Almost forgot a posting!

Who is that? It is me as the smallest baby of kittehs!! As you who are interesting in my life and keep updated on my bloggy, you might remember I already told you that my birthday is coming UP. That's right, it is March 25 and I will be the 1 of years old. I am very excited. To commemorate my excitingness, here are some photos of me in June 2007 when I was the tiny of babies. I think I was the tiniest kitteh my parents ever seened. It is me with a small mouse, with Mamaw's hand in the picture to show just how littles I was. Also the next picture is me with Petite Tigarr.

We were so excited about the streaming live of the Figaro that I almost forgot the update today. First, we just wanna let everyone know how excited we are that our friend Hello's Mommy adopted for her a big sister named Mimmy. Mimmy of course will be getting toilet traineds soon too. Also, Figaro has been doing okay lately except he is always digging in the bathtub before he digs in the toilet, that is a problem. I have been going consistently in the LK-Amber sized hole myself (well, except for #2.) But we are not sure what to do about the Figaro. We aren't going to do anything yet until our motion detector arrives, and Mamaw is still thinking whether she will get a video monitor or not.


  1. Jenny said...

    veronica- your baby pictures are so cute! i was a cute baby too but i have no proof. you just have to believe me...

    i went to the doctor today and got lots of shots. i even got my tummy shaved to see if i had something called a "spay scar". my tummy looks really funny now with lots of fur missing. it was not so fun there but i am a healthy kitty! the doctor told mom to keep hello and i apart for 60 days until i can come back for a second feline leukemia/FIV test. that sounds like a LONG TIME! i'm not sure if i like my new lil sis yet, but she sure is cute with those big pink ears.

    i love my new home. mommy has 2 sinks in her bathroom, 1 for me and 1 for her, and i can watch her brush her teeth. you ask the bestest questions. i think mommy will buy me some of my own toys. (thanks for reminding her) hello broke da bird so i know we are going to get a new one of those very soon. what kinds of toys should i ask for? hello has lots already.


  2. Jenny said...

    yes, mimmy had a spay scar. her fur is so dense that the doc couldn't see it until she got shaved. the doc said that it's a small possibility that the scar could be from a c-section, so i'm to keep a close eye on her and see if she ever goes into heat. i wish mimmy would talk to me and tell me if she's ever been pregnant, but she only talks to you. also, she and hello are saying mean things to each other right now. i don't understand cat language but i can tell the conversation isn't very nice.


  3. Dobby said...

    Hi Veronica!

    I like your blog, welcome! I hope you have fun with your new blog.  

  4. noa & ash said...

    hey veronica!
    you are adorable!!
    your baby pics are... aww....
    sooooooooo cute!!!!
    yeah, thank you for visiting and liking our blog =^_^=
    we love your blog, too!!  

  5. Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

    Welcome to the Catblogosphere!

    We are looking forward to reading about your adventures.  

  6. Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

    Victor and some other kitties from the cat Blogosphere sent us here to meet you!
    Welcome to the blogging kitty world :)

    Nice to meet you and we look foward to read more about you all!

    purrrs, Kashim & Othello  

  7. Adan*Michico said...

    What a lovely lovely cutey~!!!!!!
    So so cute, look at your baby playing so happy~~~~  

  8. Daisy said...

    Hi Veronica! It is very nice to meet you. I read about you on the Cat Blogosphere. You seem like a very nice kitty!  

  9. DEBRA said...

    Hi Veronica
    Your baby pictures are adorable. It is very nice to meet you. This is our first time to your bloggie. Welcome to the blogosphere. Drop in for a visit.


  10. TT said...

    Nice to meet you Veronica!

    Welcome to the cat blogosphere.

    You were a very cute kitten and so tiny too.  


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