Hi Kitties,

I stucked my tongue out today because it is SNOWING! I kind of likes it. But we do not go outside when it is cold. I may go outside later if I can find my purple sweater to wear.
We are going to be doing many things this week. Number One, we are going to PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! And I tell you what kitties, this is the First Year that we are going to have our New Year's Tree! (A New Years Tree is almost exactly like a Christmas Tree only for 1/2-Russian kitties.) It is going to be Fake but I think still very eggsiting. I have never seed one before. Also, this evening Mommie is going to go get Figaro's Guppies. They are his present for doing so good in the Petsmart contest. I think she will just get 2 guppies right now, but for Christmas we are going to get a few more to make a nice School of guppies. Lot of things going on this Howliday Seezon!!! :)

PS, I can't wait for my friend Hello's present to arrival!!!


  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    Stay warm. I hear snow is very cold, but I do not go outside.  

  2. Sweet Praline said...

    Hi! Thanks for coming by to say hello today. It's cold here in the south, but luckily, there is no white stuff.  

  3. neverfull said...

    veronica and fig,
    thanks so much for my bday present. it is the bestest gift i've ever gotten in my whole kitty lifes. i love it so much i sleep on it at night so mimmy won't steal it. i need to take a pikture of it to share with all the other kittehs as soon as i figures out how to use mommy's cameras.

    you are the bestest BFF,


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