Wordless Wednesday

Here is the Figaro. Who is he talking to, can you guess?

a. the kitty protective services

b. his biological mother

c. HP help center

d. the nursing home

Scroll down to find outs!






c.! The HP Center! YES, we gotted put on hold for a long time and Figaro listened to the musics. But, we will be getting back our lap of tops tomorrow! How am I posting photos? I am using mommie's external drive. It is complicated.

Why am I writing in multiple choices? Because I am helping mommie write her eggzam for her economics students.

Mebil Monday - I pick furnitures.

This weekend I decided that it is high time that parents get furniture in their bedroom. Right now we all sleeps on a mattress and this is not an acceptable location for a Queen Veronica like me to spend Caturday lounging. So I call today "Mebil Monday" because "Mebil" means furniture in Russian and I am 1/4 Russian. I picked out some furnitures for the parents online and then did a photo-shop. We do not have curtians also only blinds which I broked, so I figured I should use parents credit card to get some curtains also.

This is the furniture I picked, it is from Modern Line Furniture in New Jersey, but they ships to the mid of west where we live. I photoshopped the walls white because that is their colors, and also the carpets, in our real house. Then I added in our window which is very big that I love. I picked some curtains from Ikea and added in myself on the bed and Figaro on the floors (that is how it should be). We also already have some mirrors like on the left there. But we would has to get some new pictures to look like those. I definitely like my decorating style. I was thinking a light lavendar for the sheets though instead of white because the curtain is dark purple, regal purple fit for a Queen!!!

PS...parents were going to start our next step in toilet training this weekend but they didnt' because they had a party and then mommie was out all of Sunday and we are going to start that training very very soon but not yet!! Hee.

Weekend Meme

I gotted tagged for a Meme by Abby! I am going to take a break from hanging out on the transom window and get to work on the Meme! (by the way...do you know how I get up on the transom window...if mombean is by the window, I jump from the kitchen chair straight in the air onto her shoulders and from there up to the window transom!!! Do you see I am up 8 feet high because it is right by the curtain rod!)

Rules:1.be honest2.tag other people3. have fun!

What is your name? Veronica

If you could change your name what would it be? I would be named Queen Veronica. Because I am royalties.

What is your pet's name (it can be a webkinz or a real pet)? Pickles. He is a frog and lives in our pond! (Grasshopper is my other frog but he went away)

If you could change your pet's name what would it be? I just named him last month!

What is your brother or sister's name? My brother is The Fig.

If you could change their name what would it be? Poopie-head!!! hee.

This meme was not so fun. i will tag my friend Hello Kitty for this meme because she is never posting on her bloggie anymore!!!

We gotted our top of lap back again a week ago from the fixing operation they didded at HP. And here it is broked again. It turns off for no reason. Anykitty, if you has HP Pavilion lap of top, and it has power issues, HP will fixes it for free even if it is out-of-warranty because they has identified it is THEIR FAULTS! So - back it is going, for free, to be fixified. I remember when I had to go for my fixing operation it was not fun. This fixing operation has not been fun for our lap of tops either. Here is a photo of the Figaro showing his lap of top skills. He does not like to use the mouse, he preferrs the touch-pad.
Speaking of the Figaro, dadbean did a very bad thing to him yesterday. He cutted off his toe-tufts! He said toe tufts are not for boys. Mommie tried to stop him but he refused to reconsider. Now the Fig has no cute toe tufts anymore.

Also, this week-end we are starting on the amber disk of our LitterKwitter. We have been on the red disk for a long time now with only one acc-ident of the Figaro that happened over 2 weeks ago. So we think it is time...maybe. I will keep you posted on the adventures of the Figaro and his toilet trainings!

Cheezeburgerz on Thursday

For my new holiday "cheezeburgers on thursday" i maded a lolcat. I likes to see what kittehs postings on the I can has cheezeburger site. And today I maded my own lol which is a commentary for all kittehs on the increesing gas prices and hi unemployments. Kittehs are spechally struck by high unemployments since we don't even gets worky visas!

Here is my lolcat. Pleez votes on it!!!

Usually Figaro is making the lolcats but today I didded one.

Tuxie Tuesday - Upside Downs

Today for my tuxie tuesday I show you a picture of how I likes to sleep sometimes. This is my special bed that I do not share with the Figaro because he does not like to go in there since I think he is too, too big! Figaro weights 10 pounds. I don't know how much I weight because I did not weight myself when Mommie got the weight machine out. I am very petite, though. In the picture you can see my tuxie tummy and my tuxie toes also. This is why my mommie thinks I am so, so cute!

Even though I did a bad thing this week - I likes to play with the blinds and I broked 4 of the blinds things. Now there is a tiny hole that I can peek through although the parents are not so happy about it!

Because summer is approaching (next week for solstice!) very soon, I will list the 13 things that kitties can do this summer to relax and enjoy their selfs. Remember, a well-rounded life is extremely important.

1. you can take a nice, long nap with a soft blanket. This experience is better if the room is air-conditioned because otherwise the blanket might get too hot. Here is a photo of the Figaro getting ready for a nap with his brand new visitating blankie. Mommie got it for him as a present for doing so well on his therapy cat testing. It is the perfect size for him.

2. Sit in the window and watch the birdies outside. There get to be even more birdies in the summer for you to enjoy plus the window is usually open.

3. Have a nice cold piece of chickun and drink it down with some heavy creamer if you is allowed that stuff

4. Let the parents brush you a lot becuase otherwise the hairs will accumulates and you will get very hot.

5. If you run around like crazy maniacs, remember to do it at night and in the parent bean's room, because that will be the coolest time of the day and also the coolest place in the house

6. Ask the parent beans nicely to take you out for a stroll. For example today Fig and I will be outside helping mombean wash the car

7. Find a nice sunny spot and lay down on your back to let your tummy get a nice baking

8. If you go on your walk there are many many bugs to chase

9. If you go on a walk definitely eat some grass but not enough to make you throw up after or you might not get to eat grass again!!! I love grass.

10. If you have a pond outside whoooohooo, get a fish and convince the parents to let you catch and eat it. (I did not get to do this yet but we are working on it)

11. Get a kitty stroller and ask parents to take you out on a long walk in the woods! (We did not get to do this yet either)

12. Ask the parents to run some cool water in the batthroom sink and stick your head under it to cool off (I did this every morning the past week, it feels so good but Fig thinks I am weird)

13. Learn to open the screen-door so you can let yourself out whenever you feels like it. It will be more convenient for your beans. Figaro learned how to do this and now he can go outside and let me out to whenever he likes!!! Unfortunately when Mom found out she started LOCKING that door!!! I guess it is not such a good idea...

An Update

I have not been posting much recently because my little brother has been taking all the attentions with training to be a Therapy Cat (see his bloggy on http://www.fig.kittybloggy.com). And also because our lap of tops is in the shop until tomorrow when it is getting Fed of Ex'ed to us. So I did not be able to post any photographs.

There is not much going on recently. We are still on the red disk of toilet trainings. I think this is week 4 for us this week. Mom hopes that we will move on to the next stage next week but she thinks probably not because of the stubborn-ness of the Figaro. Also we haven't been learning new tricks because Mom has been busy in the gardenings. And it is even TOO HOT for us to spend anytime out of doors! Boo.

Pees out,


Parents are going to be gone for 24 hours this weekend. This means. Well, last time we had a party and this time we are Not Allowed because all you kitties who camed over made a big, big mess! So, parents were not too pleesed.

So instead, I will be hanging out with Figaro and we will entertians our own selfs (although if one of you wants to stops by and say hi, we will not object to some help with being hooligans, and homegrowned nip will of course be plentiful for all to shares...shhhhh!)

I will be putting the bitey on and licking up things I normally should not be allowed to play with. Here I will list some of the (sometimes odd) things I like to bite on.

1. I like to bite on toothpaste rolls until the toothpaste squeezes out, but I hates mint taste so then I go "yech!" and move on.

2. The other day mom did not screw her contacts lens case tight enough so yes I took off the top and licked up the saline solution. And yes I may have eated the contacts too, at least, they are nowheres to be found. Mommie said good thing she has 2 weeks disposables soft kinds. I hope in two weeks she lets me eats them again but prolly not.

3. I like to put bitey on mom's hand lotions and face wash. I do not knows why because that taste is yuck too but the smell is di-vine!

4. I like to put the bitey on Figaro. That is a given.

5. I like to put the bitey on the cereal bags. But those are always putted away, except for the last time parents went on vacations they forgotted and I ate a lot of cereals, my favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios but we have to get generics to save money and packaging so instead we gets Malt-O-Meal Scooters. But it is same thing.

6. I like to put the bitey on Figaro. Oh, I already mention that.

I find there is many things weerd about my brothar. He is so weerd and doesn't always act like a normal kitteh. Here are some things that makes him act like a hooman or a doggie and not like a kitty!!

1. He likes to wear CLOTHES. Mombean buys him Target kitty fashions. He likes to wear his Harvard shirt and also he got a new fashion for July 4th holidays.

2. He demands attentions all the time when mombean is paying attentions to ME. This is just like a hooman brother. If my mombean pays attention to Fig and not me, I just relaks and do something else.

3. He plays "fetch" like a doggie! But only with Q-tips.

4. He wants to become a Therapy Cat! You can reads about those adventures on his bloggy. He will be the only therapy cat in the entire club, everyone else is doggies!

5. He likes to talk. His meows always sounds like he is yelling "Maaoooaammm" He is always yelling for our mommie to come gets him.

6. He doesn't likes to attackify ants or spidars. Just today he was watching a spider and not attackifying him, so I pounced and eated that spidar, he was pretty crunchy like a good snack. Figgy just sitted there and watched me!

7. He always gots to sleep in the parent bed when it is bedtime. Even if parents are a little bit late coming home around 10pm he is already in bed all by his self for bedtime. I only sleep in the parent bed if parents are there and I think I will get treatses. He is so weeeird.

8. Last time he went to the V-E-T he actually purrified while he was getting S-H-O-T-S!!! When I was at the V-E-T I always practice hissing. I am a very good hisser.

9. He likes chocolate milk although he is not allows to have any. One time he drinked dad's chocolate milk when he wasn't looking and throwed up all over the floors!!!

10. He prefers to stay in and not get his paws dirty instead of going outsides!! I always go outside when I am allowed.

11. He lets mombean takes him for a walk carrying him around for 1/2 miles. After 1/2 miles though he gets boreds and wants to go in.

12. He is not a very good hisser, he only hissed once in the whole time that I knowed him.

13. Mombean got him a scale to weigh his self and instead of being upset and embarrassed he stepped right up on the scale and sat patiently while he gotted weighed. He is 10 pounds 8 ounces. That is so big for a kitty who is not even a man-cat yet!!! I am a girl so I did not like to be weighed.


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