Fundraising Project

I wanna be a good socially 'sponsible kitty so I camed up with a project to raise money for Alley Cat Allies. It is going to be an ongoing project but I need many helps! The good news is, everyone can participates and they don't have to have any moneys! The moneys is going to come from advertisings. Also...the best participants are going to get my special medal!!!

As many of you knows, I sometimes review kitty products on my website because since usually our parent beans do their shopping FOR us, I would rather parent beans read the kitty opinion on stuff rather than the adult opinions!!! However, parent beans don't always want to take the time to read about a lot of reviews. Maybe they just want to go to the stores and buy the thing, we don't know since we don't go to the stores with them. Also, a lot of beans shop online. My beans don't let me shop online with their credit cards, if they did I would of course buy my own stuff. So I have to be patient with my beans. Many of you knows what I am talking about...

So I am going to create a series of Buying Guides to Kitty Stuff. They are going to be linked off my main bloggy and also off my reviews bloggy. Here is where I needs your helps... so far, I could not find any buying guides that is written by kittehs. Of course how can you trust buying guides written by beans?? They don't know the first thing about, for example, how the catnip toy feels in my mouth or whether my paws hurty from scratching on a scratchy post versus another post. There is no buying guide that 'splains the best position to lay on in a kitty bed. Beans don't think about things like that!!! That is why we need a kitty point of views.

So here's how its gonna work. Every two weeks I will post a topic on my site. The first topic is going to be Kitty Brushes. Then, you kitties can answer some of my questions or make up your own questions about, some kitty brushes you used, which you liked, which you didn't liked, and of course with photographs if you want to. You will then email me your responses to:

kittybloggy AT

If you are lazy to email, you can leaves me a comment on the posting but then I don't thinks you can leave photos.

Then I will compiles a Buying Guide using the ideas of all the kittehs, and of course I will cite which kitteh said what if you want me to (especially for picshurs) so send me along with the informations which link you wants me to cite. (Unless you just says, My favorite product is X and then I will just count the number of kittehs who likes that guy.)

After I writes the buying guide, I will post ads corresponding to the products on there, that will makes moneys (so far I use adsense but I might have to figures out something betters.) The ads can be just something like the link to Amazon to buy the product.

FINALLY, everyone who participates can put up a kitty bloggy official reviewer badge on their page (you can see it on the top of my bloggy). Even if you only participates once or sometimes. Also - after we have raised $100 (that is my goal for right nows), I will check which blogger has always maked a review. From those bloggers I will check which posted a picshur with each review. Then I will make up a poll with the names of the kittehs and everyone on cat blogosphere (or anyone who visits my site) can vote for the best one. And that kitteh will get the special kitty bloggy 2 paws up charity reviewer medal!!! I didn't get my mamaw to make one yet but she will make it and it will look really cools.

Gen'ral Guidelines:

1. Give it a rating - no paws up, 1 paw up, or 2 paws up (of course 2 paws up is the best, no paws is the worst.) If it is super bad - you can give it "hide your paws" rating.

2. You can review as many products as you want but they has to be in the category or related to the category

3. You can send picshurs - we likes them

4. You can email your review with picshurs to kittybloggy AT or you can leave a comment

5. Don't review if you don't want your comments to appears on my buying guide (don't worry I will cite everyone!)

6. You can also say where you got it and how much it costed

Specific Guidelines:


You can answer any/all/or other of these questions, they are just ideas.

1. What kind of hairs do you have, long, short, curly, etc?

2. What is your favorite kitty brush? Did you have any brushes before this one and you knows this one is better?

3. Do you have a kitty brush but you hates it?

4. Are there some kitty brushes that you like the feel against your skin better than others?
5. Do you get a lot of hairs everywhere, like shedding and which brushes helps the bestest?

6. About the kitty brush you discussed, give some informations like what kinds of bristles it has or what kinds of size, shape etc, OR give a photo!! Or just give the name brand of it if you haves one and I will look up photos of them

7. Do you have any funny picshurs of you being brushed, or running away from the brush???

8. Do you have advices for other kitties on hair brushes?

9. Does the brush looks cools?

10. What does it do best? and Worst??

You haves 2 weeks to do it.

Also, if you have ideas for the NEXT buying guide, put that in the email too.

The Silly of Kitties - Movie Monday!

For Movie Monday I have secretly made this video of the Figaro. He is not in good shape and after running around only the 5 minutes for his mousie (this time he was chasing the Cat Dancer we got from Hello) he is sitting there and panting like a woofie kitty. It is very silly. This is not a good camera. This is the first time we make any youtube thing so I hopes it works. Ok we tried to do it in youtubes but it didn't works so we did it in bloggers. Later on we are gonna upload the talent show we maded this weekend but that has to wait until next week.

Figaro is again doing okay in his toilet trainings. We decided not to give it up for now but we did have to go back a step (AGAINS). It is very boring with him. Also, we did not do much this weekend because Mamaw had to WORKIE.

Oh and Papaw is not mad anymore about the Figaro's activity on top of his comic books because nothing got hurted. We just have to replace the plastic coveralls they are all in with new ones and the box because it is cardboards. I am kinda annoyed though because now we have to keep that room closed and it had a great window sill in there for looking at birdies.

Figaro is the baddest he ever was

Figaro did the baddest that he has ever done. The sneak of kitties did the #1 right on the dadbean's most best of comic book collection, this morning at 6 am. We do not know why he dids that but it is very, very, very bad. The parent beans got in a big fight about it. This might mean the ends of the toilet trainings for good, we are not sure. The Figaro had to get a big time-out in the bathroom while everything gotted cleaned up. He is a VERY BAD Fig. I am not sure what to do with this little brother of mines.

For now Mamaw switched back to our super-mini hole setup. But we are not sure the Figaro will EVER be trained! We are both, Mamaw and I, very disappointed in the Figaro. There is nothing muches that can be done when he decides to do the #1 somewhere in the house when Mamaw is not looking. I tried to tell him 'No' but he did not listens to me.

Here is a photo shoot of me eating bacons which are one of my favorite foods. Of course it is unhealthy and the reason I gots some is because there was leftovers. I likes it. Do you like my bowl? We gotted it at Target with matching spoons for Mamaw to use to put our foods in there. This one is jungle, we have another one that is sea life, and a third one that is turtles, pink and green. I tried to put a Hello Kitty sticker on my bowls but Figaro does not respect that. He likes to taste out of both bowls and I just wait for him to be done and eat the leftovers because I am the polite of kittehs.

Here I will list the thirteen things that I put Hello Kitty stickers on so Figaro will not hog them because they are MINE.

1. The kitty play cube (he can't take it now anyways because he is on a time out from it since he did the #1 on it on my birthday)
2. My food bowls (because he always eats my dinners!)
3. My tail (that didn't stay on good but Figaro always bats on my tail and it is NOT his!!!)
4. My kitty STROLLER (ok that one is fake, I do not have one yet)
5. My kitty bed (that one is not a biggie because Fig never goes in it anyways)
6. My MAMAW. Okay, she said I am not allowed to do it because we are supposed to share her
7. The laser pointer (it was lost under the stove and we just finded it yesterday!)
8. Mamaw's shoes (I did that for Mamaw because Fig is always chewing on them)
9. All my new toys from the partee
10. The best spot by the fireplace (I had to remove it though because parents said it will stick to the floor and make the big of messes)
11. The top shelf of the cat-tree, because it is MINE, but Figaro can't go on it anyway because he is too big to fit!
12. The bathtub, so Fig will stop doing his #1 businesses in there.
13. The 'frigirator, this one is for the parents to know to remember to feed me anytime they go in the kitchun.

Lately Mamaw is very busy with work stuff so since we have to share the internets I can't post very long things. She has a big deadlines in two weeks. We are also very busy for the talent show that we are going to be doing in one weeks. We are taping our performances this weekend and it will be shown at the parent's friend-bean's birthday party that is a talent show theme. Of course we will post the video on-line too, after its big debut!

Thanks again for everyone's great messages for my birthday! I will try to reply to yous guys but it might take a whiles because as I said I don't get internets very much.

Figaro did a good job on his trainings today, he has been going to the toilets all on his own. However I stopped going so frequently and I don't know why that is. I am a little bit apprehensive now, I think it must be the camera. I do not like to be the watched of kitties. I was supposed to do the business of #2 today but I did not do it.

Birthday Re-cap!

Okay, as all of you are exciteds I will recount the story of our party yesterday. This morning Mamaw was cleaning up after everyfing and she is spose to be working but she said instead she will help me uploads my picshurs.
First, here is what our cornish game hen looked like! You all helped to eat it, yum. There are still some leftovers. I ate a little bit and let Fig have a lot mores since he was the guest.
The beans had some pastas with homemade sauce and chickun.
They did not get any game hen although one of the beans asked, "What is THAT? it looks like a tiny chickun!" I like that bean friend though because she does not try to bother me too much. And Figaro likes her because she calls him "Fig Pudding" and cuddles him and gives scritches, which HE likes. Of course the parents would never be friends with beans that WE don't like.
Then we opened up our presents. First I opened my present from my BFF Hello! I was very excited about opening it all day and kept chewing on the package so Mamaw had to hide it from me until it was times to open it. She gotted me a really sweet card!!! Look how cute it is! The inside says "Happy Birfday - from one glamour puss to another." And Hello wrote: "Dear Veronica, Aren't You glad we don't have to go through so much to be beautiful? You're a woman cat now! Happy 1st Birthday,
Your BFF, Hello"
Second I peeked in and she gotted me a toy that you can put catnips in. Mamaw put catnips in it and I figured out how to get it all opened up and spillded the catnips and eated them. That was a gooooood time. She also got me the Cat Dancer! I didn't get to try it out yet. And..some kitty breath mints. I like that because I can have clean fresh breaths! I very like these presents. Also I got some Hello Kitty stickars from her which I can use for maybe the other side of my ID tag that doesn't have writings on it. Then I can have a hello kitty ID tag. I am also thinkings about putting it on some of my other stuff so Figaro knows it is not his.
Then also our bean uncle sended us an eBay gift certificate!!! Maybe I can put it to the use of getting my stroller...I am not sure, I have to discussify with the Mamaw.

Then we opened up our presents from the parents and Figaro. Figaro helped Mamaw pick that present at the store on Monday. It is a "Cat and Mouse" toy where there is a mouse that goes around and you try to catch it. I didn't play with it much but Figaro played with it a LOT and I watched him. No wonder he wanted to get me that, he wanted to play with it!! I think I am going to put my Hello Kitty pink stickars on it so he knows it is for GIRLS ONLY and leaves me aloned so I can play wif it myself.

Figaro gotted me 4 baggies of TEMPTASHUNS! We were allowed to have them right away. I eated a whole bunch because Mamaw told me she would give me a bunch if I showed the guest beans how good I play the piano (which is very good) so then I gotted some.

Finally, the beans had CAKE! You can't tell but the cake says "1 YR. V" because we were out of vanilla frostings and Mamaw had to use white chocolate chips for writings. I did not eats any
because chocolate is not for kitties but I was too busy gnawing on a cornish game hen wing to care. That is my favorite anyhows! But I did help blow out a candle and I made a wish. I made a very
good wish, I wished that all the homeless kitties will find homes soons. Because I am so happy to have such a nice home. And I am a little bit the selfish of kitties so I also wished for a
This was a very good birfday. I can't wait for next year !!!! ;)

Birthday Party Night!

Hello everyones! Well, we had our delicious cornish game hen. I hopes you enjoyed it too. We had a blast opening all the presents and having dinner with our guest beans.

However....zzz....I am the tired of kitties right now. will have to be patient and I will tell all with photos tomorrows. But...I will give a clue...there were some cool toys and many TEMPTASHUNS!

I am so full with cornish game hen and temptashuns and 'nip!!!!

Thanks for coming everyone!!!

PS, Figaro tried to ruin my birfday by doing the #1 in his cube in the den on the CARPETS!!! First time in almost 2 weeks he did that. How BAD! We was very upset but my birfday was NOT ruined!

The First of Presents!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by my party today!!! It is extra fun so far. Thanks for everyone who broughted extra 'nip. There is so much now.

Soon we are going to have dinners and open presents. But for right now Mamaw said I could have my very first present early. It is from Mamaw and Papaw. It is a very good present. But all the gived me is a piece of paper. Here it is on the left. In case you couldn't tell from the picture, the parent beans donated $25 to Alley Cat Allies in my name!!! I am very happy about this because I like the Alley Cat Allies. They are a very good orgnaization according to Charity Navigator because they are good efficiency and all that other stuff. Also, they are helping homeless kitties not to be killeded! They helped those kitties in Iowa and now they are working on helping the kitties in China.

$25 is not much for now but Mamaw says every year she will give that both for me and the Figaro, plus when she gets her reals job after she finishes her Ph of D, she will multiply it by lots. Also, we are coming up with some ideas how to fundraise more moneys.

PS, look to the right for your party favor that you can add on your bloggy! Also scroll down to read about our pre-party last nite!

Birthday Partee Favors!

I wakened up today and there is a lot of heavy rains outsides. So the birdies are not out! But I am still happy because it is my birthday!!! Figaro and Mamaw got home from Petsmarts yesterday and hided my present. I will get to open it later. Also, the cornish game hen is defrosting in the 'fridge.

Here is the birthday party favor from me!!! You can post it on your bloggy!!! It is a dozen homegrowned chick 'nips that we rubbed all over with 'nip. They are sooo cutes. There is a lot of confettis too because it is a very important party!
We don't know how you can links it so just downloadify it and uploadify it to your bloggy, that is tha only way.
I hope that worksies. If not, just copy and pastify!!! :)
So far we have been playing with our old toys and watching some Cat DVD. There is catnips here for everyone to eat anytime they wants, just come on overs. Later on tonight you can join us for dinner (cornish game hen, yummmieee) and see what presents I gotted!!! And we will play with them.

Birthday Pre-Party!!!

Right now we are pre-partying for my birthday party. Wooo!!!! Mamaw gotted us some temptashuns from Petsmarts when her and Figaro went today, and we got to have some of that. Now the rest is for you guyses who are visiting now to shares. Mamaw says after this she is going to bed and I don't get to open my presents until tomorrow at 7:30 eastern times when we are having about 6 beans over for dinner to celebrate with me. One of the beans is my favorite Uncle Swoop. He is seriously my favorite of Uncles because he always takes care of us if the parent beans leave for vacations and he gives us many treats. He calls me his "Roomie" because I stayed in his 'partment for one weekend when I was a small baby.

We learnified today on the Petsmart site that they are having a BIRTHDAY PHOTO CONTEST! We gotted excited except that tomorrow at 11 am is the last time to turn in a photo! So Mamaw let me put on my birthday hat early. Then I played the piano for a while which I knows how to do because of clicker training. Here is that photo of me. Do you think we should submit it to Petsmart? I am not sure, I really do not look my best in it because it was a spur of the moment photo-shoot and I did not have time to groom.
Tonight we will be staying up pretty late and running around the house doing cool stuff. You can joins us. Mamaw is letting us have some catnips and we don't have to have bedtimes. But we are going to rest soon becuase tomorrow is a BIG day. I will give a clue about the dinner menu - there is a lot of good meats!!!!
Tomorrow mornings Mamaw said she will post the BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORS on the bloggie. So everyone who comes to our partee will receivify one! I really like the party favors I picked out.
By the way, did anyone notice that "Figaro is bad" is now less times than "Figaro is Good"! He is a really good boy with his toilet trainings. He only had accidents 3 times this whole month. In April he had accidents about every other days!!!

We sended Mamaw's Hairs Away

Today is a very funny day. Mamaw went and cutted her hair. She had the long of hair. Figaro liked to put the bitey on it anytime he seed it. It was funs to play with. But then she decided to get a cut of hairs. She went to a cut of hairs salon and she telled them to cut to shoulder-lengths hairs. But they did not understanded her and cutted very very short hairs! This is why professional kitty groomers can do a better job than bean hair beans. When I groom myselfs or the Figaro or Mamaw, I always listen to their feelings! Here is a before and after photo of me with Mamaw and her hairs. She is kind of mad because it is not the stylish of cuts of hairs and it isn't the picture she showed the lady in their catalogue. She never hadded short hairs before. But we thinks it is okay. She got some "surf head" mousses for it. Mousses are funny.

Well anyways. The reason that she cutted it is because it is going to go in the mails. We putted it in a baggie and it is being mailified to womens who lose hairs because of cancer at Beautiful Lengths. The ponytails do not look like muches but it is 10 of inches of hairs. Too bad we could have donated almost 14 inches if Mamaw was PLANNING for this short of hairs. As it was though 4 of the inches went on the floors when the hair cuts lady decided to go happy on the scissors.

We gotted inspired by Mamaw's efforts and wanted to donate our kitty hairs too. But what can you dos with kitty hairs? Mamaw didded some researches for us and it turns out we can take an onions baggie, fills it with our hairs and also small pieces of yarns and also dryer lint, and hang it outside for our birdies for their spring nest-buildings! We are excited about this and we are going to start collecting our hairs right away. We likies to watch the birds come around to our backyard. And there are many trees in the back for them to make their nestings. Mamaw said we can do it if I promise not to go outside and put the bitey on them or hunt them. We are going to collect especially a lot once we receive our Furminator, which shipped on Friday!
AND...I got taggified for a Meme, the Middle name Meme. So in fact my Middle name is Mars since I am named after Veronica MARS the super awesome detective girl in the shows. But the "M" in my signie is really for part of my last name which is very very long and hyphenerated.
Here is the rule for the Meme:
Here are the rules:1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers,2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name),3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)
My furs are gray and white
Adolescent!!! (as of tomorrow)
Really beautiful!
Super awesome kitty
I tags.... Hello, Mimmy, and Lego, and I am not sure who else didn't do the Meme yet.

We gotted an Easter egg!

We gotted 1 green sparkle Easter egg. The Easter bunny hided it and then I found it. Since we are the Jewish of kitties and do not celebrate Easter, that is why we only gotted 1. Mamaw gotted it for us when she visitated our friend Chauncey's (she doesn't have a blog, I think she didn't keep up with the technologies because she is already almost 15 years of old!) beans, because they were making eggs. Here is me with my first Easter egg. I think it smells funny.

When it is Jewish Passover pretty soon what we have to do is make sure we don't eat any breads except Matza. That will not be so hard for us because we do not eat breads!! haw haw haw. It is probably hard for Mamaw since she will hvae to switch to kitty foods...maybes.

Also, our friend Hello sended me a birthday present!! It came in the mail today. We are very excited but Mamaw had to hided it from us because we could smell like there is something good in there and we kept trying to eat the envelope. Hello is soo nice. I am so glad she is my BFF.
Also, we maked a change to the toilet training setup today. This time Mamaw enlargened a hole but instead of in the middle of the setup it is a little to the side. We hopes that after 1 months of doing good without a hole (well, we have had a pencil sized one for about 2 weeks) that Figaro will be able to handle the change. I wants him to learn already so we can continues!!!

One Mean Bean

I post twice today to inform that a Bean posted a mean comment on my bloggy in the last post. He saided that I need to get a life and something about being laid. Okay seriously I lays down ALL THE TIME by the fireplaces. And I like my life, else why would I blog about it!! I have so many friends. Now since I trackify even anonymous comments, I know this bean came from Chicago. And I likes Chicago so I have nothing against Chicagoians. I also thinks he workies at a financial company that I won't name names because I do not be mean even to mean beans. But I am a good internet whiz and I could trackify this bean in a minute if I feeled like it. If he comes back again I will knows because I tagged his I.P. as "mean bean." Also he camed from his work 'puter at 5:30 on a Friday. Silly bean.

I have nothing against beans who don't like kitties, but I think it is pretty darnded humorous because he spended 20 Minutes and 9 Seconds on my website. He also spended time reading about clicker training on my site. It is pretty funny, he probably needs to get a lifes. I at least do not read bloggies that I do not enjoy reading! And not for 20 minutes! In 20 minutes, I could order a Domino Pizza (ok I know that 'cause I read the commercial, I do not eat pizza 'cause of the tomato sauce), or I could groom myself, or I could take a little nap. I could check out some of my friends' bloggies at the Cat Blogosphere. A lot of things.

I do not want to have to start moderating commentation, but I will do it if I get anymore hate mails, especially this close to my birfday!! I hopes no other kitties got any mean message.

Birthday Invitational

Today I posted the invitation to my KittyBloggy ONE YEARS OLD birthday party on the Cat Blogosphere. I am posting it here toos. It is going to be on Tuesday the 25th because that is my real birthday. Mamaw is also inviting her beanfriends over in real lifes for dinner to celebrate with me. But here are some details about my kittybloggy celebration:

Its gonna be ALL DAY LONGS!
1. Mamaw gotted a Cornish game hen for everyone for dinner
2. Also in the evening we are gonna watch our kitty DVD - it has birdies
3. Mamaw will let us have as much homegrown ‘nips as we wants - she said this offer is ONE TIME ONLY!!!
4. I am going to wear my new polo-shirt, and the fig will wearify his polo also
5. I am going to be posting multiple postings to keep up with all the activities
6. And…I am going to give out party favors!!!! For everyone who visitates the kitty bloggy on my birthday.

Also, Mamaw told me not to read Hello’s bloggy because there is a secret on there today, but I did!!! Hello went to Petsmarts and boughted me a present!!!!! I like all her photos on her bloggy today, she looks very brave at the Petsmart. I am very excited, she is such a nice kitty and also my BFF! Only I hope she does not become BFFs with Mimmy insteads because she might once they are allowed to play together. I would never be BFF with Figaro though because he is my brother and a mancat-in-training, and I can only be BFF with girl kitties.

Now I am ‘spose to share some potty news about the Figaro. Lately we have hadded a lot of breakthroughs with the Figaro. For example, the other day he went to the bathroom for a #2 without being told!!! He digged and digged and made a nice #2 right in toilet and not on the floors. Also, we had the library opened all week and he did not try to do #1 on the carpet in there. And we finally got our play cubes back, and he is not doing any #1s in there either! Especially now that we have the baby video monitor and Mamaw and I are poo-poo spies (that’s what the ‘fficial designation is, Hello said so’s!!!) that we think we can make some changings in the setup. We are gonna enlarge the hole but we have to do it some other ways this time or else the Figaro might rebel again and Mamaw is tired of tub/cube/floor/carpet accidents. I am tired of them too. But we are not sure how to do its…if you have suggestionifications, you should let us know.

Thursday Thirteen - Stuff that happened

Usually I pays a lot of attentions to everything going on in our house because it is also MY house and I stay here the longest (Mamaw and Papaw and Figaro all go out frequently). So here are the thirteen things of notable that happened in our house in the last couple of weekses. Our house is even younger than ME and it has so many problematics.

1. There was bad insulatings in our garage so the guy came to put insulatings, but then he almost electrecuted his self and they had to turnoff the power. He had smelly shoes.

2. The electric company came and fixed the electricutions dangers. But we didn't get to watch because we are not allowed in the garage.

3. The washer was leaking so the washer guy came and said he fixeded it. He laid underneath the washer, we liked watching hims.

4. The washer leaked even more so he came again and said he has to order parts from New Zealands.

5. The washer doesn't works anymore it keeps beeping because the washer guy messed with the levels settings - mamaw is MAD!

6. The fireplace guy came to fixed the fireplace because we had a remote control that wans't working., But now the remote works but not the switch because the fireplace guy said it was a wiring thing on ALL fireplaces. But Mamaw does not know how to use the remote so we don't get to have fireplace on anymore even though it SNOWED yesterday. He finally did it after we had to call every weeek for 3 montheses!

7. The guy came (unannounced) Tuesday at 8am to fix a hole they forgot they had in our kitty bathroom. Good thing I wokened up Mamaw at 6 like usuals or she might have been in beds!

8. The guy had to come back yesterday to finish polishing up the hole and painting over the stuffs but he never showed up even though we waited patiently at homes.

9. Today across of the street they started building a new house!!! Maybe Uncle Swoop could move there and we could see him more oftens.

And...some stuff Mamaw and we did in the meantimes....

10. Mamaw lit her toast on fire in the toaster oven and burnded all the insides of the oven, then she had to clean it up for 1 hours. The photo is of me in the toaster oven this summer when it first arrivelled. I runned in there when Mamaw got mad at me for going on the countertop because I thought I could hide, but then I looked so cutes Mamaw took a picture. Now it is all yellowed from getting burneded up on the corners.

11. I throwed up pumpkin all over the nice white carpet and Mamaw had to cleaner it for 1 hours.

12. Papaw went to a business in the DC of Washington.


Well Mamaw is charging up the video monitor and then she is going to set it all up. This is just in time because she thinks we are ready for a new step in the trainings. Yesterday Figaro went to the bathroom all by his self, dug around, and did a #2 in the toilet! We are so proud of him, usually he needs Mamaw supervision before doing a #2 else he does it on the floor. And we have not had a #1 accident for a while. We are super excited about the video monitor, we have to post pictures soon except the laptops for posting pictures is brokens!!! Every computer is breakings lately. AND internets. Also, Mamaw finally gave ins and bought a FURMINATOR. Because Figaro sheds like the crazy of kitties. It is also coming from the Am of Zon.

Mamaw decided not to do any more changes to our toilet setup until the video monitor arrivifies. This means I backtracked and use the Fig setup only, which is a pencil size hole. But so far there has been no more accidents. Here is a photo of me with my purse as I am ready to do some shoppings. Of course I do my shoppings online since I cannot go to the stores, I prefer it because it is more convenients. I am looking forward for my birthday because it is coming in 6 days!!! I hope I get good presents. My birthday dinner is gonna be delicious, Mamaw bought a cornish game hen. I will have everyone out from Cat Blogosphere to celebrates with me! Although I did not send the invitation yet.

Yesterday mamaw drinked some wine for dinner that was called Beanblossom. I knows what a bean car is, and a bean bed. But what is a Beanblossom I do not knows. If anyone can enlightens me that would be greats. Oh and I wanted to adds, I knows wines is bad for kitties so I did not drink any. I sniffered it though and I don't think I would like it anyway.

Tuxie Tummy Tuesday

First, I just have to mentions, thanks to our Uncle Swoop who came over today to fix our internets. We were not going to be able to post anythings if our internets were brokens, so this is really great. He also takes careds of us when parents are gone so he is a good guy but he does not haves any of his own kitty childrens. We gots a new cables of ethernets. It got brokens because Papaw took the good laptop to his trip of businesses. If Figaro had did the #1 in his duffel bag of his dry-cleans-only pants, maybe he would have had to stay home!!!

Yesterday Figaro went to the Petsmart and tried to be a mancat-in-training but everyone thoughted he was a girl!! Hee hee. You can read about it here on his new But he was pretty well behaveds. Here is a photo of him showing his stomach. He is sitting on the table in the decorative bowl that came all the way from Californias that the parents gotted when they got married. He loves to sit up there even though he is not allowed. (But sometimes Mamaw lets him because she is not the good of disciplinarians.) He gets lots of scritches on his stomach when he lays like that. I like to lay like that too but I do not like tummy scritches. Figaro will take scritches anywhere he can get thems. Here also is my tummy which is not so fat but very soft! I am a very sweet tuxie!

Also today I practiced clicker training and playing the pianos. So far I can play middle C pretty well but sometimes I don't put my paw down enough and doesn't make a sound. The funnest was when Mamaw put it on the "birds" instead of "piano" mode and the bird sounds came out from the speakers. WEIRD! Mamaw is still waiting for the video camera monitor to arrive so she can be a poo-poo spy.

Hello readers. Figaro did the accident of business on the floor in the middle, yes MIDDLE of the bathrooms yesterday morning. And mamaw did not wake up. Here is a photo of me on the bathroom countertop because I watched him do it but I could not stopped him. Oy vey!! That is what the Jewish of kitties would say. By the way I am wearing my pretty pink collar and heart tag, this is one of my favorites.

Anyways, the puddle was bigs, when Mamaw woked up she had to use the cleaner of bleach to get it off.

So she finally decided to buy - the monitor of video!!! She did not see it at the stores so she bought it at the Am of Zon. Here is the one she gotted. We hope it arrives soon. Then we can track the Figaro and make sure he does not have the floor accidents.

Also this morning the papaw is leaving for a trip on business (not the kind we have, a different more important kind the kind that you go to before you save the worlds). Anyway, Figaro sat on his duffel bags and looked like he was gonna have an accident. Then after that Mamaw was like "FIGARO!" and she made him go sit in the bathroom. Because dress pants are dry-clean only and dry-clean probably does not take out kitty #1s.

Of course I have been good all along, so the video monitor detector is only for the Figaro.

I am posting a news: Mamaw was at Target and in their Spot Saves section they have got in a new selection of Pet Couture. She got Figaro a hoodie and a polo and also I got a polo! But we are not wearing our polos until for my birthday in a week since we want to wear something news for the party. If your wardrobes needs a little pick-me-up, tell your beans about the sale, the hoodies AND polos are only $2.50 each! They also have shiny blankies that convert to beds, but they looked a little too shiney so we did not get one. They also have got baby blankies some were cute pink with polka dots but we did not needs one.

Here is what we got. First, here is Figaro in his "Sgt Pooch" hoodie. It is one of my favorites because it is green, one of my favorite colors. He is a undercover fluffy doggy agent. He looks like a punky kitty, he is a real mancat. Here he is going to be wearing it for Day of St. Patrick Cat Blogosphere party!
Figaro also got a baby blue polo. With a paw applique on the sleeve, like mine, but mine is lavendar. It is the kitty equivalent of American Eagles!!! Howww nice. He looks growned up when he tried it on. We tried them on but we are not posting the pictures until my birthday party because that is when we will be wearing them for reals.

Also yesterday we did not stream Figaro live because the laptop was having problems. But he did not make any accidents on the floor. However, we also did not change any of the toilet setups. We are going to have to do it someday. Saturday marks the week since Figaro had any accident! This is good. However, it also marks the 4 months since we were toilet training, and we aren't any further than December! This is bad.

Yesterday was warm day and beautiful sunset, 59 degrees. So we took a walks outside in the front yard. I wish we could go furthered but we did not because I got worried about all the dogs out walking. They were barking a lot. My photo here is very good it shows me with the beautiful backdrop. Of course my beautifulness is even beautifuller than the backdrop.

I petitioned parents again for the kitty stroller. Here is what Papaw said to Mamaw about it: "[Mamaw] that is crazy, if you buy this I am calling your Mother!!! what will the neighbors think???" Even I explainded to them I find one

on eBay for only $40! Still they do not like it. They thinked I would ask for something this important and I don't really want it. But I do want it, I do!!! I want one in Green, like my bloggy and my favorite color. Plus my BIRTHDAY is coming up in a weeks, I know they do not have a present for me yet...what am I gonna get?? It is my first birthday and I have been a really good kitty!!!

Also yesterday our MOTION DETECTOR finally arrive from eBay, it came from the Hong of Kong. All the way from Hong of Kong, the label says so. BUT we are very disappointed in it. It is supposed to chime very quiet when we go in the bathroom so parents know we are doing business and don't distrubs us until we are done. That way they can make sure I am not making accidents on the floors or in the tub. BUT it chimes extra loud and it has 2 settings, we thinked one quiet one loud, but this is not true. 1 setting goes "ding-ding" VERY loud. The other setting goes "doing-doing...WE WELCOME YOUS!" It talked, we were the flabbergasted of kitties. Anyway, we do not need so loudness, Mamaw is going to see what she can do to fix, but that is what you can expect for $9. However in other news it does react to kitty movement which is one big plus. Strangely on the side of it it says "Sixteen Song." Also, she hoped we don't get used to having to hear "WE WELCOME YOUS" befor we can do businesses.

Thursday Thirteen

First I just wanna say, today is Day 6 that Figaro did not make an accident on the floor. I am glads. Maybe he can finalyl learn to be potty trained. It is also Day 4 of him getting streamed live. So far only a few people have seen him use the toilet streamed live, because he is very elusive and only uses it 3 times per day. Of course I use the toilet too with the LK Amber hole, and today Mamaw spend an hour cleaning the toilet now it is squeaky cleans! Because Thursday is bathroom cleaning day.

Here is a photo of me showing that I am boss of the house. Do you like my fluffy chin fluff?
Now I make a list of for Thursday thirteen. Here are the things of thirteen that I don't like:

1. The vacuumm cleaner because it is loud, we had to see it all morning today. We run and hides from it but sometimes it comes and gets us.

2. Not being allowed on the countertop because it is the most fun ever, especially when there is some raw meats up there.

3. Not being allowed to play with the blinds in the bedroom at 4 AM because it is even more fun to make annoying the parents.

4. Figaro when he is being annoying, because sometimes he comes over and sits on me when I am hiding under the covers and gives away my good hiding spots.

5. When Mamaw leaves to go outside and I don't get to come, hint hint, I want a kitty stroller!!!

6. THE KITTY DOCTOR! Because who likes him.

7. When I sit on the bean bag and the Papaw runs over and jumps on it and makes me fly off it and then he laugheses. SERIOUSLY, Papaw, is this the highlight of your days? I thinked so.

8. When Figaro takes my toys, because he always does it!

9. When parents don't give me food just 'cause I ask. I have to wait for mealtimes.

10. When Figaro steals my homegrown 'nip

11. When we don't get any homegrown 'nip anytime we wants.

12. When my bff friend HELLO KITTY'S site goes down and never goes back up again!!! :(

13. When parents don't get me any toy I want for my birfday (coming up, in the one week!!!)

Whiskar Wednesday

Wow I am the excited of kittehs today. Did anyone sees I gots 10 visitors and comments to my bloggy yesterday??? I visited a lot of kitty bloggies from Top 100 Cat Sites pages, and gots so many new friends!!! How exciting. I also discover the CAT BLOGOSPHERE which is where all kittehs blog. I did not know there was so many, I thought I was the only kitty who knowed how to blog. Who even knowed?? I will have the best of funs now, because sometimes my brothar Figaro can be sooo borings. They even have the fun of parties at blogosphere. I hope my new friends will come back and visit oftens.

Well, they are having a special Whiskar Wednesday so here I post a pic of my whiskars. The Papaw thinked it is funny when he first noticed about my ear whiskars. He thinked maybe I have to see a kitty doctor about it since he never seed kittehs with ear whiskars before but the Mamaw told him that it is okay. Plus, who likes the kitty doctor?? We had to visit him when I was sick last years and it was no funs. In the pic you can see on the right some furs of the Figaro but I cutted him out because he did not showed his whiskars in this pic.
By the way Figaro's toilet training is still getting streamed live, if you wanna see it post a comment and you can. He better learns to use the toilet soons. But yesterday he did very good by doing the #2 without first scritching on the bathtub. When he has been very good a whole week (that's coming up on Saturday if he makeses it) he will be allowed to proceed to next step of toilet trainings. Okay, I gotta go watch the birdies outside, they just came on.

Almost forgot a posting!

Who is that? It is me as the smallest baby of kittehs!! As you who are interesting in my life and keep updated on my bloggy, you might remember I already told you that my birthday is coming UP. That's right, it is March 25 and I will be the 1 of years old. I am very excited. To commemorate my excitingness, here are some photos of me in June 2007 when I was the tiny of babies. I think I was the tiniest kitteh my parents ever seened. It is me with a small mouse, with Mamaw's hand in the picture to show just how littles I was. Also the next picture is me with Petite Tigarr.

We were so excited about the streaming live of the Figaro that I almost forgot the update today. First, we just wanna let everyone know how excited we are that our friend Hello's Mommy adopted for her a big sister named Mimmy. Mimmy of course will be getting toilet traineds soon too. Also, Figaro has been doing okay lately except he is always digging in the bathtub before he digs in the toilet, that is a problem. I have been going consistently in the LK-Amber sized hole myself (well, except for #2.) But we are not sure what to do about the Figaro. We aren't going to do anything yet until our motion detector arrives, and Mamaw is still thinking whether she will get a video monitor or not.

The Figaro Gets Streamed Live!

Well, since the accident Figaro had a few dayses ago, he is now getting streamed live to Mamaw in the living room.

Here is a photo of him getting streamed live. Mamaw hooked up her webcam to her old laptop and that is in there watching his every moves. I am in there watching him too because I prefer to be there in person instead of a webcam. So far nobody has done any businesses this morning although it is almost 11. Figaro is just sitting in fronts of the toilet doing the nothing of business. Then he sat on the toilet for a while but did not do business either.
Mamaw is working from her laptop in the livingroom and keeping an eye on that sucker. This is much more convenient than when she had to work from the bathroom!!! She is considerating getting a wifi cam to keep an eye on him without using a computer in there, it uses too much energies and the wifi cam would have night visions.

If you are interesting and you are our friends, e-mail Mommy for a link to the streaming live of the Figaro!!!

Figaro was the extremely BAD of kittehs yesterday!!! He was doing so good, no bad accidents for a whole week. And the last week when he did have accident it was Mamaw's fault for forgetting to put his insert in the setup. Before that, no accidents for days before that! He even started going to the bathroom on his own without Mamaw having to put him on the seat. Then yesterday Mamaw was about to leave for a party and she put him in the bathroom and closed the door to make sure he would do some businesses before she left. And...when she got back....puddle all over the FLOOR! He did the puddle right by the toilet for no reason. We are very confused. Maybe he gots mad that he had to stay in the bathroom all by his self. Definite he had to go a lot because his puddle was VERRRY big. And this was after mamaw brought him home a present from the store. He got a mouse that squeaks when you touches it. We are going to post a review of it soon once we decide if we likes it.

Mamaw is definite considering the video monitor. Last night she had to wakes up 3 times because I felt like doing businesses in the toilet. Of course I am the good of kittehs so when I do businesses it goes IN the toilet!!! But if Mamaw does not come I make a mess with the litters. Of course she also wakes up random times in night because she thinks I am doing the business when I am really not.

Look at teh Skinny of Figaro

Here is a photo of Figaro when he was the skinny. He is scritching his self. That was a long time ago. This is actually the day of Halloweens when he dressed up in a bow tie. Cute, isn't it.

Well, we were the good of kittehs recently. First, Mamaw keeps the library open again and we (and by we of course I mean Figaro) do not show interests in going #1 in there. Second, Figaro did the #2 like a good boy yesterday. Also yesterday, I used my big hole insert, which for clarity I will now refer to as my Amber Disc in case kitties on the LitterKwitter method wish to be clarified. But only for #1. And this morning, Figaro did the #1 all by his self by walking to the bathroom and doing it. Mamaw was SO proud! Of course there are no holes in his setup, but she did poke micro sized holes so the #1 goes through there and there is not so much to cover up in the setup. This is a great ideas. We hope we keeps it up. Mamaw can't wait to transition us to big kid toilet!

And again Figaro make attempt at Lolcat. I tells him, give up Figaro, you are not the funny, is more funny with cheezeburgers. But he thinks he is, go figures. The pic is above but you can vote on it on the site too. It didn't get promoted even to the voting page but he thinks it will. Here is his lolcat.

We are the sick and the tired of snow

Here is a pic of me being tired of snow. I am cuddled up in my favorite blanket. I am hating it. It was so warm this weekend and now there is snows again and we are missing the nice fresh air of the outside. I can't wait til it is warm and I can go on more walks. Even in my sweater it is too cold for outside.

Yesterday I refused to even use any insert that was not Figaro's so now I am back to his step too. I figured this would happens because I am not getting enough time to use the big hole setup, even though I was already using it at the Amber Disc level of the LK method. I was so prouds of myself. But mamaw never had the time to run to the bathroom to help me out. We are seriously considering getting the baby video monitor camera like Hello Kitty's. Even though it is expensive.

Figaro again posted an lol. I don't know if he thinks he's gonna get high ratings or what. He can't even spell. But here it is.

We find some pee spots.

Here is a pic of us relaxing the other day on the couch. I was grooming the Figaro's paws because he is not so good at doing it all by his self.

Today Mamaw was not very happy. She found some yellow pee spot in the library under her desk. She didn't know who did it but she thinked it is probably Figaro. Then she went and bought special pee carpet removers and used it on the spot. Also, yesterday, Figaro was scritching around in the bathroom and Mamaw forgot that he didn't have his insert in the toilet so he went on the floor right next to the toilet and took some litters from the toilet and put it on the wet spot, then it got under the toilet and created the mess of big messes. When Mamaw saw it she had to spend 1 hours cleaning it up since all the wet litters got stuck inbetween the toilet and the floors. Now she is thinking maybe she has to keep me back on the no hole setup with the Figaro. But then I make big messes since I gotta cover it up extra good. We can't wait for motion sensor to arrive it will be better.

Figaro is loving up on some catnips

Here is a photo of Figaro enjoying his catnips. Mom grows catnips for us fresh in a little pot and when we have been good we get to have some. Normally we are not that interested in this particular toy but when there is the catnips on it we are loving it.

On Sundays we had the temperature like 60 degrees of farneheits and I got to go outside for a walks. But right now it is a winter advisory, below 30, and snowing a snowstorms. I can't wait for winter to finish up already! Sunday when I did my walk I practiced following on my leash and got treats. Papaw says we have had more discrete snow events this winter than ever.

Yesterday Figaro did his businesses like a good boy. It has been a long time now since he has peed in the tub although he still thinks about it sometimes, I can tell. Today I also did good but I have never ever had an accident except for when I was a baby kitten the first day I came home I did some #1 on the bedspread because I couldn't figure out how to use the door on the litterbox.

Here we is, just the two of us.

Today both parents had to go to work for the whollle day and we are the bored of kittehs. However this morning only Figaro did the #1 and nobody did the #2, and I did not do the #1...So Mamaw said she might have to come back from work this afternoon for a bit to make sure we have been good about doing our businesses. I hope we get some foods when she comes.

This morning Figaro faked out his #1s three times. He scratched and scratched in the bathtub because he thinks it's funny to see Mamaw run to get him. She is seriously considering a video monitor for us because we are sometimes bad. Maybe a webcam. This was of course at the 5am of morning and that is too early for us. But this evening we are definitely increasing my size of my setup hole larger. It will be better once the movement monitor arrives that will tell everyone when a kitty is in the bathroom. I hope that means I can progress more quickly in my trainings. Also yesterday Figaro went to grandma's house for dinner instead of me because I didn't wanna go. And he showed some tricks to the families. He showed Target, Sit Pretty and Go to Mat. He's surprisingly good at that even though he is not that smart about toilet trainings. I personally am just now learning Go to Mat. but I am very smart, I just don't like to work for treats.

We Gots a Present

Everything in the house has been going smoothly. Figaro has been good - although we have not changed the setup yet. Tomorrow Mom is going to increase the size of my hole in my setup. We also ordered some cool stuff online from eBay. One, Mom got us some kitty tags with our names on them that are stars. They should be neat, I got peach and Figaro got baby blue. We can't wait til they get here. Two, Mom got us a motion detector chime for the bathroom. It will chime anytime one kitty is in there, so that parents will know when they need to go check up on us.

Also yesterday Papaw got Mamaw a present. Here I am checking it out what is inside. It was a necklace. I don't understand because for me I would rather play with the bag but she let me have that and only keeped the necklace. Then she just put it on and didn't even play with it!!! I will have to play with it for her later tonight when she is sleeping.


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