Kitty Bloggy Announcement

The announcement is here. Today I am announcing that I am the proud owner of and I am the cool of bloggiers on the block!

Here to commemorate is a photo of the Fig an I back in the autumn when it was warm outside and we could sit looking out of the patio door. Those were the good days. We can't wait for it to get warm again. Also, Figaro was such a small baby still and now he is already getting bigger than me.
So many things to tell about. First, Figaro was good and did his #2 in the toilet. And of course I did #2 in the toilet too but I always do it so it is not such a big deal.
Also, yesterday Mamaw noticed that Wal Mart is selling more of the Holiday Platters. They have it in red, blue, and lite blue. So she bought another one in case we have to backtrack. They are only $2. If anyone is interesting in our homemade method, they can purchase it too. So far, not including the toilet seat cover, we have spended about this amount:
$2 - holiday platter x 2
$2 each for pack of about 20 - Hefty serving bowls x 5
$2 - huge roll of duct tape
$2 - roll of white duct tape for taping up the lid so it doesn't look yuckyy
Total: $18. That is not such a great savings amount for a homemade setup but we like it because since Figaro is so finicky it is the easy to backtrack and really you could use less hefty serving bowls but since Papaw is the lazy about cleaning them he throws it away when he is home and we go. If you wanted to save lots of money and clean a lot you could get by with:
$2 - holiday platter
$2 - hefty bowls
$2 - duct tape
Total: $6.
So our setup is pretty cheap. If you want to get it go to Wal Mart because they don't always have those platters in the stock!
Third, when Mom was at Wal Mart she got us a very nice Birdie calendar. I will post pics later. she put in all our #2s in it and hung it in the bathroom. If it was a bad #2 she hi-lited it. There is a lot of hi-liting for the Figaro.
Oh PS. Figaro made a LOLcat of hiself. He wants you guys to vote on it:

Birthday is coming UP!

This is the photo of Figaro yawning because he is bored of my discussion of the birthday of me since his birthday is not until July. But my birthday IS coming right up, it is March 25. That is when I was born, but I didn't get adopted by the parents until May 25 when I was just 8 weeks of old. My real Mom was this cat who lived in an apartment above an antique store but I don't know who my dad was, and I had 5 other brothers but I was the only girl. 4 of my brothers were also gray with long hair but one of them was a short haired calico. I don't remember this but my Mom told me because I was the first one who got adopted. My mom was also calico so I got all my good looks from my real Dad. But we never met him because he is the stray of cats I think. Here is what Mamaw told me about the baby me. She said when she came to adopt me it was at the farmer's market, and I was so sweet because she held me and I fell right asleep in her arms! Then she took me away with her, even though kitties were not allowed in the apartment. So I had to be good in hiding and not go outside of the apartment. But I know that there were other kitties in the apartment building because sometimes I saw them running around so I was not the only illegal kitty. But in two months after that parents moved to a house with a big backyard for me to go on walks in. So it is all better now. So basically I am quite sure that parents are going to splurge on something that is the cool for me for my birthday. I don't know what I want yet, maybe the bigger of cat trees. I am open to suggestions on this points.

Well, as for toilet training, this morning Mamaw was cleaning the bathroom (because Thursday is bathroom clean day) and she discoevered the #1 spot in the bathtub again. Of course it was the Figaro, we think just this morning. It was yuck because we have a drinking dish in the bathtub now and he peed right next to it. I am not drinking THAT again. As I reflect on this issue I still think it is the yuck. BUT also Figaro was good because yesterday he did the #2 all by himself in the toilet. He didn't scratch the floor or anything. However not that good since that means he is back where we were a month ago again. He is not making the good progress. And for me I guess this weekend it might be time to enlarge the hole.

Figaro Maked off With a Q-Tip

Yesterday Figaro gotted a Q-Tip from the bathroom and spent the entire day playing with it. He is very silly. He likes to bring it to Mamaw and play fetch with it even though he never played fetch before. He is a silly kitty, here is a photo of him with his Q-Tip. He didn't even clean his ears with it like you are supposed to. He told me though that he plans to change his name to "Tiger Spotted Ninja Killer" but I don't think Mom will let him.

Also last week Mamaw bought a 50 pound bag of birdie foods for the birdies outside because there are so many of them and they need food every other day! They are agreat TV show although a lot of times there are repeats and then it is boring. Sometimes it is new though. Yesterday there was a cardinal, he was nice. Here is a pic of some of the birdies. There are usually lots more than that.

Today there were no new changes in the toilet setup and Figaro did his businesses pretty well. I of course did my businesses just fine. Although Mamaw was hoping I would use the enlarge hole that I used by accident last week, I am still a little bit afraid about it. Also, I am learning to "Go To Mat" with clicker training, Figaro learned it a long time ago but I didn't learn it yet. That is why I am working on it. Figaro is doing "Sit Pretty" rather good, hopefully soon I will get some pictures of it to share.

I am the Sad of Kittehs

Today I am the sad of kittehs because my bestest friend Hello Kitty got bannified from the Yahoo Toilet Training Groups. I am posting a photo of myself when I was a small baby and had to get a bath because I had the fleas, because this is how bad exactly I feel about this incidents too. I used to have the big of ears. I think Hello is a very nice kitty and I am glad we are the friends with her. Some other kittys got kicked off too and I feel bads about them also. Today this morning one small Figaro did the #2 again on the bathroom floors. Mamaw was not very happy. She said she needs to get a motion detector so she can find out when that little Figaro is trying to be the sneak in the bathroom and do stuff on the floors.

Yesterday I was the good of kitties. Mamaw took me to great-grandma's house for dinner and I like to go there and smell all her flowers. Here is me smelling some. I was a good kitty and wore my collar, normally in winter I do not wear it since I don't go outside, except on my harness. I can't wait for springs but it will be a while since we all sawed the groundhog see his shadow a month ago.

Then Mamaw was out for the evening, so we were home alone with Papaw. Figaro used the toilet properly, and then when it was my turn to use it, Papaw forgot to put in my insert so the hole was extra big. But I just used the extra big hole, even though Mamaw wasn't planning to enlarge my insert to extra big for at least another 2 weeks!!! I am the AWESOME of kitties. Mamaw couldn't even believe it when she got home, because I went right in the hole too so there was no messes! In fact she was so happy that last night she got back with a lot of chickens and made our single-serves portions for the next month. She also kept feeding Figaro because he was begging and begging and begging. I think he eated too much.

Then this morning at 4 AM I decided to use the toilet so of course Mamaw had to get up to make sure she cleaned it after me in case Fig had to go, and she stepped in GROSS THROWUP on the carpets!!! It was the Figaro who threwed up his foods after he eated too much. Then she had to clean it up. Nothing beats cleaning up the throw ups at 4 AM!!!

Quel Horreur

I am so embarrassing. Mamaw is posted a photo of me using the toilet. It is very blurry though because I tried to move out of the way right when she took the photo. So at least it is difficult to recognize me. You might not be able to see very well but I put all 4 paws on the seat at all times and hang my bottom down to do the #1s.
Lately there has been no accidents. This morning Figaro woke up parents by scratching in bathtub, and they ran in there and told him "no, no, no" so he stopped and went in the toilet. However its really bad because now there is no hole at all but he is still trying to use the bathtub!

Now I don't know, maybe its because sometimes Mom has the bowl in with the hole that I use, and that's why Figaro is getting confused. Maybe I have to go back to no hole too so that we can be on the same step. I hope not because I have got so far already! As it is Mom can't always predict who will be using the setup next, so sometimes I am going in the one without a hole now. So if I get used to that I will not want to use the setup with the hole. It is difficult to say.

Fig Goes Back to Step 1!!!

Well I have to post 2 times in the one day because I have some bad, bad, bad news! Suddenly this afternoon Mom heard Fig making scratching sounds, she ran around looking for him everywhere - and before she finds him it was too LATE! He did #1 in the library under Mamaw's desk. She was MAD! This is the first bad #1 in TWO WEEKS! Now Fig is getting put back for "no hole" step. Even though the hole was only pencil sized. We don't know what is the wrong with him.

My website is coming along nicely, soon I should have other sections. My plan is to become a famous kitty and then when I am famous I can be rich and buy myself lots of cool things. For starters I am getting myself this couchette from Sophisticated Cat.

Very Frustratings

I have been figuring out how to make a good bloggger css but I am too little to do it. I will keep you posted all on my progresses. I am trying hard but Mom can't help me during the days she must do the work and not the play. So that is why it is difficult. Good thing I found the Mamaw old computer in the library I am using that for my bloggy.

But on the other hand I did the #2 today in the toilet! But the Figaro was extremely bad and once he saw me do the #2 he decided he must immediately do #2 and he did it on the floor while I was covering up my own #2!!! He is such a bad Fig, not so smart. Mamaw was very unpleased and she did the Correct and Re-Direct method but this did not encourage the Fig. He is bad.

The Figaro Learns from my examples

Another day, another #2! :) This time I am proud to say that I did the #2 and I told Figaro, Watch me okay. Anyway, this time after he watched me he did the #2 all by himself again in the toilet. That is 2 successful #2s. But Mamaw says we still need to wait before he is ready for any holes. On the other hand I think today we might make my hole bigger.

So I have decided I may keep my site at blogspot because I do not like the advertisements. They are the large! However I have to make some changes. First I want to add some important sections, like an advice section for fellow kitties. Also some reviews of my toys and activities and food. I think it would be beneficials! It might take me some time because I have to learn to modify the template and do a lot of work while keeping it all very professional and stylish. Because I am a stylish kitty. Here is a pic of me working with Mamaw in our library on Sunday. We did a lot of work. Well she did a lot of work and I mostly just relaxed. She is working on some very important things but I am not interesting in them.

You can see my cool laser eyes.

I did not do the #1 yet today even though breakfast was a long time ago so I'd better go do that now. And then I have to make Mamaw put more bird food in the feeder because the birds they are not coming and I am the bored of kittehs.

I am the disappointed of Kittehs

I have recently attempted to make a blog on and learned that it has very ugly advertisements that take up valuable space on the top of the page. This will not do if I am planning to create a very useful and interesting website that is not annoying. Mom does not want to teach me the html or the javascript of programming, or spend too much time on our site which is why I suggested this WYSIWYG tool in the first place. I am the smart of cats. However, now we have to live with advertisements. That is okay because it means I can be in the web community of The Real Hello Kitty, we are becoming good friends now especially since we are both getting our toilets trained.

I will make the updates on my site to get it ready for publications.

My business plans

Yesterday since it was warm outside I got to go outside for a walk. But it was very windy. Everytime I go for a walk I get cheese treats, which I definitely like. Here is me checking out the flower pot in front of our house. Mamaw says that in the spring we are going to get some tulips that will come out of there because they are already some bulbs inside of the pot but I am not quite sure I believe her about this.

Also, I have a new sweater that is purple and white. The white part is very soft and fluffy. I like to wear it when I go outside since it is cold outside. Mamaw made it for me using this book called "Pampered Pooches" which is really for puppies but she modified it for kittens. This is her second knitting project, she also made a scarf. She is waiting for Figaro to grow bigger and he can get a sweater too. I actually like wearing it a lot even though I know most cats do not like wearing stuff. I think it is because I have been harness trained since I was just 2 months of old! here is a picture of me on my walk yesterday in my new sweater.

Finally yesterday the wheat grass got ready for me. What I mean is that every two weeks Mamaw plants me some wheat grass, and then I have to wait about 4 days before I get it because it has to grow. Then, when it is ready, we get to have it out for about 2 weeks until we eat it all or else it wilts and Mamaw plants some more. This was an especially luscious batch. Figaro does not eat any because he does not like greens.

Also, Figaro did the #2 yesterday in the toilet after a lot of coaxing from Mamaw. This is his first non-floor #2 for a week! It is because Mamaw made him go before bed, while usually he tries to be the sneak and go on the floor while everyone is sleeping. You won't see embarrassing

photos of me on this site but here is one of the Figaro doing his #1. (Hohoho).

Let me now get back to the point of this posting. Today I will share some business plans if anyone is interesting. And I do not mean #1 or #2 kinds of businesses. I am going to start a better website
with more informations about all my opinions on everything. However it will take some time to come up with a good design. I have to use the olive green since it is my favorite color, but I also want to be quite professional and serious.

There was a shocking bad thing on Friday. Figaro did the #1 ON THE CARPET in the library!!! Mamaw was at home and she ran in the library and saw him scratching the carpet and BAM there was already the #1 in the carpet. I also tried to help him scratch it in case we could cover it up by ourselfs but we could not. Then it had to be cleaned. We think it is all cleaned up, I hope Figaro does not smell it there again and decide to try that. Then we had to close the door and Mamaw decided we have to back up to NO HOLE again. Silly Fig.

But ever since that time, Figaro did the #1 correctly in the toilet so that is the good thing. Even when parents left yesterday from 3pm until the 11pm, I did the #1 in the toilet so Fig could not do any businesses and he waited until parents got home, and did #1 in the toilet. They were very happy he did not try to do any business on the carpet or in the tub!!!

Also, because I have been the sneak, my favorite pasttime when it gets early morning sun coming up, is to go on the dresser and paw at the blinds. It makes a fun ruckus. But last night finally parents moved the dresser so when I go up there I can't reach the blinds. Now I have to find another way to be the sneak and wake Mamaw up for my foods!!!

Today is a very warm day, 50 degrees of farenheit. This is great for Indiana! I think I will get Mamaw to take me for a walk soon when it stops raining. I can wear my new sweater.

Figaro did the bad things again

Well...Yes. You have to find out sooner or later. Figaro did the #2 on the bathroom floor again. We were running around like the crazy of kittens all evening and parents went to bed. Then I did the #2 in the toilet, I was very good. Then Mom heard me so she wokened up and went to change out the #2. Then I said, Look Figaro, that's how you do the #2. Then I did the #1 and Mom had to wake up again and go change out the bowl. Then Figaro was the SNEAK and did the #2 very quietly by the toilet!!! I was like, Figaro, silly goose, don't do it!!!! But then he was not a very smart sneak because since I had just did the #2, Mom knew it was the Figaro who did the #2 on the floor. Plus then he tried to do the #1 in the bathtub and Mamaw always hears him when he does this so she wokened up AGAIN to get him and made him do the #1 in the toilet. That's when she found out about the #2!!! She was annoyed but she couldn't do the correct and re-direct method because she was too tired.

Also for Valentine's day we got to eat some beef roasts. They were very delicious.

I am thinking about moving over my bloggy to the place like Hello Kitty has, so I can post pictures and also informations about myself. And of course my reviews. I think my reviews can be important for other kitties.

Toy Review

Well we have been doing okay with the toilet training. Figaro is back to a pencil sized hole and he did not go #1 or #2 anywhere except the setup since this weekend now. Although, he sometimes has to go with no hole still because he is very silly.

I wanted to post this review of all my toys that I have for all the other kitties in case they are interesting to know how good some toys are, because some toys are good and some toys are not so good. This is the precursor to my future posts about what toys I am the WANTING of, because my birthday is coming up in March and the parents said I could make a wishlist but it has to be of the reasonable kinds. (Which sucks because that means, no ginormous cat tree even though I want one!!!)

Cat Tree - We have a 2 tiers cat tree from eBays. It is red so it matches the parents' couches. I love this cat tree because usually it is by the window in the family room also by the fireplace so it is warm there and I can see the birdies. This is where you can watch birdies the best and Figaro likes to sit on the bottom step and hang out. Of course I wish it were the taller.

Cat DVD - For Christmas I asked for the DVD of cat, "While You Are Gone." We got it from Amazon. It has some nice fishes, ducks, birds, and squirrelz. Sometimes Mom turns it on while we are home alone. We like to watch it for maybe 10 seconds but then we stop. We got it because our friend Maddie had one and she really likes to watch hers but hers is cooler although we thought this one would be cooler. But since we don't like to watch too much I don't think parents are going to ever get us another one. (The picture is of the us watching the DVD on the cat tree)

Da Bird - This is one of our coolest toys ever. We already eated one of the refills so it got replaced. Now we are watched to make sure we are not eating it. Of course it was all fine until Figaro eated it.

Cat Catcher - This is from the makers of Da Bird and we already chewed through the cord so it is not any longer attached to a wand. This is even better than Da Bird. We got on Amazon. Right now Figaro is playing with it.

Cat Cube - This cat cube is the awesome. I got it for my 6 months birthday. However Figaro did the number 1 in it a bazillion times and now I can't play in it anymore unless the parents are keeping close watching. Even then Figaro is always trying to climb in it and do some business while I am busy having fun. This one is from the Wal Mart. Its a pic of me using it on my 6 months birthday when it was brand news.

Mom's Hair Ties - We are obsessed with these. We steals them all the time. She has many many of them, all black in elastics. We chew them and chase them and have awesome times. There are so many under the bed where she can't reach. That's where we put them to hide when we are done playing.

Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy - We hate this toy, it is absolutely scary. The sound is scary and everything about it is scary. Mom got it for me when I was first a small kitten and Papaw disabled the sounds on it so it would be less scary but I still hate it. We never play with it. And recently mom took it out to see if maybe Figaro will like it now that he is older but it is not working anymore. Mom said it is waste of our moneys. We got at Petsmart.

We have a few mores toys but I have to go do some #1s now in the toilet so I will post more laters.

I have been the busy of kittehs

Well I have been the busy of kittehs and this is why I have not posted for almost a whole week now. The Figaro is really having the troubles using the toilet setup. We had to go back to no hole all over again. He keeps trying to use the bathtub and he likes especially to be the tricky and use it while the parents are on the other end of the house so by the time they come running to stop him he is already finished with his businesses. Here is a picture of how we like to lay in the evenings when we are just relaxing. I only lay by the Figaro 'cause he is warm and cuddlys. But if he is not sleeping he is the annoying of brothers.
On the other hand I have been very good. We have been getting extra helpings of pumpkins so we are having a better #2 schedule. Also, the Mamaw just especially for me enlarged the hole in the setup to 2 inches diameters and I am using it with no problems all by myself. I am the smart, of course that is why. Also the Figaro is getting the fat, he keeps trying to eat my foods. I am a dainty kitty and I would never get fat.
Tomorrow is the day of Valentines and so I am probably going to get some special treat like extra fishes. Fishes are better than candy or anything. I have to tell Mamaw now to re-fill the bird feeder because the birds are not coming and it is empty, so I am boreds.

Its 2.5 months since we started

Well, the Figaro was bad again. I used the toilet for #1 and then Papaw was taking a shower and the Mamaw was not home, and he told to Figaro 'wait five minutes' but Figaro was impatients and did the #1 in the tub instead of waiting for the Papaw to clean out the toilet. I cannot wait until we have a bigger hole so we can just do the numbers straight into the toilet, but Figaro is can't handle that yet. If it was up to me I would already be trained.

In case I forgot to mention we have been toilet training since middle of November 2007. That is 2.5 months since we started the training. But we had to go back to the box when parents went away over Christmas, and now we are FINALLY back to the same setup as before that. So hopefully next week we will advance another steps and get this show on the roads already.

Figaro is also learning to "sit up" in his clicker training. So far I am only targeting but yesterday I practiced going to the mat. Although I am not a cheese addict like Figaro so I do not care if I get treats. I am pretty skinny and Figaro is getting the fat. He needs a diet. I hope when Mamaw gets home from work today she will not get home to a tub full of #1s again.

Figaro Doesn't Like the Number 2

Here is a cool pic of Figaro getting himself shaked off.

Ever since two weeks ago the Mamaw has been writing it down on a notebook everytime we do the number 2. This is kind of strange for me because I do not want someone finding the notebook and knowing every single day that I did the number 2 but Mamaw says it is mostly for the Figaro who is never doing the number 2. Figaro has this cat cube that is red in which he did the number 1 two times last month, so we had to put it away because he kept using it for the number 1, we still don't know why. I used to love hanging out in that cat cube and now he ruined it for everyone. But then yesterday he found the cat cube because it was all folded up and propped behind the couch and did the number 1 on the cat cube!!! Then the Mamaw was kind of annoyed and had to do the laundry of the cube and now for sure we are never seeing that guy again. Then Figaro did not go the number 2 since last Wednesday so Mamaw made him sit in the bathroom til he did the number 2, only he did it on the floor. Then I peeped in the door to see Mamaw was pretty mad at the Figaro. She did the "Correct and Re-direct" method on him by showing him his poo and saying "NO" and then he just purred and purred. I guess he mustof been the happy to not be constipated anymore. Then she said good job for putting all the poo in the toilet when they were done. Then Figaro purred some more and went in the toilet and did number 1. My brothar is the weird.

Also today it has been rainy again so we are just kind of hanging out. This morning I awakened at 4 am and had a big fight with my brothar, we were meowling a lot, until the Mamaw gave us each a separate toy and made us be good.

The birdies outside of our window are eating all of the times which provides a constant source of entertainments for myself and the Figaro. The bird feeder that the Mamaw bought is like the peoples equivalents of the Cable Box. We gots the box, we pay monthly bill of bird seeds, and the birds are on all of the times. But in fact there are so many birds we do not even need the TiVo, they are just always arounds to watch. But the Mamaw is gots annoyed because she bought humongous bag of the bird seeds last month and had the troubles carrying it into house it was so large. And she has to fill it up every two days for the birdies are eating it all up. We almost have to go get the new bag. But the birdies seem to like it quite a lot. However they are kind of stupid birds because anytime the Mamaw comes to the window they are disappearing, they do not understands who is the feeder of them!

Us, on the other hand, we understand who is the feeder of us, that is why we always comes to the door when the Mamaw getting home from the work because we hope for a little treat. Yesterday we got to have some raw beef sirloins. They were very tasties but Figaro prefers the chickens. I do not think he eats anything that is not the chickens. The chickens is cheaper anyway, he does not know what he is missing.

Oh this is a pic of the Figaro when he got interrupted from looking outside at the birds and the grill that fells down because we had really big winds recently. I did not get interrupted so I continued the watching for the both of us. Then we had to get our baths, that was not the fun.

No Groundhogs

I did not post yesterday as you may have noticing because the Groundhog saw the shadow of himself yesterday which means we will have longest winter. This is the sad because I enjoy to go outside when it is warm. Here is a pic of me while I ponder this fact.

Yes in fact this is very unfortunate. In other news, we spent the entire weekend pretty much hanging out and watching the TV. The parents started watching a new show Heros which is proven to be interesting. I did not watch it because I watched the birds outside. The Mamaw enlargified the hole in the toilet setup and now we have to use that, but so far it is working pretty well. It is about 1 of the inch of the diameter. Oh and also yesterday I had a piece of steaks with my fishes and threw it up all over the parent's bedroom carpeting. The Mamaw did not seem very pleasified but she was not that mad either because it is not the fault of me.

Today is a Snow Day

Today is a snow day. This means that it is snowing. If I was school-aged then this would mean that the school would be cancelled and we could stay home. Since we stay home anyways then we are staying home. Unfortunately the work of the parents was not cancelled so they had to leave for the whole day. Usually the Mamaw is only at work half of the day and the rest of the half of the day she is at the house hanging out with the childrens and working on her computer. Then I do not get to use the computer. But today she is gone, we both did the number 1 but now we have to wait to do any more until she is home so she can flush for us because we did not learn that yet.

This is how I feel today, very sleepy:

The night of the last, Figaro was practicing the fetch with a mouse. He is not very good at it yet, specifically he does not do it at all except sniffs the mouse. It is very entertaining to watch how the stupid he is. Also yesterday the Mamaw gave us both baths and I jumped on her back and stuck out the claws, haha she did not like that and she got all wet too, then the Mamaw had to take a bath too but she does that every of the day so it was not a big deal for her. Then the bathroom had to get the cleaning.

Also last night at the 3 AM I woke up and ran around on the bed and behaved in a crazy way like I sometimes like to do because I am almost pre-teen and we are acting the out sometimes. Then Mamaw made me leave the room but in one hour later I slammed myself against the door in the attempt to get back the in. After that I got to sleep on the bed but then in one hour after that I proceeeded to run on the bed and wake up the parents again. Then the Papaw took out the trash and we got fed even though it was the 5 AM because we were being the crazy of kittens.

Tonight it is Friday night so it will be party time. I think Friday night we get the fishes for dinner even though we are not the Catholic. In fact we are the part Jewish and the part Kitten.


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