Every Day is Toilet Training Day

Wello, we are doing great on the training of the toilet. So far there are no accidents and already it has been the one whole week. The Mamaw plans to switch us to the toilet hole of larger size.

Also, the Papaw came home today and informed that we may get some bacterias from the raw of chickens but the Mamaw convinced him that this is not the case. So far we are eating some raw pieces mixed with lots and lots of our cooked liver-giblet pate and cooked chicken pieces (that were in the pate.) The pate is the favorite of us. The parents maybe think we should switch to the raw of beef instead but that is not the as good as the chickens.

Also Figaro last night practiced his "go to mat" and he is the good at it. He targets the stick and then when the Mamaw says "Figaro go to mat" he goes where the mat is, and it can be in different places because he is the smart. I am the smart too but I am the lazy and annoyed by this type of games so I am only targeting the stick when I feel like a little treat. Usually I lay and watch from a distance what is going on. Now Figaro is supposed to put Mouse in his mouth and bring to the Mamaw but so far he only sniffs mouse for the click and treat.

Also it is very cold today and the pond froze over so the Mamaw was worried about the Frog who is living in the pond which may be dead in which case it will be the food for us (ok ok it will not be the food the Mamaw says this is wrong since we should be nice about Frog.) Anyway it is sunny so I'd better go sun my tummy and get a lots of Vitamin D. (By the way that is the pic of me sunning myself and generally relaxing like I do on most days after I finish using the toilet, making sure the Figaro is not being bad, eating some food, and of course updating my bloggy.)

We Eats Organic Chickens

Today the Mamaw brought home the organic of chicken. As some might know we are the eaters of homecooked food. But since this is the organic chicken the Mamaw gave us some raw pieces. Apparently she says that if the Figaro starts eating the meat of raw chickens he might stop having the worst breath ever of any kitten I ever have met. So she put some in together with the regular food and I eated a lot of it. Figaro was not interesting however. It is the expensive of chicken at $1.79 per pound of the chicken thighs.
Here is a pic of Figaro eating something yummy.

T-Training Setup Pics

Just for the viewing pleasure if you are interesting, here are the setup of our toilet.

Here is the toilet. The Mamaw made a special toilet seat which is the fluffy and the chick yellow which we enjoy. We like to scratch on it now and also we do not fall off when we are doing our businesses.

Here you can see how the seat is made. There was no seat similar to be found in the store so the Mamaw went to this place called the Wal Mart which is where I have never been and bought a toilet LID cover, for $3.88. I know because I saw the price tag and I can read because I am the smart. She put it on the seat, and measure where to cut the hole. Then she cut the hole with some scissors. Along with, at the Wal Mart she bought some 1 inch size or so elastic (bear with me I can't measure) for about $1.24 and also some hooks, average sized, for about $1.99. She also had the sewing stuff already. She also bought this glue stuff that can act to hem things because she did not want to hem the entire cover and for that she paid also $1.99 but that was not necessarily required. She says you can buy the cover in any color but she picked the yellow because it is more blendable with our Swheat Scoop litter that is the flushable.

(The stuff for the hemming left a blue stain on the backside of the cover.) After cutting the hole she applied the hemming stuff to the backside (not to the top because it leaves a blue stain) and left to dry overnight. She applied the liberal amount. This helped the carpetty pieces not to fall off. She shook off the loose pieces though. Then she marked off 6 good places and sewed on the elastics using thick thread. Then she sewed hooks to the ends of the elastics and the other side of the lid cover. Then she put the lid on and hooked the elastics. The lid cover should be washable because everything in it is washable, but Mamaw says better to use the bag or pillowcase because of so many hooks and just in the case.

In case you are interesting here is the Holiday Bowl setup we are using. Unfortunately we could only find the holiday platter so this is being used which was at the Wal Mart for $3. It is very sturdy and attached by some duct tape. In the middle we have the Hefty plastic bowl which is held in place on the bottom with duct tapes. These are $1.99 for a set of 16. It is stackable and there is one at the bottomest of that one with a large hole, and that one is duct taped to the platter. The one on top has the small hole and is stacked but can be removed for washing. That is the convenient because we always do the business in the bowl.

Here is the bathroom. You can see our clicker on the cabinet. We do many things for the clicker like touch the sticks. You can see how the toilet seat is the fluffiest. The Mamaw tried sittings on it too and said so herself. It is the fluffiest. If you share a toilet with parents though there can be litter on the lid stuck in the seat and that would be the sucky. However we have our own bathroom that is why it is yellow because we like that color. You can see all the rugs are removed although we like the yellow rugs. On top of the toilet you can see oru kitty shampoo. This is because sometimes the Figaro gets the #2 stuck on his bottom and has to get some baths.

You can see here are the rest of the bowls which get washed as soon as we do the business and then air dry on the countertop. Usually we are using the stackable bowls but sometimes we have the styrofoam bowls with no holes in case we are not wanting the hole. Right now the brother is struggling with the hole so sometimes if he will not go he gets the other bowl, these are the cheapest and sometimes the Mamaw is lazy and throws them away instead of washing out, especially if we did a lot of business in it and covered it up already.

Note that the lid cover is the way to go because it is already containing the rubber backing. With a from scratch project this may prove difficult. Also the total project cost came to under $10 which is reasonable.

Also I want to point the out that there are some good birds to watch outside today so I am gonna go do that now.

Video from Yahoo!

This is the cute of kittens, it is clear he is trying to be the sneak and make the peoples think he is the cute so he can get tuna fish.:

Ohh the toilet seat is the fluffiest

Well yesterday the Mamaw install the new toilet seat which is the fluffiest and it is for the kitten eyes only. It is in the bathroom I unfortunately have to share with the Figaro. Also this morning when I went the #2 (the Mamaw said it is not the appropriatest to say poo because it is the offensive and I am the good of kittens) anyway when I went the #2 I did it right in the toilet and my feet were feeling the fluffiest of the toilet seat. It is yellow like a baby chicken which would be the delicious for a snack.

Also this morning I was the loudest of the kittens and I kept making noise and getting on top of the shelving units when I was supposed to be still sleeping. The Figaro was still sleeping because he is pretending he is the good of the kittens when this is not really the case because he is the not very smart. I know because last night he had the #1 accident in the bathtub again but I was not allowed to take the picture of it.

Hello Peeps


I am new on the blog. This is because I was not that old enough before to write on the blog but now I am already almost 1 years old, in fact my birthday is coming up in the March of this year. Recently my Mom teached me "clicker training" and we signed up on the T-Training Yahoo group. By the way I am not using my full last name just M because it is the long last name too hard to pronounce. There are 13 letters I think and I just learned to count so that is a lot.

Also by the way I am named after the Veronica Mars who is a the very smart of detective girls. I am also the very smart, for example I was the sneak on the countertop this afternoon and find out that the parents buy some bananas. I can only conclude this means they are the intent on getting their "5 a day" of the fruits and of the vegetables. Also for another example I sneaked in the library and find that the parents put glass shelving on all the bookshelvings from which I can only conclude that they are trying to sensor me from reading. I do not have the doubt that this will not work because I am the smart.

I also have a little brother Figaro, but he is just turned 6 months old this month so he is much younger than me. He pretty much copies the everything I do. Except use the toilet like a normal cat. But that is another issue.

We also started being toilet trained in November. This sucks because instead of using the litter box like the normal cat we have to use the toilet like a crazy person. I do not know who invented these things but I am good at using it. I will probably upload some pictures of the toilet later because it is the anamoly of my existance. The brother though he pooed in the bathtub like two times last week and I would post pics of that too but the Mamaw will probably say no that is not allowed. But he is kind of the idiot in the family that is why he did it I know.

We also wear claw caps for our nails because we did not have the declaw operations but our Papaw was arguing that we will be the ruin of the furniture so we had to get caps. They are kind of annoying to put on but they are the beautiful of my nails. I have pink manicure and I bet I am the best looking of the cats in all the town. But the Figaro is having blue nail caps since he is the boy although he does not like them I know since he is always yelling when the Mamaw puts them on him. If you have more questions about that you can ask me because you can get many colors of the stylish accessories.

Lastly we eat the homemade food that is prepared by the Mamaw. Sometimes it is the funny because she is eating the cereal and we are getting the home cooked turkey in the gravy and the giblet. This is the very delicious. For a treat we get the fishes. Although sometimes I still like to have some of the kibbles they are not as tasty. Also the Mamaw said the other day that the homemade food is the better for the tummies because it does not have the by-products or the beets pulps.

I think this is it for now because I need to go chase my brother and make him stop being the annoying.




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