Our guppy-buppy needs a name!

Hi kitties,

a few days ago Figaro finally gotted guppys for his aquarium!!! We got 2 guppys for now, they are both boys, one is a Tuxedo Guppy and one is a Delta Lyretail guppy. Our Aunt V. named the Lyretail guppy Gerry. But we have not named the other one. What should we calls him? He looks like this one on the left!


Mommie helped make a Baby Shower!

Hi kitties,

A few weekends ago mommy helped plan a baby shower for her friend's new baby who is coming this month! She did a lot of neat things for it and we gotted to help (but not to eat.)

Here is a coconut-flavored cake with rose petals. It was very pretty.

Here are the cookies she made that are in the shapes of strollers. They are just like OUR stroller but only for a baby! I got to eat some of the cookie dough because it is my favorite food. But only a little bit because that is Not Healthy for kitties. The cookies all say the baby's name on them! Mommy worked all the night to make 30 cookies. We stayed up with her of course.

We think they look very cute, all in blue and yellow because the baby will be a boy!

Mommy also showed up the diaper cake that mommy made a long time ago for a centerpiece at the party. And mommy made some Fun centerpieces with white roses and blue bows that were fun to play with (but we were not allowed to play very long)

Now...guess what is the Funny Part???

Mommy's friend gave us a prezint for making such a pretty baby shower.

But the prezint was not for mommy...

it was for us!!!

Silly mommy, prezints are for KIDS!

Here is the prezint that we gotted. Both Figaro and I gotted brand new stinky goodness bowls! Lookit how nice they are. They are ceramic with black color and copper paw prints!

Here is me sniffing on my bowl. It sniffs like blurpy baby.

Gimme some stinky in here...




Hi Kitties,

I stucked my tongue out today because it is SNOWING! I kind of likes it. But we do not go outside when it is cold. I may go outside later if I can find my purple sweater to wear.
We are going to be doing many things this week. Number One, we are going to PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! And I tell you what kitties, this is the First Year that we are going to have our New Year's Tree! (A New Years Tree is almost exactly like a Christmas Tree only for 1/2-Russian kitties.) It is going to be Fake but I think still very eggsiting. I have never seed one before. Also, this evening Mommie is going to go get Figaro's Guppies. They are his present for doing so good in the Petsmart contest. I think she will just get 2 guppies right now, but for Christmas we are going to get a few more to make a nice School of guppies. Lot of things going on this Howliday Seezon!!! :)

PS, I can't wait for my friend Hello's present to arrival!!!

A mail

Hi kitties,

Today I want to share about a mail that we sended to our friends Hello and Mimmy. It is their birthday this month..and it is their BIRTHday gift! Lookit, I am very interested to see what it is. I know what it is, but that will not be revealed to effuryone else until it is received by our friendz!!!

Do you see what we wrote on the box???

Happy Birfday, Hello and Mimmy! We
<3 you!



PS - Figaro was Very Bad today and went #1 on daddy's clothes in the bedroom. I thinked it is funny, they had to be washified. He did that because he did not want to do his business in the toilet training setup in the bathroom.

Our Fishes got Deaded

Hi kitties,

I have some sad news. With the new approach of the winter, we tried to bring some of the pond fishes indoors but they were too too big for Figaro's new aquarium (that he got for the moneys he won as a top 10 finalist in the petsmart contest). So unfortunately we had to remove the fishes back to the pond and yesterday 2 of our fishes were deaded, Milton and John Nash. Dad-bean buried them in our backyard. Poor poor Milton and John. We are very sad. Here is John (the speckled one, he is a Shubunkin) and Milton (the orange one) in the photo of them when they were still in our aquarium that was too small. They were very good pets. We also have three other fishes in the pond, Vernon, Samuelson and Bazerman. We seen Vernon swimming around near the bottom but there is no signs of Samuelson or Bazerman, who are twins. Maybe they are alive and hiding on the bottom. We really hope Vernon does not die. We buyed them a pond heater and so they should survive. We are hopeful. I think they wented to fishie-rainbow-land.

Hi Kitties,

I have some very very bad news and some instant good news. The bad bad news, Figaro swallowed a 1-foot long ribbon this afternoon. The good news, he is just fine now. I am writing so that anyone on the internet can know what to do in case of ribbon eating by cats.

First, ribbon is very very bad for kitties. You should not have any around!! Mommie was watching the ribbon the ENTIRE time and then she heard Figaro make a cough and he was sitting RIGHT by where the ribbon was. She thinked to herself, Figaro EATED the ribbon!!! :-( That is very bad.

She called our friend S. who is a vet and also our Uncle S. (who takes cares of us a lot) camed over and we had to "induce vomiting". Figaro had to take 2 teaspoons of 3% dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. He had to take 3 doses, 10 minutes apart. That is the Maximum that you can give, and you should give 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of bodyweight. This method works for dogs also. After that, it sometimes takes a while for the kitty to throw up. Figaro did not throw up for 2 hours! But that is okay. He was feeling very sick and nauseous and he was acting like he wanted to sleep a lot. He did not even want to take any Temptashuns. It is important for everyone to know if you do this method, it is o.k. if the kitty does not throws up right away. Also, you have to make sure first if the ribbon is lodged somewhere in the kitty's mouth (it wasnt.)

Finally, Figaro THROWED UP the ribbon. We are so so glad he is ok now!!!

He did not want to eat anything tonight but he is just relaxing and sleeping a little bit. Tomorrow we think he will eat something. He even made a small purr this evening.

Please keep your kitties safe and do not let them play with ribbons! And if this happens to you then call a V.E.T. immediately!!!



We Voted!

Hi Kitties,

Yesterday our fambly went and early-voted for the elections. We gotted to keep Mommie's sticker because we are still 1 years of old and also kitties cannot vote. Here is Figaro wearing our voting sticker on his patriotic t-shirt (it says "Red White 'n Cute").

I basically told Mommie who we should vote for so she did that. As a kitty I belief in less wars, more temptashuns, saving the environments, health cares for effurryone, and lots of cuddle times. (Guess who we votid for...)

Effuryone, get out theres and vote!!!



PS, Whoah check out Figaro's tail in this picshur.

Our Photo Shoot

Hi kitties,

This weekend was Very Important. Our Uncle S. came over and took a lot of photos of us with his camera. He is a Professional Photographer, that is one of his many talentings. We are going to make special cards to give out to the people that Figaro visits as part of his Therapy Kitty-ness, and so the photos have to be Extra Good (and they are!).

Here is the two of us sitting on our Training Podiums. This is where we train to give High Fives and Sit Ups, and Twirls and Pick Ups. We learn more every week. We like to go sit on our podiums because when we Practice our tricks we get a lot of Temptashions!!!

This week our mommie is in a business trip so our Uncle S. is taking cared of us. He is very very nice and plays with us and feeds us everything we wants. Mommie said as a joke that we have to get weighted before she leaves and when she gets back, because our vacationings with Uncle S. is like a all-you-can-eat buffets. But she was only kidding. She wants us to have good times.



Feral Cat Day and Fishies

Hi kitties,

We are happy to get an email from Alley Cat Allies that today is Feral Cats Day. I personally spend $8 every month automatically to support those feral cats!!! Because of that, I have been getting many mails just for me. The ASPCA usually sends me mails. I am awaiting to be sent a credit card application very soon! It is funny how I gotted on the mailing list and get my own mails, sometimes I get more junk mails than my mommy!!

BUT Figaro did get $50 from the PetSmart for being a top 10 finalist last month. Because of that, Mommy said we can get a good present. Our fishies are "feral" because they are outside in the pond. But they cannot stay in there in the winter because it will freeze to a solid block since it is only 2 feet of deep. So the fishies are coming inside. At first, they were going to go in a tupperware far away in the off-limits room. But since Figaro got his moneys, he decided to buy an AQUARIUM for the fishies. This means that the aquarium will be in the living-room, and mommie said as long as there is a tight lid on it we can put it on kitty-eye level. This will be GREAT ENTERTAINMENT for this winter!!! I am very eggsited. Do you see the photo of our fishie? That one is called Milton. Where should we get our aquarium? Fig is looking for it on the interwebs.

- Veronica

Mommy made a cute

Hi kitties,

Mommy is still making things for the new blurpy baby that is coming for our friend. Lookit, last weekend she decorated the Nursery of the blurpy baby! He is going to be a boy and all the family loves Snoopy. We do not loves snoopy so much because he is not a kitty, but we still think it looks cute. Plus the woodstocks looks delectable. Figaro would eat them if he coulds!
She first drawed the Snoopys on papers and then we tored up the papers a little and then she took them over to the blurpy baby's house, and then the blurpy's mommie used a projector to projectify the images and Mommy painted them on the wall. The paints are purply-beige, a very nice "new neutral" that is so popular these days. Also the walls are yellow like daisies. This baby is going to be so happy in his new room!

I think it is NOT the last thing we are helping make for that blurpy baby. He is loved a lots and lots.


Lookit I am ready for Halloween

Hello kitties,

Lookit the outfit that my friend Lexie (a woofie) is letting me borrow for halloweens! It is too big on her this year since last year she was a puppy. Don't I look cute?
I am a little bumble bee! My mommie thinks maybe she will dress up matching like a bumble bee with me too. BUT I will not be going to any parties, only handing out candies.
Figaro is going to be Pooh but his outfit is not ready, mommie is knitting it.


A little toilet training update

Hello kitties,

Our toilet training has been going great! We are now on the inter-amber disk of the LitterKwitter. FINALLY Figaro is being good. We have been on inter-amber for exactly 1 week. Figaro has had ZERO accidents. (I do not even discuss myself but of course I had zero accidents too...)
Mommie thinks we will be moving on to the next step (amber) disk in 3 more weeks. She decided we should take 1 month on every step. We will probably have to spend some time on amber over inter-amber, like we did interamber over red. The good news is, we are progressing!!! (slowly..) Also, almost every time Figaro does a #1, he goes directly in the toilet, and all we has to do is flush!!! However when I use the toilet, I go on the edge of the disk and it still has to be cleaned, but that is because I am practicing proper positioning on the seat.

However we will be not using the system for 2 whole weeks in October, 1 week when the parents are at a conference, and another whole week when we are having a guest visiting us.

- Veronica

Mommie made a pretty.

Mommie is helping to plan a shower for a little human boy who will be borned in December. Here is the centerpiece she maked tonight. It has diapers and onesies and bibs and pants and shirts and burpy cloths. I hope that baby will be very burpy because it has got at least 15 burpy cloths! The bottom layer is all diapers and the next layer is all onesies and shirts, and the third layer is all burpy cloths and the top is some little shoesies.

If I do says so myself, she did a good job! I did not get to help because kitties are not allowed to play with ribbons.

The new blurpy baby will be borned to a family with already 2 kitties, a boy and girl kitty.

Fig's Toilet Training Success!

WOW! Mommie is very eggsited tonight. Figaro made a #1 business in the inter-amber disk of the LitterKwitter system! We did not think this would ever happen. The bestest part is, he just went without any complaindering! We have had the LitterKwitter since May 5. We were on the red disk for a very long time, and then we were on the Red disk underneath of the inter-amber disk for another month and a halfs (this is a pain to clean, 2 disks everytime with 2 kitties). About 2 weeks ago, if Mommie remembered, she took out the red disk for me since I am a big girl and can easily easily use the inter-amber disk on my own. However, Figaro is very resistful. Remember that we started a homemade toilet training system in January!

Anyways, if you do not knows, the interamber disk sits on top of the toilet and has a hole that can fit in about 2 paws. That is a big hole for the Figaro. Well...he did it all by his self!!!

Mommie is so proud!!! I am proud too! Good job, Fig! Now you can take your nap!

13 Reasons to Vote for Figgy!

My brother Figaro got selected as a Finalist in the PetSmart Just a Buck contest. Here are 13 reasons you better go vote for him!!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE he is Cat#4.

1. He is a THERAPY CAT and visits nursing homes and kiddies who are sad or need to learns to read, soon he will visit hospitals
2. He looks very silly and funny in this video - brothers are a constant source of entertainments
3. He does funny things to the parents like sheds on them and licks daddie's hair, which is funny for them too
4. He updates his site always about his therapy cat adventures for the world to read about him and get inspired
5. He is the reason I was finally able to get my KITTY STROLLER
6. He likes to sleep by me and keep me warm when it is cold outside
7. He is good at begging mommie to let us go outside so she finally does and then we both gets to go
8. He sheds more than me so he is always getting brushed which means there is less time for Veronica-brushings! (I do not like brushings!)
9. If mommie has some buttered bread or ice creams for us, Figaro always lets me have his share because he is only a carni-vore. It is very nice.
10. He has very good toe tufts
11. He has a great tummy even though he is not a tuxie he cannot show off his tuxie tummy
12. he gotted rescued from the animal shelter and he is very happy to be my brother!!
13. He is in the Mancat club!

My broffur Fig

Hi kitties,

My brother Fig won a very important award - he is a Finalist in the PetSmart Just a Buck Contest. Go to his website to see his entry about it, or CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR HIM!


Cat Sanctuary in Ottawa

I told everyone that our parents went last week to Canada. They also visited Ottawa where there is something important. One volunteer started to help cats there and now there is a SPECIAL CAT SANCTUARY right in the center of Ottawa by the Parliament building. This was mommie's favorite part of the trip.

This cat sanctuary has been here since 1970s and helps stray cats to get food. Mommie said she donated all her coins in her pocket to the cat sanctuary and then dad said this was over $3 because in Canada the coins have more than $1 sometimes. But that is okay because she would have gived more if she had more in her pocket.

There is also a strange groundhog in the sanctuary, and some black squirrels. This is funny because here in the midwest of america we have only brown squirrels.

Wordless Wednesday

Can you see what we seed in our yard?

Back on the internets!

Hello effurryone,

We are back on the internets! Parents were on vacation in La Belle Quebec all week so I did not get a chance to use the lap top since they forgot to leave it on for me. I am very happy they are back, although we did get a lot of R&R while they were gone. First, Auntie V. came to visit us every day twice a day to feed us and play with us. She played with us every day for 1 or 2 HOURS! The rest of the time we relaxed a lot. Then the rest of the week Auntie V. had to go on vacations herself so the Uncle S. came to visit us. We really likes him. This time I even liked him enough that I sitted by him on the couch for movie time. Usually I like to sit by myself in my secret spots in the corner or under the couch or on my kitty condo, but I made a special exception. Our only concern is that Figaro was on a diet all week so he was begging for foods ALL OF THE TIMES. Mommie said he needs to be on a little diet because he has some tummy fats. Last month he weighted 10 pounds 14 ounces. But yesterday he got weighted and he weighted 10 pounds 15 ounces. I weighted about 7 pounds 8 ounces last month and I dropped down to 7 pounds 7 ounces, just from FIG's diet. I do not knows why because I did not have to be on a diet because I am the perfect weight for my size (I am a small kitty...Figaro is a little bit bigger!)

Now that the parents are back we get to go outside again. Do you like how our FRONT yard looks? It is not as fun as the back yard which has froggies and fishes and a pond. But it is also acceptable for us, and we can find grasshoppers and other cool toys which hide in all the flowers!

Wow! Not only is Figaro famous for being a Therapy Cat, I am now also famous! The template we modified for the Kitty Bloggy got featured on the template site! Check it out here. Cool, right?

You can see a screenshot of the screenshot!!!

I like to sit on the bar chair while Mommie cooks up something nice, and she gives me a tiny bits of the foods if I ask sweetly AND don't go on the countertop. Here are the 13 things I likes to eat that I bet other cats do not.

1. Popcorn - it is also funny to play with. I specially like Orville Redenbacker Natural Simply Salted Flavour. Usually I get one popcorn.

2. Ice Cream - I especially like Edy's Vanilla. Sometimes daddy gets Chocolate Chip and then I can only have some if the chocolate chips are picked out. It is very lickable

3. Cookie Dough - I gets to lick the plate when Mommie makes cookies

4. Carrots - I like 'em if they are cooked, they are very sweet.

5. Pasta - I like uncooked pasta, my special favourite is the kind with spinach and cheeses on the inside. I can usually have one piece.

6. Bread and butter. I really prefer Panera breads sourdough bread, but any bread is fine really. If mommie goes to Panera she brings me some left-overs.
7. Cheeses. Lately I have been getting a little bit of Sharp Colby from Vermont. Both me and mommie thinks it is very deli-cious.
8. Milk. I like to drink a little bit of milk, but a lot of kitties like that! Mommie doesn't drink milk usually so I don't get it very often.
9. Pumpkin puree. This is very good and actually pretty healthy so I can have some in the morning with my break-fast. It is good with a nice piece of chickens.
10. Skittles. I like to lick up a skittle all around until I gotted all the coating off. Then I don't want it anymore. I usually don't get one of these, only by accident if one gets dropped, because red skittles can make a BIG mess on white carpet if they are licked.
11. Toothpaste. For whatever reason I like to put the bitey on the toothpaste. I am not allowed to do this and I do not like mint flavours, except in toothpastes.
12. Same thing goes for contact lenses solutions and lotion. Sometimes those things get hided from me and I have to search for them. I am learning to open the drawers so I can be a better searcher. So far I did not succeed in being a good sneak about that.
13. Feet. I like to lick feet. I do not know why, I think they tastes very good. Of course I do not put the bitey on them. Usually I lick strangers feet to see if they tastes okay. Then I hide under the bed!!!

Perseid Shower

I normally do not like showers because I do not like to get wet but we really liked the Perseid Shower. My mommie woke up at 4 AM and of course I was already awakened, and she took me outside and we saw FOUR shooting stars. That is more than how old I am which is 1 and one-fifth years old. I very much like to go outside especially at 4 in the morning. After we got back in I thought we were going to get fed but that was too early so I had to wait impatiently until it actually got light outside for breakfast!

Also. Here are some updates about our toilet training. We are now using the inter-amber disk with the red disk underneath of it for Figaro. Strangely it is very hard for him to adjust to it. He really does not like to go so now he is only doing the #1 two times per day or even 1 time. Mommy has to make him. On the other hand, I am only using the inter-amber disk without the red disk underneath. This is too easy for me. If I was the only one in training, I would be moved up to amber right now! But we are going verrry slowly so Figaro will not have any accidents. He ALMOST had an accident on mommie's important files in the den, but she caught him scritching around and stuck him on the toilet!!

Remember when we said Figaro will be getting a birthday present from Uncle S. because of his $10 gift card? Well today I helped him pick out his present on the internets.

Here is what we are getting. There are a lot of mice because that is our favorite. Also - all the things we are getting is organic and natural. This is very good for the environment, better than our other miceys which are not organic or natural but we play with all of them anyways. They are from Whisker City. We gotted him some Wool Mice (pictured on the left), some Sisal Feathered Mice, and a set of small organic mice. In total I thinks we gotted like 9 mices for only $10.

That is pretty much a very good deal. I helped Figaro find a good deal of course. When they arrrive we are going to show pictures of us playing with them. I hopes they come before parents leaves on vacation so we can get them to help us postify everything on the internets.

My Decoratings - Furniture Friday :)

Hi Kitties,

Remember in June when I picked furnitures? Well, these furnitures have arrived and now I have a classy classy bedroom just to myself (and the parents and Figaro, but basically to myself, at least during the day!) It has lovely curtaions (from Ikea) and a modern furniture called Wenge Emily from ModernLineFurniture. I used my plastic over the internets and it came straight to our house and into our garage for the parents to unload! I am pretty sure that the parent's government rebate check will cover the costs. If not they wll just have to work a little bit extra. I am so thoughtful. Do you see the lamp on the picture here, it is from IKEA too. We likes that store.

Here are some photos of us enjoying this furniture. There is a comfy king-sized bed, nice nightstands that are perfect for me to curl up on, and of course a beeauutiful dressing table with a mirror. I sits up there and tries on mommie's jewelries.

You can see Figaro thinks he will be sleeping on this bed. In fact now he spends the whole day sleeping there while mommie is at work.

If you can click on the pic-shur you can see the closeups of our new window curtains. They are very beauuu-tiful.

All I needs is a nice soft microfiber throw in dark purple to match the curtains. Where shall I buys it? I did not see one anywheres.

Sad Kitty News in our old Hometown

In our old hometown where mommie and our Cousin Missy (she doesn't blog) useded to live, we heared about a very sad story about a kitty. It gotted swinged around by its tail and died! :( There is not much informations but you can read about it here. Poor kitty...I know its parents must be very sad about this. I am very sad even though I did not knowed that kitty.

Yesterday I was sitting by Mombean's foot and giving her licks. Her foot is always dirty.

I made the most hi-larious face and then Mommy took my picture.
I wants to caption this for I Can Has Cheezeburger but I have no good ideas.
Anyone wants to help?

Our fishies

Hi kitties,

Today I am going to tell you about the fishies who live in our backyard pond. Figaro was Very Bad today and tried to nom nom one of them when he was outside watching the pond. Mommie ran out real quick and told him this is Not Allowed.

Here are the fishies. There are five of them. We named them yesterday with good solid names which should help them in the future in case they want to Run for Office or do something else important like that.

Our favorite is Milton. He is named after Milton Friedman, a famous econ-omist. He is our favorite because he swims around kind of slow and we can see him even from inside the house! He is a fintail fishie who is orange.

The next one in the pictures is Samuelson. Samuelson is just a regular old golfish. He is named after Paul Samuelson. His most twinn-iest brother is Bazerman. Bazerman and Samuelson are a lot alike. Bazerman is named after Max H. Bazerman.

The last photograph is of all the fishies waaay at the bottom of the pond. You can see the other two fishies who I did not discuss yet. The black and white and red spotted one is a Shubunkin. He was verry expensive and costed $1.88. Actually Milton was that price too. The others were only Twenty Eight Cents. But I digresses. Anyway, our Shubunkin is named John Nash. Finally, the little white one waay on the bottom, he is named Vernon after Vernon Smith. We are not big fans of Vernon though because he is almost always hiding. The most friendly are Milton and Samuelson.

Do you like them?

Pictures of a kitty stroller!

Hi kitties,

thanks for the squillions of good wishes for Figaro and mombean's birthday! We were very excited to get so many well wishings.

And now...here are the photos from our KITTY STROLLER!

Dadbean got us the Pet Gear AT3 in blue. This is a very good model. I can say right now that it handles well and is a very smooth ride. Figaro went for a very long walk in it, and I went for a shorter walk. It was pretty pretty good. I am reviewing the stroller in my reviews page.

Figaro also just got a call from the Nursing Home and he will be visiting it (in his stroller!) on August 11th. He is very pumped about that!


Fig's Birthday Party

Hello kitties,

Thanks everyone who came to my birfday on my bloggy!
We hanged up a big birfday banner. Do you see me with my mommie? This is my absolute favorite picture from my whole life. I am very happy to have my favorite beans here for my birthday. Also I like when mommie holds me and then I make faces at her.

I also had some attendance for my real-life party. My Uncle S. camed and so did Aunt V. Uncle S. is our favorite Uncle in the worlds. He bringed me a $10 gift certificat to PETSMART.com! I am very eggsited. What should I buy from there? Aunt V. bringed me a can of stinky goodness.
Then we played with Aunt V. outside chasing some 'nip bubbles. It was very, very fun. Then we went inside and I had some stinky goodness and took a nap and our guests left.
My KITTY STROLLER did not come yet either but we are still awaiting it in excitements.
Also, I got to stay up as late as I wanted and play with mommie in the bedroom. That was a lot of fun. And veronica was a very very good big sister since she got me those 'nip bubbles and didn't even want to play with them until I was done. She also helped to set the table for my party. We had some human food for the beans, mommie made cranberry-chocolate biscottis and tea!
I was a little bit disappointed that my great-grandparent beans did not comed but I think they forgotted.
Do you see me playing with Aunt V? she is very fun. She blowed bubbles for as long as I wanted. And she let Veronica catch a grass-hopper. Mommie would never let her catch a grasshopper because it is too mean, but also it is very fun so I am glad Veronica had a good times too. Look at how floofy my tail is. I bet I have the floofiest tail of any kitty in my neighborhood!!!

Hello kittays! Welcome to our partay to officially make Figaro a MANCAT! He has been awaiting this day a long time. We are only 1/4 Jewish, but if we was 1/2 at least Jewish we would be having a cat-mitzvah by now!

To start out the festivities, we have brung for you all some catnips. Get as much as you can eet and loll around like this kittay who is already here ->

We also gotted some 'nip bubbles. I gotted this present for Fig for his BIRTHday! Check them out. We will be playing with these items soon!!!
So go ahead and enjoy the partay. This evening we are going to get out the camera and get some shots of everyone and you will be able to see what everyone is doing!!!
Who is we expecting for the PARTAY that will be in our house?
1. Our parent beans, definitely
2. Our Uncle S. who is our favorite of all uncles, definitely
3. Our great-grandparent beans
4. Our friend T. who is Chauncey's mom (but Chauncey kitty is not coming) and also her daughter bean A. who brings us tons and tons of TREETS!
5. Maybe our Aunt V.
6. Maybe our grandparent beans
7. Our kitty stroller....maybe... :)
What a lot of guests. I hope Mommie cooks some STINKY GOODNESS for them all!


Today the dadbean of the mombean calleded her up and asked her if we gotted our KITTY STROLLER yet. But he did not knowed about the strollering since mommie did not wanted to look weird in front of our extended families.

So...how did he knowed??? He reads the KITTYBLOGGY! We are a little bit shocked about this. How furry funny.

In other news, Aunt V. took cared of us on this weekend while the parents went away. We had a lot of fun playing with her. She feeded us a lot of foods, we know that because when Mommie got home she realized she needs to go to the store and buy more chickens. Because chickens are our favorite.

It is also Figaro's birthay today! We will be celebrating with a PARTY on Thursday. Stay tuned for more informations!!! I am posting a photo of Figaro when he is first arrivalled in our house. You can see I am checking him out when he is still brand new and only 2 months of old. He was very small but now he is bigger than me. Lookit his smallness. We have invited many beans to our party but it only looks like Aunt V. and the great-grandparents are coming so far. I hope we get a lot of presents. Figaro has asked for a few things... and I buyed him a fun present! I will gives it to him later this week.

Today mommie stayed home with us and we gotted our laptop back in the mails. It appears fixed. They replace the motherboard and the harddrive. I thinked that is almost a brand new computer now!

And...we thinked our KITTY STROLLER camed! The DHL man deliverd it. But...it was not the kitty stroller. They accidentaly sended us the DOGGIE CRATE! It is not the same. But it is the same color. Dadbean calleded them and they said they is sorry and are going to ship out the kitty stroller RIGHT AWAY and we will be sending back our doggie crate! So...this means we knows fuurrr shure we will be getting the stroller!!

Also, today I sended mommie to the store for a present for Figaro from me. I am not going to tell you what it is though because that will ruins the surrprise!

Happy fiiirrriday everyone!


I maked a plan!!!

Kitty stroller is set to arrive on the 28th (IF we are getting it, we are not for sures.) Dadbean is getting it for mommie and us for her BIRFday. BUT...dadbean is always forgetting her birfday is on the 28, he thinks it is on the 27!! This year we will lets him THINK that....so we can have early stroller!!!!!!

Lately we have been very bored kitties. Our laptop is finally set to come back this week sometimes. So we will be able to bloggify more often. But now mommie is at work ALL DAY all the days. She cannot works from home anymore because she has the students that come to her office and asks questions.

But once we get a stroller at least we will be ables to go with her on walkies to spend more time together!!!! I am thrillified!

Yesterday we meeted our new neighbors who are going to build a house next to our house, right next to it for the first time evers. They meeted us because we were out on the back porch hanging out and watching the pond. They said they do not haves any pets but they may get one. We hopes they do not get a woofie in case he is a scary kind!

- Veronica

A Special BIRTHday present for us!!!

We have many BIRTHDAYS coming up this month. First, it will be dadbean's birthday on the 19th. Then, it will be our great-grandpabean's birthday on the 20th. Then, it will be FIGARO's birthday on the 22nd. THEN, it will be mombean's birthay on the 28th! What a lotta birthdays!

I am excited because...we are getting the AWESOME of presents for these birthdays. For Figaro and Mombean's birthday combined, we are getting....

wait for it....

wait for it....


I am very very excited about this. Only less than two weeks until we are getting the kitty stroller. Dadbean is picking it out for us even though he thinked that mommie will be the "crazy cat lady" in the neighborhood. But Figaro and I chosed the color, we chosed blue. Figaro will be using this stroller to go for his Cat Therapy sessions. He might get to use it for the first time already on the 30th for this job! And the both of us will be riding in it for relaxation and enjoyment of the out of doors with mommie in the neighborhood. We are either going to get the PetGear Sportster or the PetGear AT3. The Sportster is lilac and the AT3 is blue. I am a little bit hoping for the Sportster because I think lilac will be a little bit nicer for the color, but mommie said the AT3 is a better vehicle for us, although it is more eggspensive because it has better reviews a little bit. Of course we do not gets to decide because daddy is deciding since it is his present for mommie and Figaro.


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