Pictures of a kitty stroller!

Hi kitties,

thanks for the squillions of good wishes for Figaro and mombean's birthday! We were very excited to get so many well wishings.

And are the photos from our KITTY STROLLER!

Dadbean got us the Pet Gear AT3 in blue. This is a very good model. I can say right now that it handles well and is a very smooth ride. Figaro went for a very long walk in it, and I went for a shorter walk. It was pretty pretty good. I am reviewing the stroller in my reviews page.

Figaro also just got a call from the Nursing Home and he will be visiting it (in his stroller!) on August 11th. He is very pumped about that!



  1. The Island Cats said...

    Thanks for showing us your stroller pictures. We're trying to talk our mom into getting one too...

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  2. meemsnyc said...

    What an amazing stroller!!!  

  3. goldenshade said...

    That looks like a pretty cool stroller! The open road awaits!  

  4. Riley & Tiki said...

    We have that exact same stroller!! Riley loves it. Tiki not so much.  

  5. Daisy said...

    I am so happy that you like your stroller! It looks the same as mine, except I think yours is a prettier shade of blue.  


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