Relaxation for Busy Kitties

Hi kitties,

Today I went on another Nursing Home visit. It was very fun. This time I went to different rooms and said "hello" to a lot of people. The activities coordinator who went with us, T., said that she thinks it is very very worth it for me even if I can just make one person smile. But of course I make everyone smile! Even the people working there always stop their day to give me some pettings.
I was a little bit edgy today, I think because I've been on a visit almost every day this week. I have another visit tomorrow morning for Story Time, and then after that I have a long break to relax.
Here is something that is great for my relaxation in between visits. It is a beatiful planted window well. Since we moved we do not have a pond but these plantings are fun because they bring a lot of bees and other insects for us to watch.



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