I did Super Good, and Figaro threw up on the floors

Yesterday I was the good of kitties. Mamaw took me to great-grandma's house for dinner and I like to go there and smell all her flowers. Here is me smelling some. I was a good kitty and wore my collar, normally in winter I do not wear it since I don't go outside, except on my harness. I can't wait for springs but it will be a while since we all sawed the groundhog see his shadow a month ago.

Then Mamaw was out for the evening, so we were home alone with Papaw. Figaro used the toilet properly, and then when it was my turn to use it, Papaw forgot to put in my insert so the hole was extra big. But I just used the extra big hole, even though Mamaw wasn't planning to enlarge my insert to extra big for at least another 2 weeks!!! I am the AWESOME of kitties. Mamaw couldn't even believe it when she got home, because I went right in the hole too so there was no messes! In fact she was so happy that last night she got back with a lot of chickens and made our single-serves portions for the next month. She also kept feeding Figaro because he was begging and begging and begging. I think he eated too much.

Then this morning at 4 AM I decided to use the toilet so of course Mamaw had to get up to make sure she cleaned it after me in case Fig had to go, and she stepped in GROSS THROWUP on the carpets!!! It was the Figaro who threwed up his foods after he eated too much. Then she had to clean it up. Nothing beats cleaning up the throw ups at 4 AM!!!


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- i am really glad to read your blog today. i am not that surprised that you did a really great job b/c you are such a smart kitty. is your mamaw going to keep the extra big hole there? poor fig. it sounded like he ate so much chicken he threw it up. silly boy! i've never thrown up before b/c i'm a lady. btw, i really like that photo of you. you look very pretty. i like the white markings on your chest and feet.

    hello & jenny  

  2. Jenny said...

    veronica- your website is really coming along. i enjoyed reading about so many subjects. i can tell you put a lot of time into it and it was worth it! gosh i can't believe how computer-savvy you are.


  3. Marina said...

    Hi Veronica!

    Looks like you are doing a wonderful job!! Congratulations, and don't be too hard on Figaro, he might not be as smart as you, but he'll figure it out one day!

    Thanks for visiting Chester and I, we love having visitors, as well as any advice. I did tape up the toilet seat, and while it makes it a lot harder for me to use the toilet, Chester is a lot happier!

    A lot of people have been asking me if its ok to post a link to my blog, so if you do want to, thats totally fine by me. I also wanted to ask you if I could include a link to your bloggy in my blog? It's good for us all to stick together, and it makes it a lot easier for people to find information when we've got it on our pages!

    Don't let Figaro eat too much, and keep up the wonderful work!

    -Marina and Chester



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