Quel Horreur

I am so embarrassing. Mamaw is posted a photo of me using the toilet. It is very blurry though because I tried to move out of the way right when she took the photo. So at least it is difficult to recognize me. You might not be able to see very well but I put all 4 paws on the seat at all times and hang my bottom down to do the #1s.
Lately there has been no accidents. This morning Figaro woke up parents by scratching in bathtub, and they ran in there and told him "no, no, no" so he stopped and went in the toilet. However its really bad because now there is no hole at all but he is still trying to use the bathtub!

Now I don't know, maybe its because sometimes Mom has the bowl in with the hole that I use, and that's why Figaro is getting confused. Maybe I have to go back to no hole too so that we can be on the same step. I hope not because I have got so far already! As it is Mom can't always predict who will be using the setup next, so sometimes I am going in the one without a hole now. So if I get used to that I will not want to use the setup with the hole. It is difficult to say.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- the counts are a great idea. but "figaro is bad" is winning and that is not so good. i love that website icanhascheezburger. this one is good too: http://www.cuteoverload.com. okay, mommy is going out to have some fun now, so she says i have to get off the computer. i think i will take another nap.

    hello & jenny  


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