Fig's Birthday Partay! HE IS A MANCAT!!!!

Hello kittays! Welcome to our partay to officially make Figaro a MANCAT! He has been awaiting this day a long time. We are only 1/4 Jewish, but if we was 1/2 at least Jewish we would be having a cat-mitzvah by now!

To start out the festivities, we have brung for you all some catnips. Get as much as you can eet and loll around like this kittay who is already here ->

We also gotted some 'nip bubbles. I gotted this present for Fig for his BIRTHday! Check them out. We will be playing with these items soon!!!
So go ahead and enjoy the partay. This evening we are going to get out the camera and get some shots of everyone and you will be able to see what everyone is doing!!!
Who is we expecting for the PARTAY that will be in our house?
1. Our parent beans, definitely
2. Our Uncle S. who is our favorite of all uncles, definitely
3. Our great-grandparent beans
4. Our friend T. who is Chauncey's mom (but Chauncey kitty is not coming) and also her daughter bean A. who brings us tons and tons of TREETS!
5. Maybe our Aunt V.
6. Maybe our grandparent beans
7. Our kitty stroller....maybe... :)
What a lot of guests. I hope Mommie cooks some STINKY GOODNESS for them all!


  1. Riley & Tiki said...

    Happy Birthday, Fig!!!!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Happy birthday to the Fig! And I hope the stroller arrives soon! Party, party, party, party!  

  3. Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

    Let's Party Fig! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 1st Birthday Fig and many, many, mooooore! We are ready to party all night long!
    Your FL furiends,  

  4. Mr. Tigger said...

    Happy Birthday Fig from all of us at the M-Cats Club! You are officially a M-Cat now! Hope you have plenty of food! We are some hungry cats!
    Hi 5 paw,
    Mr. Tigger and the M-Cats  

  5. neverfull said...

    welcome to mancathood fig! did you wear your cute blue polo? you look so handsome in it!

    hello & mimmy  


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