I have been the busy of kittehs

Well I have been the busy of kittehs and this is why I have not posted for almost a whole week now. The Figaro is really having the troubles using the toilet setup. We had to go back to no hole all over again. He keeps trying to use the bathtub and he likes especially to be the tricky and use it while the parents are on the other end of the house so by the time they come running to stop him he is already finished with his businesses. Here is a picture of how we like to lay in the evenings when we are just relaxing. I only lay by the Figaro 'cause he is warm and cuddlys. But if he is not sleeping he is the annoying of brothers.
On the other hand I have been very good. We have been getting extra helpings of pumpkins so we are having a better #2 schedule. Also, the Mamaw just especially for me enlarged the hole in the setup to 2 inches diameters and I am using it with no problems all by myself. I am the smart, of course that is why. Also the Figaro is getting the fat, he keeps trying to eat my foods. I am a dainty kitty and I would never get fat.
Tomorrow is the day of Valentines and so I am probably going to get some special treat like extra fishes. Fishes are better than candy or anything. I have to tell Mamaw now to re-fill the bird feeder because the birds are not coming and it is empty, so I am boreds.


  1. Jenny said...

    congratulations on graduating to a 2 inch hole. have you seen the new disc my mommy put in yesterday? i'm not sure how big the hole is, but i can stick my head through it!

    thanks for reading my blog. i'm always happy to read your comments for me. my mommy posts some embarrassing photos of me on there, but i know i don't have to be shy with you!

    i love riding in cars. my momma lets me roam free in the car b/c i do not bother her while she is driving. i like to sit in her lap and go to sleep usually. if you are leash trained, you should ask your mamaw if you can go to an outdoor cafe. they do not mind kitties there (in texas, at least). you are such a good, smart girl, i bet your mamaw would take you. (maybe not figaro though)

    i'll ask my mommy if she'll buy me a cat catcher. i got a new toy every week for awhile but not in the last 2 weeks. i think she ran out of toys to buy! my mommy keeps the peek-a-prize in the closet and only brings it out sometimes during play time. she doesn't want me to get bored of it. it is fun. i like it when she puts treats in there and i have to get them out so i can eat it!

    my kitty tree is in my room on the first floor, but at night i sleep with my mommy in her room on the third floor. i wish i had a kitty tree in there too. she has high ceilings in there so i bet i could get a really tall one!

    i like the photo of you and figaro today. sometimes i wish i had a brother or sister, but then i would have to share all my delicious treats!

    hello & jenny  


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