Our fishies

Hi kitties,

Today I am going to tell you about the fishies who live in our backyard pond. Figaro was Very Bad today and tried to nom nom one of them when he was outside watching the pond. Mommie ran out real quick and told him this is Not Allowed.

Here are the fishies. There are five of them. We named them yesterday with good solid names which should help them in the future in case they want to Run for Office or do something else important like that.

Our favorite is Milton. He is named after Milton Friedman, a famous econ-omist. He is our favorite because he swims around kind of slow and we can see him even from inside the house! He is a fintail fishie who is orange.

The next one in the pictures is Samuelson. Samuelson is just a regular old golfish. He is named after Paul Samuelson. His most twinn-iest brother is Bazerman. Bazerman and Samuelson are a lot alike. Bazerman is named after Max H. Bazerman.

The last photograph is of all the fishies waaay at the bottom of the pond. You can see the other two fishies who I did not discuss yet. The black and white and red spotted one is a Shubunkin. He was verry expensive and costed $1.88. Actually Milton was that price too. The others were only Twenty Eight Cents. But I digresses. Anyway, our Shubunkin is named John Nash. Finally, the little white one waay on the bottom, he is named Vernon after Vernon Smith. We are not big fans of Vernon though because he is almost always hiding. The most friendly are Milton and Samuelson.

Do you like them?

Pictures of a kitty stroller!

Hi kitties,

thanks for the squillions of good wishes for Figaro and mombean's birthday! We were very excited to get so many well wishings.

And now...here are the photos from our KITTY STROLLER!

Dadbean got us the Pet Gear AT3 in blue. This is a very good model. I can say right now that it handles well and is a very smooth ride. Figaro went for a very long walk in it, and I went for a shorter walk. It was pretty pretty good. I am reviewing the stroller in my reviews page.

Figaro also just got a call from the Nursing Home and he will be visiting it (in his stroller!) on August 11th. He is very pumped about that!


Fig's Birthday Party

Hello kitties,

Thanks everyone who came to my birfday on my bloggy!
We hanged up a big birfday banner. Do you see me with my mommie? This is my absolute favorite picture from my whole life. I am very happy to have my favorite beans here for my birthday. Also I like when mommie holds me and then I make faces at her.

I also had some attendance for my real-life party. My Uncle S. camed and so did Aunt V. Uncle S. is our favorite Uncle in the worlds. He bringed me a $10 gift certificat to PETSMART.com! I am very eggsited. What should I buy from there? Aunt V. bringed me a can of stinky goodness.
Then we played with Aunt V. outside chasing some 'nip bubbles. It was very, very fun. Then we went inside and I had some stinky goodness and took a nap and our guests left.
My KITTY STROLLER did not come yet either but we are still awaiting it in excitements.
Also, I got to stay up as late as I wanted and play with mommie in the bedroom. That was a lot of fun. And veronica was a very very good big sister since she got me those 'nip bubbles and didn't even want to play with them until I was done. She also helped to set the table for my party. We had some human food for the beans, mommie made cranberry-chocolate biscottis and tea!
I was a little bit disappointed that my great-grandparent beans did not comed but I think they forgotted.
Do you see me playing with Aunt V? she is very fun. She blowed bubbles for as long as I wanted. And she let Veronica catch a grass-hopper. Mommie would never let her catch a grasshopper because it is too mean, but also it is very fun so I am glad Veronica had a good times too. Look at how floofy my tail is. I bet I have the floofiest tail of any kitty in my neighborhood!!!

Hello kittays! Welcome to our partay to officially make Figaro a MANCAT! He has been awaiting this day a long time. We are only 1/4 Jewish, but if we was 1/2 at least Jewish we would be having a cat-mitzvah by now!

To start out the festivities, we have brung for you all some catnips. Get as much as you can eet and loll around like this kittay who is already here ->

We also gotted some 'nip bubbles. I gotted this present for Fig for his BIRTHday! Check them out. We will be playing with these items soon!!!
So go ahead and enjoy the partay. This evening we are going to get out the camera and get some shots of everyone and you will be able to see what everyone is doing!!!
Who is we expecting for the PARTAY that will be in our house?
1. Our parent beans, definitely
2. Our Uncle S. who is our favorite of all uncles, definitely
3. Our great-grandparent beans
4. Our friend T. who is Chauncey's mom (but Chauncey kitty is not coming) and also her daughter bean A. who brings us tons and tons of TREETS!
5. Maybe our Aunt V.
6. Maybe our grandparent beans
7. Our kitty stroller....maybe... :)
What a lot of guests. I hope Mommie cooks some STINKY GOODNESS for them all!


Today the dadbean of the mombean calleded her up and asked her if we gotted our KITTY STROLLER yet. But he did not knowed about the strollering since mommie did not wanted to look weird in front of our extended families.

So...how did he knowed??? He reads the KITTYBLOGGY! We are a little bit shocked about this. How furry funny.

In other news, Aunt V. took cared of us on this weekend while the parents went away. We had a lot of fun playing with her. She feeded us a lot of foods, we know that because when Mommie got home she realized she needs to go to the store and buy more chickens. Because chickens are our favorite.

It is also Figaro's birthay today! We will be celebrating with a PARTY on Thursday. Stay tuned for more informations!!! I am posting a photo of Figaro when he is first arrivalled in our house. You can see I am checking him out when he is still brand new and only 2 months of old. He was very small but now he is bigger than me. Lookit his smallness. We have invited many beans to our party but it only looks like Aunt V. and the great-grandparents are coming so far. I hope we get a lot of presents. Figaro has asked for a few things... and I buyed him a fun present! I will gives it to him later this week.

Today mommie stayed home with us and we gotted our laptop back in the mails. It appears fixed. They replace the motherboard and the harddrive. I thinked that is almost a brand new computer now!

And...we thinked our KITTY STROLLER camed! The DHL man deliverd it. But...it was not the kitty stroller. They accidentaly sended us the DOGGIE CRATE! It is not the same. But it is the same color. Dadbean calleded them and they said they is sorry and are going to ship out the kitty stroller RIGHT AWAY and we will be sending back our doggie crate! So...this means we knows fuurrr shure we will be getting the stroller!!

Also, today I sended mommie to the store for a present for Figaro from me. I am not going to tell you what it is though because that will ruins the surrprise!

Happy fiiirrriday everyone!


I maked a plan!!!

Kitty stroller is set to arrive on the 28th (IF we are getting it, we are not for sures.) Dadbean is getting it for mommie and us for her BIRFday. BUT...dadbean is always forgetting her birfday is on the 28, he thinks it is on the 27!! This year we will lets him THINK that....so we can have early stroller!!!!!!

Lately we have been very bored kitties. Our laptop is finally set to come back this week sometimes. So we will be able to bloggify more often. But now mommie is at work ALL DAY all the days. She cannot works from home anymore because she has the students that come to her office and asks questions.

But once we get a stroller at least we will be ables to go with her on walkies to spend more time together!!!! I am thrillified!

Yesterday we meeted our new neighbors who are going to build a house next to our house, right next to it for the first time evers. They meeted us because we were out on the back porch hanging out and watching the pond. They said they do not haves any pets but they may get one. We hopes they do not get a woofie in case he is a scary kind!

- Veronica

A Special BIRTHday present for us!!!

We have many BIRTHDAYS coming up this month. First, it will be dadbean's birthday on the 19th. Then, it will be our great-grandpabean's birthday on the 20th. Then, it will be FIGARO's birthday on the 22nd. THEN, it will be mombean's birthay on the 28th! What a lotta birthdays!

I am excited because...we are getting the AWESOME of presents for these birthdays. For Figaro and Mombean's birthday combined, we are getting....

wait for it....

wait for it....


I am very very excited about this. Only less than two weeks until we are getting the kitty stroller. Dadbean is picking it out for us even though he thinked that mommie will be the "crazy cat lady" in the neighborhood. But Figaro and I chosed the color, we chosed blue. Figaro will be using this stroller to go for his Cat Therapy sessions. He might get to use it for the first time already on the 30th for this job! And the both of us will be riding in it for relaxation and enjoyment of the out of doors with mommie in the neighborhood. We are either going to get the PetGear Sportster or the PetGear AT3. The Sportster is lilac and the AT3 is blue. I am a little bit hoping for the Sportster because I think lilac will be a little bit nicer for the color, but mommie said the AT3 is a better vehicle for us, although it is more eggspensive because it has better reviews a little bit. Of course we do not gets to decide because daddy is deciding since it is his present for mommie and Figaro.

6 Weeks on Red Disk, and counting!

Well, we are still on the red disk. Parents were out of town for july 4 weekend and we got a litter box back, and when they got back now mommie is at work all day too just like the dad. She is teaching her class and doing other works and our lap of tops is not back yet.

Now Figaro did not have an accident for over a full month now. He only had a small accident because the shopping bag on the floor made just the right crunching noise and it was so hard to resist. mommie is very pleased because used to be Figaro did an accident if she was out of the house for longer than 5 or 6 hours, but now that he is almost 1 years of old he has been holding it a lot nicer. By the way his BIRTHDAY is coming up on July 22!!!!

We might be switching to the inter-orange disk for potty training very very soon. Maybe tomorrow. What do you guys think? We really do not wants more accidents...but it might be time? How can we make the initial hole in the inter-amber smaller???


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