Its 2.5 months since we started

Well, the Figaro was bad again. I used the toilet for #1 and then Papaw was taking a shower and the Mamaw was not home, and he told to Figaro 'wait five minutes' but Figaro was impatients and did the #1 in the tub instead of waiting for the Papaw to clean out the toilet. I cannot wait until we have a bigger hole so we can just do the numbers straight into the toilet, but Figaro is can't handle that yet. If it was up to me I would already be trained.

In case I forgot to mention we have been toilet training since middle of November 2007. That is 2.5 months since we started the training. But we had to go back to the box when parents went away over Christmas, and now we are FINALLY back to the same setup as before that. So hopefully next week we will advance another steps and get this show on the roads already.

Figaro is also learning to "sit up" in his clicker training. So far I am only targeting but yesterday I practiced going to the mat. Although I am not a cheese addict like Figaro so I do not care if I get treats. I am pretty skinny and Figaro is getting the fat. He needs a diet. I hope when Mamaw gets home from work today she will not get home to a tub full of #1s again.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- tell your mommy to leave a little water in the tub at all times. then figaro won't want to jump in there anymore unless he wants to go swimming. when my mommy when to puerto rico for a long weekend, i used the bathtub 2 times b/c i was mad she didn't take me with her and now there is always a swimming pool in my bathroom too.

    tell your mommy we got the baby video monitor at target. use the link in my blog. it was about $180. yes, expensive, but will be good for other things like catching me on the kitchen counter when we are done with TT.

    hello & jenny  

  2. Jenny said...

    veronica- you've been a lazy blogger lately. hello is sad because she keeps checking your bloggy to see how your TT is going and hoping to see new pictures of you and your silly brother.

    jenny & hello  


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