Today the dadbean of the mombean calleded her up and asked her if we gotted our KITTY STROLLER yet. But he did not knowed about the strollering since mommie did not wanted to look weird in front of our extended families. did he knowed??? He reads the KITTYBLOGGY! We are a little bit shocked about this. How furry funny.

In other news, Aunt V. took cared of us on this weekend while the parents went away. We had a lot of fun playing with her. She feeded us a lot of foods, we know that because when Mommie got home she realized she needs to go to the store and buy more chickens. Because chickens are our favorite.

It is also Figaro's birthay today! We will be celebrating with a PARTY on Thursday. Stay tuned for more informations!!! I am posting a photo of Figaro when he is first arrivalled in our house. You can see I am checking him out when he is still brand new and only 2 months of old. He was very small but now he is bigger than me. Lookit his smallness. We have invited many beans to our party but it only looks like Aunt V. and the great-grandparents are coming so far. I hope we get a lot of presents. Figaro has asked for a few things... and I buyed him a fun present! I will gives it to him later this week.


  1. Daisy said...

    That is very funny! My very own Daddie never even reads my blog.

    Happy Birthday to the Fig!

    ps: We made the movie by taking a photo of Mr. Shrill, then moving him a little and taking more pictures. Then we moved all the photos into Windows Movie Maker and set the duration of each photo to a small part of a second. My Mommie had to work the camera but I directed everything!  

  2. Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 1st Birthday Figaro and many, many, many moooore!!
    We will be back for your party on Thursday!
    Your FL furiends,  

  3. TT said...

    Happy Purrthday Figaro!

    Dat's sad they sented a woofie crate and not your stroller. I hope it got rushed to you.  

  4. The Island Cats said...

    Happy birthday, Fig. We can't wait for the party on Thursday!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  5. neverfull said...

    happy berfday fig! can we come to your party on thursday?

    hello & mimmy  

  6. Tybalt said...

    Oh, Fig was such a cute and tiny little kit!

    How neat that your family reads your blog! I know my grandmama reads my blog, but I think that is it.  

  7. HotMBC said...

    Happy a'lated purrthday Figaro!!!
    Alla Us  


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