Very Frustratings

I have been figuring out how to make a good bloggger css but I am too little to do it. I will keep you posted all on my progresses. I am trying hard but Mom can't help me during the days she must do the work and not the play. So that is why it is difficult. Good thing I found the Mamaw old computer in the library I am using that for my bloggy.

But on the other hand I did the #2 today in the toilet! But the Figaro was extremely bad and once he saw me do the #2 he decided he must immediately do #2 and he did it on the floor while I was covering up my own #2!!! He is such a bad Fig, not so smart. Mamaw was very unpleased and she did the Correct and Re-Direct method but this did not encourage the Fig. He is bad.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- i really like the new look of your bloggy. it looks very professional and stylish at the same time. you did a good job on that old computer!

    fig is bad again today? oh no! what are we going to do about him?

    hello & jenny  


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