Fig Goes Back to Step 1!!!

Well I have to post 2 times in the one day because I have some bad, bad, bad news! Suddenly this afternoon Mom heard Fig making scratching sounds, she ran around looking for him everywhere - and before she finds him it was too LATE! He did #1 in the library under Mamaw's desk. She was MAD! This is the first bad #1 in TWO WEEKS! Now Fig is getting put back for "no hole" step. Even though the hole was only pencil sized. We don't know what is the wrong with him.

My website is coming along nicely, soon I should have other sections. My plan is to become a famous kitty and then when I am famous I can be rich and buy myself lots of cool things. For starters I am getting myself this couchette from Sophisticated Cat.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- the website is coming along nicely. do the tabs at the top not work yet? i think the "ask veronica" is a great one :) sorry to hear about figaro. it sounds like mamaw might need to start looking into crating him or at least locking him in the bathroom when she knows he needs to go. i didn't know i was fig's age. little girls are always more well-behaved than little boys. has he been fixed yet?

    hello & jenny  

  2. Jenny said...

    oh i forgot to say that you are very lucky to be getting the couchette. make sure fig doesn't pee on it.  


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