The Figaro Learns from my examples

Another day, another #2! :) This time I am proud to say that I did the #2 and I told Figaro, Watch me okay. Anyway, this time after he watched me he did the #2 all by himself again in the toilet. That is 2 successful #2s. But Mamaw says we still need to wait before he is ready for any holes. On the other hand I think today we might make my hole bigger.

So I have decided I may keep my site at blogspot because I do not like the advertisements. They are the large! However I have to make some changes. First I want to add some important sections, like an advice section for fellow kitties. Also some reviews of my toys and activities and food. I think it would be beneficials! It might take me some time because I have to learn to modify the template and do a lot of work while keeping it all very professional and stylish. Because I am a stylish kitty. Here is a pic of me working with Mamaw in our library on Sunday. We did a lot of work. Well she did a lot of work and I mostly just relaxed. She is working on some very important things but I am not interesting in them.

You can see my cool laser eyes.

I did not do the #1 yet today even though breakfast was a long time ago so I'd better go do that now. And then I have to make Mamaw put more bird food in the feeder because the birds they are not coming and I am the bored of kittehs.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- tell your brother fig that i am very proud of him. you did a good job as a sister by reminding him how.

    i like to put my face on my mommy's laptop when she is working sometimes, but she bumps into me a lot. i know she does not mean it b/c she tells me how cute i look laying there. there is a photo of me in my photo album. i think you are a very stylish kitty too.

    i asked my mom for a birdfeeder and told her you and figaro have one, but she says it would be a bad idea. we live downtown, so the only bird that would come would be crows or pigeons and they would leave yuckys all over the place.

    not sure my mommy is going to blog today. she says there is nothing to blog about until i do something really good. i want to but i don't like the toilet very much these days. the hole is still scary, but i still make myself go there. obama is rallying in houston tonight and she is excited to go.

    hello & jenny  

  2. Jenny said...

    veronica- we are both smart (and gorgeous) kitties and we can conquer this thing called a toilet. i haven't gone #2 yet today either and i can tell mommy is starting to get worried. let's both go now, okay?



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