Every Day is Toilet Training Day

Wello, we are doing great on the training of the toilet. So far there are no accidents and already it has been the one whole week. The Mamaw plans to switch us to the toilet hole of larger size.

Also, the Papaw came home today and informed that we may get some bacterias from the raw of chickens but the Mamaw convinced him that this is not the case. So far we are eating some raw pieces mixed with lots and lots of our cooked liver-giblet pate and cooked chicken pieces (that were in the pate.) The pate is the favorite of us. The parents maybe think we should switch to the raw of beef instead but that is not the as good as the chickens.

Also Figaro last night practiced his "go to mat" and he is the good at it. He targets the stick and then when the Mamaw says "Figaro go to mat" he goes where the mat is, and it can be in different places because he is the smart. I am the smart too but I am the lazy and annoyed by this type of games so I am only targeting the stick when I feel like a little treat. Usually I lay and watch from a distance what is going on. Now Figaro is supposed to put Mouse in his mouth and bring to the Mamaw but so far he only sniffs mouse for the click and treat.

Also it is very cold today and the pond froze over so the Mamaw was worried about the Frog who is living in the pond which may be dead in which case it will be the food for us (ok ok it will not be the food the Mamaw says this is wrong since we should be nice about Frog.) Anyway it is sunny so I'd better go sun my tummy and get a lots of Vitamin D. (By the way that is the pic of me sunning myself and generally relaxing like I do on most days after I finish using the toilet, making sure the Figaro is not being bad, eating some food, and of course updating my bloggy.)



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