The Birdies are Arent' Fat, they're Big Boned!

The birdies outside of our window are eating all of the times which provides a constant source of entertainments for myself and the Figaro. The bird feeder that the Mamaw bought is like the peoples equivalents of the Cable Box. We gots the box, we pay monthly bill of bird seeds, and the birds are on all of the times. But in fact there are so many birds we do not even need the TiVo, they are just always arounds to watch. But the Mamaw is gots annoyed because she bought humongous bag of the bird seeds last month and had the troubles carrying it into house it was so large. And she has to fill it up every two days for the birdies are eating it all up. We almost have to go get the new bag. But the birdies seem to like it quite a lot. However they are kind of stupid birds because anytime the Mamaw comes to the window they are disappearing, they do not understands who is the feeder of them!

Us, on the other hand, we understand who is the feeder of us, that is why we always comes to the door when the Mamaw getting home from the work because we hope for a little treat. Yesterday we got to have some raw beef sirloins. They were very tasties but Figaro prefers the chickens. I do not think he eats anything that is not the chickens. The chickens is cheaper anyway, he does not know what he is missing.

Oh this is a pic of the Figaro when he got interrupted from looking outside at the birds and the grill that fells down because we had really big winds recently. I did not get interrupted so I continued the watching for the both of us. Then we had to get our baths, that was not the fun.


  1. Jenny said...

    you guys are so lucky. you get to watch birds all the time. mommy takes me to petsmart to look at birds, but the last 2 times i went all the cages were empty. it made me sad. how is the toilet training going? my mommy is TT me too.

    hello & jenny  


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