We find some pee spots.

Here is a pic of us relaxing the other day on the couch. I was grooming the Figaro's paws because he is not so good at doing it all by his self.

Today Mamaw was not very happy. She found some yellow pee spot in the library under her desk. She didn't know who did it but she thinked it is probably Figaro. Then she went and bought special pee carpet removers and used it on the spot. Also, yesterday, Figaro was scritching around in the bathroom and Mamaw forgot that he didn't have his insert in the toilet so he went on the floor right next to the toilet and took some litters from the toilet and put it on the wet spot, then it got under the toilet and created the mess of big messes. When Mamaw saw it she had to spend 1 hours cleaning it up since all the wet litters got stuck inbetween the toilet and the floors. Now she is thinking maybe she has to keep me back on the no hole setup with the Figaro. But then I make big messes since I gotta cover it up extra good. We can't wait for motion sensor to arrive it will be better.


  1. Jenny said...

    oh it sounded like a terrible mess in the bathroom. hello left 2 for me this morning. is today bad t-training day? when is the motion detector supposed to arrive?



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