Birthday Party Night!

Hello everyones! Well, we had our delicious cornish game hen. I hopes you enjoyed it too. We had a blast opening all the presents and having dinner with our guest beans.

However....zzz....I am the tired of kitties right now. will have to be patient and I will tell all with photos tomorrows. But...I will give a clue...there were some cool toys and many TEMPTASHUNS!

I am so full with cornish game hen and temptashuns and 'nip!!!!

Thanks for coming everyone!!!

PS, Figaro tried to ruin my birfday by doing the #1 in his cube in the den on the CARPETS!!! First time in almost 2 weeks he did that. How BAD! We was very upset but my birfday was NOT ruined!


  1. Tara said...

    I'm so sorry I missed your party, it sounds like it was great fun! Happy belated birthday!


  2. Riley & Tiki said...

    Happy belated birthday!!  

  3. Daisy said...

    It sounds like a very wonderful birthday! I think Fig might have been a little bit jealous so that is why he wented #1.  

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    i had so much funs at your berfday party! my tummy is so full. thank you for inviting me. it was very special!

    your BFF,


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