Tuxie Tummy Tuesday

First, I just have to mentions, thanks to our Uncle Swoop who came over today to fix our internets. We were not going to be able to post anythings if our internets were brokens, so this is really great. He also takes careds of us when parents are gone so he is a good guy but he does not haves any of his own kitty childrens. We gots a new cables of ethernets. It got brokens because Papaw took the good laptop to his trip of businesses. If Figaro had did the #1 in his duffel bag of his dry-cleans-only pants, maybe he would have had to stay home!!!

Yesterday Figaro went to the Petsmart and tried to be a mancat-in-training but everyone thoughted he was a girl!! Hee hee. You can read about it here on his new fig.blog. But he was pretty well behaveds. Here is a photo of him showing his stomach. He is sitting on the table in the decorative bowl that came all the way from Californias that the parents gotted when they got married. He loves to sit up there even though he is not allowed. (But sometimes Mamaw lets him because she is not the good of disciplinarians.) He gets lots of scritches on his stomach when he lays like that. I like to lay like that too but I do not like tummy scritches. Figaro will take scritches anywhere he can get thems. Here also is my tummy which is not so fat but very soft! I am a very sweet tuxie!

Also today I practiced clicker training and playing the pianos. So far I can play middle C pretty well but sometimes I don't put my paw down enough and doesn't make a sound. The funnest was when Mamaw put it on the "birds" instead of "piano" mode and the bird sounds came out from the speakers. WEIRD! Mamaw is still waiting for the video camera monitor to arrive so she can be a poo-poo spy.


  1. Adan*Michico said...

    Thanks for your uncle fixing your internet~~ Because I could see you 2 beautiful again~! I am so happy!  

  2. hello & mimmy said...

    you guys have such nice fluffy tummys. mimmy's looks funny b/c she got shaved at the vet last week. they wanted to make sure she was spayed which means she can't have kitty babies. i wanted to post a photo of her tummy but mommy said i was being mean. i didn't mean to be.


  3. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    You both have adorable tummys! We are glad your uncle was able to fix your internet.  

  4. DEBRA said...

    Oh it's a good thing yur innernets got fixed...dat would not be good not to have it...Fig yu have a furry nice tummy!


  5. Daisy said...

    Veronica, you are very good at telling tales about Figaro. I like that!

    I am glad Uncle Swoop fixed your innernets.  

  6. Artsy Catsy said...

    Veronica, I don't like tummy scritches either - I put the bitey on beans when they try to scritch my tummy.

    Figaro, our Lucy sleeps in a bowl, too - a big wooden salad bowl! I asked my mom for one for me, too, but she said I'm so big I would require a salad vat!


  7. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    great job to your uncle fixing your internets! i love these two tummies. I think you are a good mancat Fig, don't let those people at the store hurt your feelings.

    Nice floofy tuxie tummy Veronica!  

  8. Artsy Catsy said...

    Veronica & Figaro, we live in Terre Haute -- you are almost our neighbors!! We live on the same street as Indiana State University and Rose-Hulman so we see lots of college beans, too!

    It's going to be really crazy here Thursday because Hillary Clinton is coming to TH.


  9. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Oh, we'z neffur been to Petsmart. Old Punkin, da one dat came afore went wif mom to da pet supply place alla time. Dey had a ton of birdies in der and she neffur bothered any of dem so she was welcome der.  

  10. hello & mimmy said...

    is everything okay? i didn't get any comments on my bloggy from you in 3 days which is a long time for kitties. i just wanted to make sure you aren't mad at me. are we still BFFs?



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