As you knows I love thursday thirteens. It is my favorite post for the week. Figaro's favorite post for the week is Mancat Monday and as far as I knows he is so lazy that the only time he ever posts is on Mondays!!! I will do a Thursday Thirteen about the Figaro. Figaro loves attentions. Here are the things he doos for attentions. They are weirds in my opinion, and I never would do these things.

1. He gets on the couch back behind a bean and starts eating their hairs (this is expecially bad for Mombean since she just cut her hairs so there aren't so many for him to eats!)

2. He sits there and just meows and meows very loud until someone will looks at him. IF they looks at him he meows some more to get scritches.
3. He puts on stickers on his back and parades around in them. The other day he found a sticker that came in the mails and put it on his back. It says "Please Don't Hit Me." He thinkers that this is hi-la-rious because he claimses that the parents hits him. And that is not true not even a little bit. He acts like he's gonna call the kitteh protective services on the parents anytime mombean only gives him 1/2 a chickun leg instead of two because he is getting a little bit of fat and he needs to diet. He also wants to takes out insurance against being hitted. (that is what the mails was about that camed with the stickers - car insurance...I was like, Figgeroo, you are nots a car, they will nots give you any insurances.)

3. He does the #1 in bad spots. Today unfortunately he did the #1 in the LIVING ROOM carpet for no reason. I know he wasn't holding it in that longs because the #1 was like, the size of a quarter.

5. He embarrassings his self AND me by showing EVERYONE his tummy. When the repairman came over today for fixing the washer he laid down and showed him his tummy! How EMBARRASSING. I only shows my family and close friends my tummy, NOT total strangers.

6. He purrs so loudly the whole house gets wokened up in the morning! Gosh...doesn't his purrs have some volume controls?? He doesn't know how to use indoor purrs.

7. He comes up to the mombean and butts her in the mouth with his wet, wet nose to wakes her up (if she didn't waked up yet after being purrified!!). Yech! I do not has a wet nose like him. His wet nose is weirds.

8. He jumpifies into the refrigerator when it gets opened and won't come out! He hides on the bottom shelf behind the box of soda pops. Then he is difficult to get out 'cause he scrunchies himself in the corner. He thinkies he can get extra foods by sitting directly in the frigirator but that is NOT true!

9. Equally he jumpifies in the dryer when Mombean is trying to dry the clotheses. He does not understands that it is the dangerous for kitties in there!

10. And...of course...he tries to jumpify in the dishwasher when the dishes are DIRTY! Yech! I told him...Figgarroo, it is the gross of things to try to eats stuff off dishes that are DIRTY!... But..he does not cares. I would never eat someone else's leftovers, yuckeyy.

11. He has a weird Meow. Instead of just going "Meow" like a polite kitteh, he goes "Mur-mrueeWWE!" So it is a double meow. He is always trying to do those things and be different and the annoying of kittehs. It annoyes me but the parent beans apparently think it is the most hi-la-rious thing ever.

12. Today he tried to do a weird cute thing. He was eating his foods, it was a chickun leg, and he couldn't chew it all properly because like always he put a BIG CHUNKS in his mouth. So instead of spitting it out he thoughted he could chew it better STANDING UP. So, mombean walks into the kitchun, and there is the Figaro, standing up on his hind legs, with his front legs waving in the air, and a huge chickun leg in his mouth, trying to chew that guy up. She thoughted it was SO cute. Silly Figaro, why does he always demands so much attentions?

13. And...finally...he chases me and starts fights with me. I fights back of course but I do not put the bitey on him very HARD. But then...if I do anyfing, he starts screaming, "Mur-meooooowwww!" and calling the mombean. Then she separates us and tells me to be good, when HE is the one being BAD! He is such a tattle.

Of course he is my brothar so I loves him anyways...but I thinked you should all knows his tricks (In case you wanna uses them...because apparently they are effectives)


  1. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    We gerls feel fur yoo Veronica, our brofur does furry weerd stuff to get da attenchuns. He even kisses mommy on da mouf! He has stinky bref (cuz of his dijestif prollems) and mom just sez "oh, sweetie, my sweet mancat" sheesh! Hope he neffur tries to kiss us on da mouf...Mr. Stinky Bref...  

  2. hello & mimmy said...

    hi veronica- i missed you too! i finally kicked mommy off the computer. yesterday we went to visit mimmy at great aunt's house and we were gone all days. auntie is going overseas next week for a few weeks so mimmy is coming home to visit!

    btw, we loved your video. mommy and i watched it like 3 million times already. you 2 are very talented. i want to learn how to play the piano too!

    your BFF,

  3. Dark n Stormy said...

    Just stopping by to say hello.
    Thanks for the tip about the cheap leashes at Wal-Mart. We went there last night.

    Tanya & Chanel  

  4. Moki said...

    hehe...great bumper sticker!  

  5. Parker said...

    I don't think that there is ever a dull moment with Figaro around!  

  6. Daisy said...

    Fig does some very funny and silly things. But I think his "Please don't hit me" sticker is very hilarious.  

  7. The Furry Kids said...

    Those are some funny things that Fig does. EG does #5 a lot, too. I don't get it.



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