The Fig is the Bad

Mombean was at work for 8 hours yesterday. And...she came home to pick up the Figaro...and he had a WET bottom. What did he do? Yes, he did the #1 on the FLOOR. He squatted only there was no hole like on the toilet so he gotted his bottom all wet with yellow. Yuck-ee. It appears that he did the #1 accident like 30 seconds before the arrival of mombean because he trotted out of the bathroom with his wet bottom as she came in the door.

My gooodness!!! Of course, it is probably a little bit Mombean's fault because since I had already used the toilet eearlier that day and mombean did not change it out there was no where for Fig to go and he has a small bladder ANd eats a lot of foods.

That makes two accidents in 1 week. The accident was on the bathroom floor though so it was easy to clean up. The Figaro's bottom also got a bath.

Also last night I got to stay out all evening hanging out with mombean on the front porch while she planted some Dwarf english shrubs. they looks cute but they are definitely dwarfs! Here is a photo of one we founded online that looks like ours, we didn't upload picshurs yet because mombean's laptop that posts picshurs is broke. And I use mombean's old laptop since she gaved it to me but it does not have cool feeturs. The nice thing is it is in the DEN where only I am allow to go and not Figaro (because he likes to pee in there) so I get to postify and relaks on the couch and do whatever I want all days long in there, it is my own private place. And my own private 'puter!!!


  1. Vincent and Mike said...

    Poor Figaro, he's havin' a bad week. Hope the weekend is better.  

  2. Parker said...

    Poor Fig, I hope that he doesn't feel embarrased!  

  3. Chance said...

    Ewwwwwww Figaro wets hisself, hehehe. An den a butt baff too, poor doode. Hope yur weeken gets better.

    An yes Mommie uses da solid shampoos fur her head furs. She lurves dem cuz dey foam up jus lyk likwid, but dey last longer den a hole bottle (iffen yoo keeps dem dry). She sez Lush iz lyk Nip to her an she gets it az a tweet to herself wen shez been furry gud. Iffen yoo can fyn a stor neer yoo den itz not soo bads an dey will lets yoo twy sum of da stuffs rite der in da stor! I alwayz eets her hairs wen she usez her solid stuffs. Itz yummies.  

  4. Tybalt said...

    Poor Figaro. I hope he has no more embarrassing potty accidents this week. You are very lucky to have your own computer and your very own room to relax in, Veronica!  

  5. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    poor Figaro, I'm sure he held it as long as he could. sending you a big Mancat hug Fig!!  

  6. Daisy said...

    Uh oh, Fig was a little bit bad. Maybe he was so excited about his new job that he had to go potty and could not hold it in.  

  7. HotMBC said...

    If I had no plase to go, I'd just go too. Gotta go somewheres!
    Them teeny booshes looks cute :)

  8. Dark n Stormy said...

    Oh no! That Fig!
    Is he progressing a little overall?
    I had no idea that this would be so much effort. If Tanya were not completely trained, I don't know if I would continue. But it does seem like slowing down to a minimal crawl has helped us (me especially). And I honestly think Chanel is a happier kitty. I need to take her out more. She LOVES going out. Tanya is a homebody and would rather not go out.

    Z, T, & C  


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