The Silly of Kitties - Movie Monday!

For Movie Monday I have secretly made this video of the Figaro. He is not in good shape and after running around only the 5 minutes for his mousie (this time he was chasing the Cat Dancer we got from Hello) he is sitting there and panting like a woofie kitty. It is very silly. This is not a good camera. This is the first time we make any youtube thing so I hopes it works. Ok we tried to do it in youtubes but it didn't works so we did it in bloggers. Later on we are gonna upload the talent show we maded this weekend but that has to wait until next week.

Figaro is again doing okay in his toilet trainings. We decided not to give it up for now but we did have to go back a step (AGAINS). It is very boring with him. Also, we did not do much this weekend because Mamaw had to WORKIE.

Oh and Papaw is not mad anymore about the Figaro's activity on top of his comic books because nothing got hurted. We just have to replace the plastic coveralls they are all in with new ones and the box because it is cardboards. I am kinda annoyed though because now we have to keep that room closed and it had a great window sill in there for looking at birdies.


  1. Tybalt said...

    You are right, Veronica. Poor Figaro looks WORN OUT!  

  2. hello & mimmy said...

    hahaha, poor fig. he looks out of shape. sorry mommy and i have been busy this weekend, but i just made her post to the blog. we didn't get your card, but i'll look out for it. you are so sweet.


  3. Daisy said...

    I hope Figaro is okay, I never saw panting before! I sure am glad that he is out of trouble for the little potty accident he had.  

  4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Wow, fig must be either really worn out or out of shape, we neffur saw a healthy cat pant like dat afore! our dad sez dat yoor dad needs dem plastic bins wif covers so yoo guys can't touch his stuff espeshully to do a #1 on it!  

  5. Artsy Catsy said...

    Oh, Fig really is breathless! The only time we've ever seen a kitty pant like that is when our Callie was younger. She was outside chasing a mousie round & round in 95-degree weather and collapsed panting. We called the vet who said she was having a heat stroke and to wrap her in cold wet towels, and if she didn't stop panting in 5 minutes we were supposed to give her cold water enemas. When she heard that, she definitely stopped panting!



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