will grows like flowers and then...you can eats them. Like I do.

Now it will be interesting to see if google keyword searches for Investing will now lead unsuspecting beans to my website....

P.S., Figaro peed in the bathtub last weekend.

I am posting this for the Figaro because he is too embarrassing to post himself, about his trip to the Petsmart Birfday Party. First of all, he was excited all week about the party. I can tell because anytime the parent beans mentioned the party he was all purrified. The dad bean even got home early from worky so that they could takes him!!!

The party was at 6pm. Mombean drove and Figaro sat on dadbean's lap the whole way there (it is about 20 minutes acrost town). He was purrified the whole way there, purrifying and purrifying and shedding on dadbean while he gotted many many scritches. He wored his chocolate bow. He even thinked he might be able to participate in the contest later for getting a prize for showing a high five!! Since he knows how to do it at home. He was even continuing to purrify when the parents gotted out of the car and walked to the petsmart. Look at these photos, he looks so happy.

THEN they gotted in the petsmart and there were a lot of doggies there and Figaro FREEKED. He was hidings in dadbean's neck and wouldn't look. The parents even went to show him some birides and he was too scaredy-cat to look at thems!!!
There were free photos by a professional photographer with a balloons background and all the doggies were waiting in line to have their picshur taken!! But Figaro did not want to do it. He hided his self in dadbean's neck and meowled like a scaredy cat!!! Lookit how scaredy he looks.
So the mombean gotted the pond bacterias she needed for our pond, and then they checked out. The salesclerk even asked the Figaro why he is being so scaredy and offered that he should stay for a photo but the Figaro just hided some more. The salesclerk even noticed the Figaro's SoftPaws! Of course like most peoples he thinked that the mombean has painted Figaro's nails purple. When in fact that is not true.
He did not act like a Mancat. Now he is sorry because he's been feeling embarrassing all day!!! I laffed at him because I knowed he would not be able to be brave enuff!!! But I am not a very mean sister cat so I also groomed him a lot and cuddled him when he gotted home, so he wouldn't feel too bads.

It is the Day of Earths today! Happy Day of Earths, everyone. It is also the Petsmart Birthday Party and Figaro is going to it. Tomorrows I will share the whole store of his trip with picshurs!

But, here is what my beans have been doing to get ready for earth day.

1. Mombean became a vegitarians. I wanted to become a vegitarians too but she said no it is not for kitties. That was one years ago. She never ated meats anyways so it wasn't very difficults.

2. The beans switched all the lights in our house to Energy 'fficient!!! That was about 1/2 years ago. You should do's it too.

3. We maked our own laundry dettergent last weekend. We already didded 2 loads and it looks good. Mombean put it in an old kitty litter tub!!!

4. We switchified to Swheat Scoop litters instead of clay like we used to get, that was about 1/2 years ago.

5. We switchified to cloth towelss only and not papers, about 1/2 years ago. They works great.

6. We started being more di-li-gents about recyclings. That was about 1 years ago because when the beans lived in our old 'partment they didn't have recyclings.

7. We maked our own All-Purpose Cleaner . That was a few monthses ago. Now we do not get phosphates and other bad things when mombean washes around our food bowls. It works good and there are no smells!!!

8. We planted many trees last weekends. We planted: a Blue Muffin Verbinum, two Snowball Verbinums, and an apples tree! Next weekends we are going to plant maybe one mores tree. The picshur is of how our blue muffin will look when it is all growed up. I can't wait, it says that it will attracts many birds!

9. Mombean started buying organic of shampoos and conditioners and soaps. They are at the Wal of Mart! But, a little bit more moneys than normals.

10. We joined the freecycle community on yahoo groups so that in the case we have stuffs that other people can reuse we can shares it.

11. The beans buyed an electric blankie for their bed so that in the wintertime we can keep the temprature very low during the night but still be toasty!!! They buyed one with low low voltage so it is safe for kitties and beans even if a kitty accidentally goes and scritches it up.

My Veronica Mars was on a Movie!

The parent beans went to see the mo-vie that Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) playded in this weekend. It is called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Too bad I am not allowed to see it for the following reasons:

1. Kitties are not allowed in movie theaters

2. It is rated Rs

3. There is a naked mans in it

4. There is swearings in it too

But here is what I learnded about the movie.

1. Kristen Bell makes a much much betters Veronica Mars than a Sarah Marshall because she is not the clever detective in this movie like she is in the show!!!

2. In the movie Sarah Marshall (Bell) gets to be a pet psychic as a joke on the end part, that is great because that means I would be able to hang out with her

3. Mila Kunis is the other girls in the movie and she has the brown of hairs like mombean

4. The main guy likes both of thems. And i won't give out the endings because mombean did not tells me them. But I do not know who is the cuter, probaby I am the cuter of both of thems.

5. Mila did most of the swearings, she was a very feisty girl kind of likes me

Here I share some photos of the movie that I finded on-line. You can see Kristen Bell is the one with the blonde of hairs and Mila Kunis is the one with the brunnett of hairs. And the main boy in the movie is Jason Segel who also writed it.

Just for your laffs, here are the top 5 keywords that people put into an engine of the search to find our website:

bloggy natural template
tummys indiana
beefeater salmon natural cat treat
softclaws reviews
nice kind figaro

That is very hi-la-rious. I do not think Figaro is kind or nice. But I did reviewed natural cat treats and softclaws. I do not understand who wanted to look up tummys indiana. But I did show my tummy before. But Figaro did not so here is his! I put tiny in quotes because...his tummys big!!!!

Also today for our toilet trainings mamaw finally switched us to the quarter size hole. That is the biggest size we have ever got with the Figaro, we had it last month until he had a series of #1 accidents. So far there is no accident today so we are hoping for the bests!

Here I list the top thirteen trends for spring for kitties! I learned all this from televisions and adapted it for kittehs.

1. First, be sures to groom uder your tummyy. Well-groomed tummy hairs are very HAWT for spring.

2. Don't wear lipsticks that are too dark. Instead, be naturals! (I do not know any kittehs who wear lipsticks but...if you do, stop!)

3. If you are grooming your own head, be sure to do it in front of a mirror so you don't makes it too scruffy

4. But you want your furs to have the "just got out of bed bedhead" look, which is easy because we are always in bed. This way the beans can see that you are very relaxed and take a lot of time for leisures.

5. Keep those teeths nice and cleans. Be good and let your beans brush your teeths, because white teeths are "in" for springs.

6. Keep a trim figure. For my trim figure I run laps around the house at 4 am. It is good to choose a workout time that is most convenient for your beans. 3 am is good too. Swimsuit season is comings up, after all!

7. Keep your eye gunk out of your eyes, leaving your eye gunk is just yuck. If you don't have a mirror in your house, beg your beans for one. It is very important for observing the eye gunk. You can remove it with a swipe of your paw. If you are too lazy, sometimes the beans will do it for you but you shouldn't resist because it is in your best interests.

8. Revive the look of your sleeping area with some strategically placed biteys. Right now the frayed look is very in, but also abstract biteys will make a great and unique bedspread. If you sleep with the beans, they will surely appreciates your good tastes and your help with their decoratings as well.

9. Be sure to groom your brothers and sistars even if they don't likes it, because they are a reflection of your whole self and your family. Spring is shedding season, after all.

10. Kitties look best when they are sitting in a strategic location. Some good locations that will make you look most fashionable are up high. This includes the bean tables and countertops. The beans will appreciate that you are at arms reach for pettings and scritchings, since they will be tired from bending down after working in the gardens for spring.

11. Don't forget to keep your claws in ship-shape conditions. While beans can keep their nails nice and strong by putting on lots and lots of different polishes, we can keep ours in good conditions by sharpening them. Some good places are your scratching post, but if your parent beans didn't provides you with one, you can try their couches instead. Bean legs are the worst choice though because beans don't seem to like this.

12. The kitty who gets lots of exercise at 3 or 4 am should be sure to get beauty sleep. Be sure to get your beauty sleep during while the beans are at home, so that when they are gone you can have all sorts of fun messing up the house.

13. Finally, wear your collar! Its important in case you "accidentaly" run outs the door! Of course I only did that once and I'm not doing it agains.

Hi fellow cat bloggers... I am the so sad of kittehs for tuxie tuesday because today was my deadlines for getting a review about kitty brushes!!! And I only gotted ONE email! As you knows, I am writing some buying guides by kittehs FOR kittehs and I needs everyones helps and opinions so I can composed it! After that I am going to put some linkies on that page so that kittehs reading it who wants to buys one of the things on the review can go to the site and also generate advertising moneys that I will donate 100 per cent to Alley Cat Allies.

Here is a picshur of me being cuddled by the Mamaw because of how sad I am today. I am very small and cuddly. (You can see my white pawses!)

Here is my post about it which gives very detail rools. But it is easy, I am doing a buying guide for kitty brushes - if you have some opinions of brushes or picshurs of yourselfs being brushed, please email me to kittybloggy AT gmail.com ! I am gonna haves to extend my deadline...because otherwise I can't write it yet!!! So please do it by this weeekend. I will be so happys to make advsrtising moneys to donates to the alley cats. I already am so sad about all our blogosphere friends who are sick or gone to the rainbow bridge, and I am constantly sad about the little alley cats who have no mombeans to take cares of them!! That's why this is so important to us!

Easy like Sunday! We go greens...

I go green today. You can see me in mamaw's grocery bag that she uses now to buy groceries so we can go green together. I like this bag because it smells like sugars and spices and (of course!!) fishes and chickuns and everything nice!!! I sleep in it whenever there is some chances to do it. It does not look like I am comfy that way but this is how I sleeped this morning for 2 hours and Mombean LOLed and took a photo.

Also this morning I did a very bad thing and it was kind of scarey too. Mombean opened the screen door and I RAN super quick outside. Then I sat on the edge of the property of our housey and looked around at all the birdies! It was like my birdie show only in 3D. Super fun! Mamaw was worried because usually we never runs outside in winters so she doesn't puts collars on us but now I haves to start wearing my collar. We don't wears them at night because the jingly-jingles of our bell bothers the parent beans for sleeping. Also she couldn't run and get me because she was wearing no socks and her nightie still and it is very WET on our lawns and we just put grass seeds on it so she would sink in and make big holes!! So insteaed - mombean made some YUMMYY SALMON. She warmed it up in the microwave and then she said "veronica, treat" and I camed right back for my treat very fast. Because I like treats and I like mombean and also super secretly - because the grate outdoors scareded me a little. I don't mind wearing my collar though because it is SO AWESOME looking. I will post picshurs laters. It is brand new that mombean got when she went to the Target. Better than my boring old one from the Wal Mart that doesnt' fit anymore since I stopped being a silly kitten and am an adult cat.

As you knows I love thursday thirteens. It is my favorite post for the week. Figaro's favorite post for the week is Mancat Monday and as far as I knows he is so lazy that the only time he ever posts is on Mondays!!! So..today I will do a Thursday Thirteen about the Figaro. Figaro loves attentions. Here are the things he doos for attentions. They are weirds in my opinion, and I never would do these things.

1. He gets on the couch back behind a bean and starts eating their hairs (this is expecially bad for Mombean since she just cut her hairs so there aren't so many for him to eats!)

2. He sits there and just meows and meows very loud until someone will looks at him. IF they looks at him he meows some more to get scritches.
3. He puts on stickers on his back and parades around in them. The other day he found a sticker that came in the mails and put it on his back. It says "Please Don't Hit Me." He thinkers that this is hi-la-rious because he claimses that the parents hits him. And that is not true not even a little bit. He acts like he's gonna call the kitteh protective services on the parents anytime mombean only gives him 1/2 a chickun leg instead of two because he is getting a little bit of fat and he needs to diet. He also wants to takes out insurance against being hitted. (that is what the mails was about that camed with the stickers - car insurance...I was like, Figgeroo, you are nots a car, they will nots give you any insurances.)

3. He does the #1 in bad spots. Today unfortunately he did the #1 in the LIVING ROOM carpet for no reason. I know he wasn't holding it in that longs because the #1 was like, the size of a quarter.

5. He embarrassings his self AND me by showing EVERYONE his tummy. When the repairman came over today for fixing the washer he laid down and showed him his tummy! How EMBARRASSING. I only shows my family and close friends my tummy, NOT total strangers.

6. He purrs so loudly the whole house gets wokened up in the morning! Gosh...doesn't his purrs have some volume controls?? He doesn't know how to use indoor purrs.

7. He comes up to the mombean and butts her in the mouth with his wet, wet nose to wakes her up (if she didn't waked up yet after being purrified!!). Yech! I do not has a wet nose like him. His wet nose is weirds.

8. He jumpifies into the refrigerator when it gets opened and won't come out! He hides on the bottom shelf behind the box of soda pops. Then he is difficult to get out 'cause he scrunchies himself in the corner. He thinkies he can get extra foods by sitting directly in the frigirator but that is NOT true!

9. Equally he jumpifies in the dryer when Mombean is trying to dry the clotheses. He does not understands that it is the dangerous for kitties in there!

10. And...of course...he tries to jumpify in the dishwasher when the dishes are DIRTY! Yech! I told him...Figgarroo, it is the gross of things to try to eats stuff off dishes that are DIRTY!... But..he does not cares. I would never eat someone else's leftovers, yuckeyy.

11. He has a weird Meow. Instead of just going "Meow" like a polite kitteh, he goes "Mur-mrueeWWE!" So it is a double meow. He is always trying to do those things and be different and the annoying of kittehs. It annoyes me but the parent beans apparently think it is the most hi-la-rious thing ever.

12. Today he tried to do a weird cute thing. He was eating his foods, it was a chickun leg, and he couldn't chew it all properly because like always he put a BIG CHUNKS in his mouth. So instead of spitting it out he thoughted he could chew it better STANDING UP. So, mombean walks into the kitchun, and there is the Figaro, standing up on his hind legs, with his front legs waving in the air, and a huge chickun leg in his mouth, trying to chew that guy up. She thoughted it was SO cute. Silly Figaro, why does he always demands so much attentions?

13. And...finally...he chases me and starts fights with me. I fights back of course but I do not put the bitey on him very HARD. But then...if I do anyfing, he starts screaming, "Mur-meooooowwww!" and calling the mombean. Then she separates us and tells me to be good, when HE is the one being BAD! He is such a tattle.

Of course he is my brothar so I loves him anyways...but I thinked you should all knows his tricks (In case you wanna uses them...because apparently they are effectives)

One Tired Mom-Bean

My mombean just finished her big presentation for worky. It is called a "defense" like what i do when Figaro attackifies me. She only has to gives one more after this in a few years and then she can be done with her educations. Of course I was not the good kitty this morning because at 3 AM I sat on her in the bed and meowed a lot to be petted so she did that and then she got kind of tired in the morning for the presentation. This afternoon she's gonna go get us some foods because we are all OUT of foods in our housey since mom-bean was so busy with her defenses. Gollys.

Pease out,



Today I am going to hit 1000 visits to my bloggy. That is a LOT! But Mamaw let Figaro post today so I did not get as much chance to post. Tomorrow she has her big work thingie so we aren't supposed to botherify her.

But later this week we are gonna post a LOT and we are going to post updates about our backyard POND which mamaw is going to put fish in there for us. I am glad because watching birds all winter got boring. Fish will be exciting. Here is a photo of the pond last year when it first got builded. You can see a photo of me circled in pink, I am sitting with the mom-bean on the bench. There is lots of more grass now but all the flowers died!!! Also, we are gonna re-do a lot of stuffs and put in a WATERFALL. And fishes.

Talents Time! Finally FRIDAY!

It is finally Friday. We are excited because it means we can release our long awaitings talent video! The talent video shows our talents. But it is not very good because some of the talents had to get cut outs since Mom-bean could be seed in it and we do not want her to be in our video just us. This is the special cut that I maded for all our friends in the cat blogosphere. Enjoys okay!

So far our clicker trainings are going great. We both (Figaro and I) knows how to "Sit Pretty", go to mat, go to our podiums, give high fives (only to Mamaw-bean and not to each other yet). Also, I knows how to play the piano. Figaro doesn't knows that though. But piano is for ladies anyway so it is okays.

A Thursday Thirteen Play Date!

Today I tells you the 13 of my favoritest toys. Mamaw likes to buys me toys a lot, but sometimes my favoritest toys and playing activities are not the things she buys. In fact because I like the be the sneak of kitties I prefer a lot of times to play with the toys she says no dont play with that. Here is the top 13...

1. Going on the countertop! It is the funnest game ever to try to be the sneak.
2. Get into any bag that is around to see what is inside, even if I have to bitey through it or it is closed up tight.
3. Hide Mamaw's hair scrunchies (only now I get to have thems for good since her hairs are short - but now I am less interested...)
4. Get into anything on the countertop especially bread or mint bags or bags with cereals, even though I do not eat those things I like to bring it on the floor and lick it all up so I can claim it as MINE!
5. Figaro's tail when he is not paying attentions.
6. The blinds! Especially in the bedrooms at 4 ams. My favorite time of "day." I like to whap them over and over and over.
7. When I go over to grandparent house, to play with their parakeets but it is a little bit boring because they just stick in their cage and won't come outs to play.
8. Cat Dancer - my BFF gaved it to me and I like it a lot!
9. Our play cubes. Only I am not allowes to play with it anymore because the Figaro always comes in there and does a #1 business.
10. Equally fun is trying to get a popcorns when the parents have a bowl out on the coffee table. When I get a popcorns I be sure to hide it somewhere safe like under the stove.
11. Sometimes when I can get my paws on a nice chunk of my chickun, I likes to carry it around and hide it somewhere good. But sometimes I share it with my mom, last time I stuck it in her coffee cup when she was not looking and then she DRANK it! I think it was pretty good for her although afterwords she acted like she was having a hairballs and kept making yech sounds in the sinks. Silly Mamaw, I was just sharing!
12. I like to hide inside the bookshelvings it is extra funs. The best part is Figaro is too big to fit in there now so only I get to go.
13. I likes to post on my bloggy!!!

Wordless Wednesday

I am by my nature very wordy but I do wordless today. By the way before I start on the wordless, one of us throwed up on the couch yesterday while parents were gone all day for work 'cause we missed the Mamaw. Yech! but it was only a little bit. Also, everyone is doing great on the trainings for the toilet and Mamaw went to Petsmart yesterday (but without the Fig, she was planning to buy kitty litters quick quick and we got invited for the Petsmart BIRFDAY party! I think Figaro will go to it, you can get a treat bag. He will shares it with me, I do not like Petsmart.

Okay for the wordless part... these picshurs were taken on a VERY special day, guess what day it is!!!! (See if you can guesses before you get to the last pictures!) You can find the answer in my comment!!!

Picshur 1....

Picshur 2...

Picshur 3....

Picshur 4..........

Picshur 5.................


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