Birthday Invitational

Today I posted the invitation to my KittyBloggy ONE YEARS OLD birthday party on the Cat Blogosphere. I am posting it here toos. It is going to be on Tuesday the 25th because that is my real birthday. Mamaw is also inviting her beanfriends over in real lifes for dinner to celebrate with me. But here are some details about my kittybloggy celebration:

Its gonna be ALL DAY LONGS!
1. Mamaw gotted a Cornish game hen for everyone for dinner
2. Also in the evening we are gonna watch our kitty DVD - it has birdies
3. Mamaw will let us have as much homegrown ‘nips as we wants - she said this offer is ONE TIME ONLY!!!
4. I am going to wear my new polo-shirt, and the fig will wearify his polo also
5. I am going to be posting multiple postings to keep up with all the activities
6. And…I am going to give out party favors!!!! For everyone who visitates the kitty bloggy on my birthday.

Also, Mamaw told me not to read Hello’s bloggy because there is a secret on there today, but I did!!! Hello went to Petsmarts and boughted me a present!!!!! I like all her photos on her bloggy today, she looks very brave at the Petsmart. I am very excited, she is such a nice kitty and also my BFF! Only I hope she does not become BFFs with Mimmy insteads because she might once they are allowed to play together. I would never be BFF with Figaro though because he is my brother and a mancat-in-training, and I can only be BFF with girl kitties.

Now I am ‘spose to share some potty news about the Figaro. Lately we have hadded a lot of breakthroughs with the Figaro. For example, the other day he went to the bathroom for a #2 without being told!!! He digged and digged and made a nice #2 right in toilet and not on the floors. Also, we had the library opened all week and he did not try to do #1 on the carpet in there. And we finally got our play cubes back, and he is not doing any #1s in there either! Especially now that we have the baby video monitor and Mamaw and I are poo-poo spies (that’s what the ‘fficial designation is, Hello said so’s!!!) that we think we can make some changings in the setup. We are gonna enlarge the hole but we have to do it some other ways this time or else the Figaro might rebel again and Mamaw is tired of tub/cube/floor/carpet accidents. I am tired of them too. But we are not sure how to do its…if you have suggestionifications, you should let us know.


  1. Eric and Flynn said...

    Yippee we like parties. We'll be there. We like chick-hen too yumyum.  

  2. Daisy said...

    Your party sounds very, very exciting and FUN! And I cannot wait to see you in your polo shirts, too.  

  3. ML said...

    O, good, a par-tee.
    See ya theres...
    Purrs, KC  

  4. Moki said...

    You can count me in!  

  5. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  6. hello & mimmy said...

    ohhhhh veronica! i'm so eggcited about your berfday party on tuesday! i forgots to tell you not to read my blog today, but it's okay, i didn't tell any secrets :)

    i'm so glad to hear that fig is being a better kitty on the toilets. do you like being a poo-poo spy? my mommy likes it ALOT! oh and she told me to tell your mamaw to make a post on the discussion forum about changing the setup. then she can get lots of advices.

    your BFF, hello

    pee. ess. don't worry about mimmy. i would never have a BFF that growls at me.

    pee. esses. remind the figaro that the "potty cubes" are for playing only

    pee.pee.esses. it is obvious that ANONYMOUS does not have a beautiful sweet kitty like us to love him. only lots of hate. beans can be so stupid.  

  7. Victor Tabbycat said...

    You're cute kitties. I wish mine mom would haf that kinda party fur me. Moooom! Oh, wait, that's amost a year away... I'd better nap first.  

  8. Blogs from the Midwest said...

    Anonymous obviously hasn't realized that Ted Rheingold (dogster and catster)created an internet sensation by giving pets (and their owners) a forum.

    I like your blog - and am going to add you to my blogroll.


  9. Kimo & Sabi said...

    Woooo Hoooo - we likes to PAR-TAY!
    Happy Purrthday Veronica!  

  10. Kimo & Sabi said...

    Don't fergit to delete da mean blogger's comment here. :)  


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