Fig's Toilet Training Success!

WOW! Mommie is very eggsited tonight. Figaro made a #1 business in the inter-amber disk of the LitterKwitter system! We did not think this would ever happen. The bestest part is, he just went without any complaindering! We have had the LitterKwitter since May 5. We were on the red disk for a very long time, and then we were on the Red disk underneath of the inter-amber disk for another month and a halfs (this is a pain to clean, 2 disks everytime with 2 kitties). About 2 weeks ago, if Mommie remembered, she took out the red disk for me since I am a big girl and can easily easily use the inter-amber disk on my own. However, Figaro is very resistful. Remember that we started a homemade toilet training system in January!

Anyways, if you do not knows, the interamber disk sits on top of the toilet and has a hole that can fit in about 2 paws. That is a big hole for the Figaro. Well...he did it all by his self!!!

Mommie is so proud!!! I am proud too! Good job, Fig! Now you can take your nap!


  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    Wow! You are very smart. My human wouldn't even bother trying to teach us to litter train that way!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Hooray for the Fig!  


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