Today is a Snow Day

Today is a snow day. This means that it is snowing. If I was school-aged then this would mean that the school would be cancelled and we could stay home. Since we stay home anyways then we are staying home. Unfortunately the work of the parents was not cancelled so they had to leave for the whole day. Usually the Mamaw is only at work half of the day and the rest of the half of the day she is at the house hanging out with the childrens and working on her computer. Then I do not get to use the computer. But today she is gone, we both did the number 1 but now we have to wait to do any more until she is home so she can flush for us because we did not learn that yet.

This is how I feel today, very sleepy:

The night of the last, Figaro was practicing the fetch with a mouse. He is not very good at it yet, specifically he does not do it at all except sniffs the mouse. It is very entertaining to watch how the stupid he is. Also yesterday the Mamaw gave us both baths and I jumped on her back and stuck out the claws, haha she did not like that and she got all wet too, then the Mamaw had to take a bath too but she does that every of the day so it was not a big deal for her. Then the bathroom had to get the cleaning.

Also last night at the 3 AM I woke up and ran around on the bed and behaved in a crazy way like I sometimes like to do because I am almost pre-teen and we are acting the out sometimes. Then Mamaw made me leave the room but in one hour later I slammed myself against the door in the attempt to get back the in. After that I got to sleep on the bed but then in one hour after that I proceeeded to run on the bed and wake up the parents again. Then the Papaw took out the trash and we got fed even though it was the 5 AM because we were being the crazy of kittens.

Tonight it is Friday night so it will be party time. I think Friday night we get the fishes for dinner even though we are not the Catholic. In fact we are the part Jewish and the part Kitten.



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