We are the sick and the tired of snow

Here is a pic of me being tired of snow. I am cuddled up in my favorite blanket. I am hating it. It was so warm this weekend and now there is snows again and we are missing the nice fresh air of the outside. I can't wait til it is warm and I can go on more walks. Even in my sweater it is too cold for outside.

Yesterday I refused to even use any insert that was not Figaro's so now I am back to his step too. I figured this would happens because I am not getting enough time to use the big hole setup, even though I was already using it at the Amber Disc level of the LK method. I was so prouds of myself. But mamaw never had the time to run to the bathroom to help me out. We are seriously considering getting the baby video monitor camera like Hello Kitty's. Even though it is expensive.

Figaro again posted an lol. I don't know if he thinks he's gonna get high ratings or what. He can't even spell. But here it is.


  1. Marina said...

    Hi Veronica! You look so nice and cozy snuggled up in your blanket!!!

    Hopefully the snow will go away soon. Its very cold out here too, but I don't get to go outside much anyways since we live in the middle of a city and mummy is afraid of me getting hit by a car or picked up by the pound. When I learn to walk really good on a leash we'll go out lots more though.


  2. Jenny said...

    fig, i think your captioned photos are funny. keep posting!

    veronica, i'm sorry it's still snowing there. i used to live in manhattan and i know how you feel. maybe after your mamaw is done with school, she'll move to texas and you can play with your best friend hello all the time!. it is always warm here!


    p.s. you look very nice in red  

  3. Dark n Stormy said...

    Super cute picture!  


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