6 Weeks on Red Disk, and counting!

Well, we are still on the red disk. Parents were out of town for july 4 weekend and we got a litter box back, and when they got back now mommie is at work all day too just like the dad. She is teaching her class and doing other works and our lap of tops is not back yet.

Now Figaro did not have an accident for over a full month now. He only had a small accident because the shopping bag on the floor made just the right crunching noise and it was so hard to resist. mommie is very pleased because used to be Figaro did an accident if she was out of the house for longer than 5 or 6 hours, but now that he is almost 1 years of old he has been holding it a lot nicer. By the way his BIRTHDAY is coming up on July 22!!!!

We might be switching to the inter-orange disk for potty training very very soon. Maybe tomorrow. What do you guys think? We really do not wants more accidents...but it might be time? How can we make the initial hole in the inter-amber smaller???


  1. Daisy said...

    I wish I could learn potty training like you! But I am too old to learn.  

  2. TT said...

    Mommy Bean hads a kitty that potty trained herself! That was some time ago though and has nevers had had a kitty thats done that since.  

  3. neverfull said...

    fig, we're so proud of you! inter-orange will be harder, but we know you can do it!  

  4. Tybalt said...

    I think you and Fig are both very smart and special kitties to be toilet training so well.  


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