Mommie made a pretty.

Mommie is helping to plan a shower for a little human boy who will be borned in December. Here is the centerpiece she maked tonight. It has diapers and onesies and bibs and pants and shirts and burpy cloths. I hope that baby will be very burpy because it has got at least 15 burpy cloths! The bottom layer is all diapers and the next layer is all onesies and shirts, and the third layer is all burpy cloths and the top is some little shoesies.

If I do says so myself, she did a good job! I did not get to help because kitties are not allowed to play with ribbons.

The new blurpy baby will be borned to a family with already 2 kitties, a boy and girl kitty.

Fig's Toilet Training Success!

WOW! Mommie is very eggsited tonight. Figaro made a #1 business in the inter-amber disk of the LitterKwitter system! We did not think this would ever happen. The bestest part is, he just went without any complaindering! We have had the LitterKwitter since May 5. We were on the red disk for a very long time, and then we were on the Red disk underneath of the inter-amber disk for another month and a halfs (this is a pain to clean, 2 disks everytime with 2 kitties). About 2 weeks ago, if Mommie remembered, she took out the red disk for me since I am a big girl and can easily easily use the inter-amber disk on my own. However, Figaro is very resistful. Remember that we started a homemade toilet training system in January!

Anyways, if you do not knows, the interamber disk sits on top of the toilet and has a hole that can fit in about 2 paws. That is a big hole for the Figaro. Well...he did it all by his self!!!

Mommie is so proud!!! I am proud too! Good job, Fig! Now you can take your nap!

13 Reasons to Vote for Figgy!

My brother Figaro got selected as a Finalist in the PetSmart Just a Buck contest. Here are 13 reasons you better go vote for him!!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE he is Cat#4.

1. He is a THERAPY CAT and visits nursing homes and kiddies who are sad or need to learns to read, soon he will visit hospitals
2. He looks very silly and funny in this video - brothers are a constant source of entertainments
3. He does funny things to the parents like sheds on them and licks daddie's hair, which is funny for them too
4. He updates his site always about his therapy cat adventures for the world to read about him and get inspired
5. He is the reason I was finally able to get my KITTY STROLLER
6. He likes to sleep by me and keep me warm when it is cold outside
7. He is good at begging mommie to let us go outside so she finally does and then we both gets to go
8. He sheds more than me so he is always getting brushed which means there is less time for Veronica-brushings! (I do not like brushings!)
9. If mommie has some buttered bread or ice creams for us, Figaro always lets me have his share because he is only a carni-vore. It is very nice.
10. He has very good toe tufts
11. He has a great tummy even though he is not a tuxie he cannot show off his tuxie tummy
12. he gotted rescued from the animal shelter and he is very happy to be my brother!!
13. He is in the Mancat club!

My broffur Fig

Hi kitties,

My brother Fig won a very important award - he is a Finalist in the PetSmart Just a Buck Contest. Go to his website to see his entry about it, or CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR HIM!



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