Thursday Thirteen

First I just wanna say, today is Day 6 that Figaro did not make an accident on the floor. I am glads. Maybe he can finalyl learn to be potty trained. It is also Day 4 of him getting streamed live. So far only a few people have seen him use the toilet streamed live, because he is very elusive and only uses it 3 times per day. Of course I use the toilet too with the LK Amber hole, and today Mamaw spend an hour cleaning the toilet now it is squeaky cleans! Because Thursday is bathroom cleaning day.

Here is a photo of me showing that I am boss of the house. Do you like my fluffy chin fluff?
Now I make a list of for Thursday thirteen. Here are the things of thirteen that I don't like:

1. The vacuumm cleaner because it is loud, we had to see it all morning today. We run and hides from it but sometimes it comes and gets us.

2. Not being allowed on the countertop because it is the most fun ever, especially when there is some raw meats up there.

3. Not being allowed to play with the blinds in the bedroom at 4 AM because it is even more fun to make annoying the parents.

4. Figaro when he is being annoying, because sometimes he comes over and sits on me when I am hiding under the covers and gives away my good hiding spots.

5. When Mamaw leaves to go outside and I don't get to come, hint hint, I want a kitty stroller!!!

6. THE KITTY DOCTOR! Because who likes him.

7. When I sit on the bean bag and the Papaw runs over and jumps on it and makes me fly off it and then he laugheses. SERIOUSLY, Papaw, is this the highlight of your days? I thinked so.

8. When Figaro takes my toys, because he always does it!

9. When parents don't give me food just 'cause I ask. I have to wait for mealtimes.

10. When Figaro steals my homegrown 'nip

11. When we don't get any homegrown 'nip anytime we wants.

12. When my bff friend HELLO KITTY'S site goes down and never goes back up again!!! :(

13. When parents don't get me any toy I want for my birfday (coming up, in the one week!!!)


  1. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    Hello Veronica! Nice to meet you. We are two Sphynx living in Munich, Germany.

    That is a good list of things you don't like. We can see why you don't like them.  

  2. jenny & hello said...

    veronica- i wanna cry b/c my blog is still down. you are sad too? i'm so glad it made your thursday 13. i like the other 12 too!


    p.s. mimmy had some breakfast out of mommy's hand this morning and she was so happy. she goes to the cat doctor again today.  

  3. Daisy said...

    Stroller! Stroller! Stroller! You must get a stroller.

    ps: I like your neck fluffs.  

  4. Kimo & Sabi said...

    WOWY - we is in agreement of ALL of them things!

    P.S. - regarding da stroller, we did git one! And we luvs it! There are lots of cats who have them - Skeezix, Daisy the Curly Cat, and us is da most prominent strollin' cats. We luvs to be out of doors wif da wind blowing' thru our whiskers!

    Pretty soon it will be strollin' weather and you will see more kitty bloggers talk about their strollin' adventures. You can find a good link fer strollers in our sidebar - Metropawless.  

  5. brandi said...

    Ooh, Veronica! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.

    You are a very beautiful cat, but maybe that's cause all grey and white cats ARE (that means I am, too).  

  6. Kimo & Sabi said...

    A stroller is cheaper than a gym membership! Now that we have a baby bean sister, Mommkitty & Daddykitty will each git to push a stroller!  

  7. Chance said...

    Hewwo Veronica. Myn name is Chance. Welcum to da Cat Bloggysphere. Cum visits mai bloggy sumtyms an meets mai woofie brofur Shadow. (Don't wurry, hes a nyce woofie hoo lurves da kittehs).  


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