We sended Mamaw's Hairs Away

Today is a very funny day. Mamaw went and cutted her hair. She had the long of hair. Figaro liked to put the bitey on it anytime he seed it. It was funs to play with. But then she decided to get a cut of hairs. She went to a cut of hairs salon and she telled them to cut to shoulder-lengths hairs. But they did not understanded her and cutted very very short hairs! This is why professional kitty groomers can do a better job than bean hair beans. When I groom myselfs or the Figaro or Mamaw, I always listen to their feelings! Here is a before and after photo of me with Mamaw and her hairs. She is kind of mad because it is not the stylish of cuts of hairs and it isn't the picture she showed the lady in their catalogue. She never hadded short hairs before. But we thinks it is okay. She got some "surf head" mousses for it. Mousses are funny.

Well anyways. The reason that she cutted it is because it is going to go in the mails. We putted it in a baggie and it is being mailified to womens who lose hairs because of cancer at Beautiful Lengths. The ponytails do not look like muches but it is 10 of inches of hairs. Too bad we could have donated almost 14 inches if Mamaw was PLANNING for this short of hairs. As it was though 4 of the inches went on the floors when the hair cuts lady decided to go happy on the scissors.

We gotted inspired by Mamaw's efforts and wanted to donate our kitty hairs too. But what can you dos with kitty hairs? Mamaw didded some researches for us and it turns out we can take an onions baggie, fills it with our hairs and also small pieces of yarns and also dryer lint, and hang it outside for our birdies for their spring nest-buildings! We are excited about this and we are going to start collecting our hairs right away. We likies to watch the birds come around to our backyard. And there are many trees in the back for them to make their nestings. Mamaw said we can do it if I promise not to go outside and put the bitey on them or hunt them. We are going to collect especially a lot once we receive our Furminator, which shipped on Friday!
AND...I got taggified for a Meme, the Middle name Meme. So in fact my Middle name is Mars since I am named after Veronica MARS the super awesome detective girl in the shows. But the "M" in my signie is really for part of my last name which is very very long and hyphenerated.
Here is the rule for the Meme:
Here are the rules:1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers,2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name),3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)
My furs are gray and white
Adolescent!!! (as of tomorrow)
Really beautiful!
Super awesome kitty
I tags.... Hello, Mimmy, and Lego, and I am not sure who else didn't do the Meme yet.


  1. Fat Eric said...

    Oh, we collect my hair in a bag for the birdies too!

    Tell your mum not to worry, her hair still looks pretty.  

  2. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Da good thing about bean hairs is dey grow back. Mom's always hadded short hair effer since we knowed her, den alla sudden she is growing her hairs and cutting dem off and den doing it all over again because she heard dat da ladies wif cancer need her hairs. Now dey say der is too much gray hairs and she can't send it no more. But she still has da long hairs...she keeps saying she needs a hair cut but we think she needs all of dem cut.  

  3. Tybalt said...

    I feel bad that your mamaw isn't happy about her haircut, but she did a very nice thing with her hairs, sending them away to people who need them!

    Maybe I'll get mommy to help me and my sisters collect our furs for the birdies. We sure do have a lot of them!  

  4. Katie & Da Katz said...

    Wee agree wif fat eric... your mamawz hairs iz still purrtee.

    and dat was a goods ting to do in donatin to ovfurs.

    mazeltov bout collectin hair and stuffins for bird nests. sounds likes a goods idea.

    Katie Ann Kitty Too
    and step sibbies too.  

  5. DEBRA said...

    Dat wuz a furry brave fing furr yur Mawmaw to do furr beans who are sick....tell her it's only hair and dat it will always grow back just like our claws...


  6. Daisy said...

    Wow, your mom has pretty hair! I like the short haircut, too. It looks like your mom's hair is thick with lots of body. My Mommie's hair is fine and very straight, and she wishes her hairs had some body. I am lucky to have curly furs, I guess.

    Your mom is nice to donate her hairs!  

  7. hello & mimmy said...

    hi veronica- my mommy said she cut off 15 inches of her hair last year for locks of love who makes wigs for children with cancer and longterm hair loss. i wasn't born yet. maybe i could send you some of mimmy's hair. she has lots of it! but i thinks your mamaw's hair still looks very purdy. i like to bite my mommy's hair too. it is fun and smells nice.

    mimmy and i have the same middle name which is kitty. we'll work on them tonight when mommy can helps us.

    are you excited about your berfday tomorrow?

    your BFF, hello  

  8. Moki said...

    What a wonderful gesture. You should be real proud of your momma bean!  

  9. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    wow! your mommy is so very nice to donate her hairs. i think her hair still looks pretty and chewable. mmm hairs.
    great job offering your hairs up to the birdies! they need them.  

  10. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    PS I can't wait for your birthday!  

  11. Adan*Michico said...

    Oah The hair~!!
    I think your mommy is still very beautiful, so is her hair, not worry~~~

    Little Lego doesn't have middle name yet, thanks for tagging !!!! I think I have to think hard~  


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