I brings home the bacons - thursday thirteens

Here is a photo shoot of me eating bacons which are one of my favorite foods. Of course it is unhealthy and the reason I gots some is because there was leftovers. I likes it. Do you like my bowl? We gotted it at Target with matching spoons for Mamaw to use to put our foods in there. This one is jungle, we have another one that is sea life, and a third one that is turtles, pink and green. I tried to put a Hello Kitty sticker on my bowls but Figaro does not respect that. He likes to taste out of both bowls and I just wait for him to be done and eat the leftovers because I am the polite of kittehs.

Here I will list the thirteen things that I put Hello Kitty stickers on so Figaro will not hog them because they are MINE.

1. The kitty play cube (he can't take it now anyways because he is on a time out from it since he did the #1 on it on my birthday)
2. My food bowls (because he always eats my dinners!)
3. My tail (that didn't stay on good but Figaro always bats on my tail and it is NOT his!!!)
4. My kitty STROLLER (ok that one is fake, I do not have one yet)
5. My kitty bed (that one is not a biggie because Fig never goes in it anyways)
6. My MAMAW. Okay, she said I am not allowed to do it because we are supposed to share her
7. The laser pointer (it was lost under the stove and we just finded it yesterday!)
8. Mamaw's shoes (I did that for Mamaw because Fig is always chewing on them)
9. All my new toys from the partee
10. The best spot by the fireplace (I had to remove it though because parents said it will stick to the floor and make the big of messes)
11. The top shelf of the cat-tree, because it is MINE, but Figaro can't go on it anyway because he is too big to fit!
12. The bathtub, so Fig will stop doing his #1 businesses in there.
13. The 'frigirator, this one is for the parents to know to remember to feed me anytime they go in the kitchun.

Lately Mamaw is very busy with work stuff so since we have to share the internets I can't post very long things. She has a big deadlines in two weeks. We are also very busy for the talent show that we are going to be doing in one weeks. We are taping our performances this weekend and it will be shown at the parent's friend-bean's birthday party that is a talent show theme. Of course we will post the video on-line too, after its big debut!

Thanks again for everyone's great messages for my birthday! I will try to reply to yous guys but it might take a whiles because as I said I don't get internets very much.

Figaro did a good job on his trainings today, he has been going to the toilets all on his own. However I stopped going so frequently and I don't know why that is. I am a little bit apprehensive now, I think it must be the camera. I do not like to be the watched of kitties. I was supposed to do the business of #2 today but I did not do it.


  1. Dark n Stormy said...

    we've never had bacon, but it looks yummy!!
    good luck to your mum on her deadline. Our mum has a few too. She always puts things off to the last minutes.

    Tanya and Chanel  

  2. Tara said...

    Happy late birthday! That bacon looks very yummy. Kavan eats out of my bowl all of the time too, I'm polite, like you, but I don't like it much...


  3. Tybalt said...

    I think it is a great idea to put your Hello Kitty stickers on all of your things.

    That bacon looks YUMMY!  

  4. hello & mimmy said...

    hi veronica! i am home now, in case you did not have time to read my bloggy. tell your mamaw good lucks with her deadline. you are a good kitteh to let her use the computer for her important school stuffs.

    i really liked your thursday thirteen. it made me LOL. if you run out of HK stickers i can send you some more. we always have plenty b/c my mommy can not resist buying them when she sees them at target. also, we have a hello kitty store (sanrio) in the mall. mommy goes crazy in there.


  5. Daisy said...

    Veronica, you make me laugh out loud!  

  6. Dragonheart & Merlin said...

    Wow, you are lucky that you got to have some bacon! We've never tried bacon. Dragonheart has food allergies, so we have to eat an organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free venison food.  

  7. HRH Yao-Lin said...

    oh I love love love bacon! You lucky lucky kitty! I love your bowl as well, it's gorgeous and perfect for holding bacon!

    Thanks for the chicks, I will cut and paste them tomorrow x  

  8. Moki said...

    Hello kitty stickers, we hadn't thought of that! I'm going to have to send my momma bean out to get me some of them...hehe  

  9. hello & mimmy said...

    everytime i see that photo of you eating bacon i lick my lips. mommy gave me a tiny bit when she was desperate to get mimmy to eat when she first came home. she wouldn't even eat that, isn't she weird?

    i don't get to go to ALL the stores. especially if they sells bean food then i'm not allowed inside. but if they sell pet stuffs, it is always okay.]

    will you get to blog tomorrows?


  10. Cara said...

    Oh my gosh, what a lucky cat. I wish I had someone making me some bacon



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