Wordless Wednesday

Here is the Figaro. Who is he talking to, can you guess?

a. the kitty protective services

b. his biological mother

c. HP help center

d. the nursing home

Scroll down to find outs!






c.! The HP Center! YES, we gotted put on hold for a long time and Figaro listened to the musics. But, we will be getting back our lap of tops tomorrow! How am I posting photos? I am using mommie's external drive. It is complicated.

Why am I writing in multiple choices? Because I am helping mommie write her eggzam for her economics students.


  1. Tybalt said...

    Figaro is a smart kitty to be able to talk to the HP people! I hope the music made it worth his while. Purrs, Veronica! You are a SUPER smart kitty to be helping your mom write her exams.  

  2. DEBRA said...


    ***Paws up****
    ** high 5**
    You're good!!!
    Furry good!!!


  3. Daisy said...

    Veronica, maybe you can slip in a surprise economics question like:

    "How many lives does a cat have"?

    That should make the exam much funner!  

  4. The Crew said...

    Hahaha! When you're on hold with any help center, you could take a long nap and no one would know it!  

  5. goldenshade said...

    What type of music was it? Or was is musak????

    purrs Goldie  

  6. TT said...

    Oh HP beans talk to kittys? Mommy Bean should trys that when our ISP messes up  

  7. Dark n Stormy said...

    We did it. The move to Boston went really well and both kitties are using the toilet!!
    I am actually surprised!
    One can tell that they are not city kitties yet because the noise of the streets sends them running underneath the bed.
    They are getting much better.

    Hope you guys are having a nice summer. I'm so happy to be done--I actually did 11 years of school and training after college! I'm taking 2.5 months off before I start my real job :)



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