Doggie Crate does not equals Kitty Stroller

Today mommie stayed home with us and we gotted our laptop back in the mails. It appears fixed. They replace the motherboard and the harddrive. I thinked that is almost a brand new computer now!

And...we thinked our KITTY STROLLER camed! The DHL man deliverd it. was not the kitty stroller. They accidentaly sended us the DOGGIE CRATE! It is not the same. But it is the same color. Dadbean calleded them and they said they is sorry and are going to ship out the kitty stroller RIGHT AWAY and we will be sending back our doggie crate! So...this means we knows fuurrr shure we will be getting the stroller!!

Also, today I sended mommie to the store for a present for Figaro from me. I am not going to tell you what it is though because that will ruins the surrprise!

Happy fiiirrriday everyone!



  1. Daisy said...

    You are very right, a doggie crate is not nearly as good as a kitty stroller. I hope the correct package arrives soon!  

  2. Dark n Stormy said...

    u r getting a kitty stroller??
    that is so cool!
    That would be the perfect thing for me in the city.
    I would totally be considered the "crazy cat lady" if I walked down the streets of NYC with 2 cats in my stroller!! HA!!

    I found an apartment. And although it is ridiculously expensive, it's nice and in a great location. Two more weeks in Boston and then I travel for 6 week in Asia and Africa. Tanya and Chanel will be at a friend's home (using the litter box).

    How's the Red disk coming? Have u moved up to Amber yet?



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