No Groundhogs

I did not post yesterday as you may have noticing because the Groundhog saw the shadow of himself yesterday which means we will have longest winter. This is the sad because I enjoy to go outside when it is warm. Here is a pic of me while I ponder this fact.

Yes in fact this is very unfortunate. In other news, we spent the entire weekend pretty much hanging out and watching the TV. The parents started watching a new show Heros which is proven to be interesting. I did not watch it because I watched the birds outside. The Mamaw enlargified the hole in the toilet setup and now we have to use that, but so far it is working pretty well. It is about 1 of the inch of the diameter. Oh and also yesterday I had a piece of steaks with my fishes and threw it up all over the parent's bedroom carpeting. The Mamaw did not seem very pleasified but she was not that mad either because it is not the fault of me.



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