Figaro Maked off With a Q-Tip

Yesterday Figaro gotted a Q-Tip from the bathroom and spent the entire day playing with it. He is very silly. He likes to bring it to Mamaw and play fetch with it even though he never played fetch before. He is a silly kitty, here is a photo of him with his Q-Tip. He didn't even clean his ears with it like you are supposed to. He told me though that he plans to change his name to "Tiger Spotted Ninja Killer" but I don't think Mom will let him.

Also last week Mamaw bought a 50 pound bag of birdie foods for the birdies outside because there are so many of them and they need food every other day! They are agreat TV show although a lot of times there are repeats and then it is boring. Sometimes it is new though. Yesterday there was a cardinal, he was nice. Here is a pic of some of the birdies. There are usually lots more than that.

Today there were no new changes in the toilet setup and Figaro did his businesses pretty well. I of course did my businesses just fine. Although Mamaw was hoping I would use the enlarge hole that I used by accident last week, I am still a little bit afraid about it. Also, I am learning to "Go To Mat" with clicker training, Figaro learned it a long time ago but I didn't learn it yet. That is why I am working on it. Figaro is doing "Sit Pretty" rather good, hopefully soon I will get some pictures of it to share.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- your blog is so nice with photos everyday and today there are 2! i never see snow b/c i live in texas. it was really cold here last night. mommy actually had the heater on, and when i said it is cold like indiana where veronica and fig are she said no, it is only 45 degrees. i was staying up to wait for snow to come, but after she said that i went to bed. don't the birds get cold? last night i wished i had a sweater like yours.

    i am very good at go to mat. my mat is a hello kitty bathmat and i look very cute when i sit on it. sometimes i just sit or lay down on my mat and mommy gives me a treat for not doing anything. during clicker lessons, she clicks and i have to go to her to get my treat, then she always makes me go back to my mat to sit for the next lesson. right now i am learning lay down and i get sick of laying down, then getting up and walking to her to get my treat, then walking back to the mat to lay down again. and over and over and over! she is weird for making me do so much work.


  2. Jenny said...

    sorry for the delay veronica. i just posted my blog entry for the day.


  3. Dark n Stormy said...

    Hi Veronica!

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Your page is really cool. I'm inspired to spruce mine up, too!!

    I'll keep checking in!


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