The Figaro Gets Streamed Live!

Well, since the accident Figaro had a few dayses ago, he is now getting streamed live to Mamaw in the living room.

Here is a photo of him getting streamed live. Mamaw hooked up her webcam to her old laptop and that is in there watching his every moves. I am in there watching him too because I prefer to be there in person instead of a webcam. So far nobody has done any businesses this morning although it is almost 11. Figaro is just sitting in fronts of the toilet doing the nothing of business. Then he sat on the toilet for a while but did not do business either.
Mamaw is working from her laptop in the livingroom and keeping an eye on that sucker. This is much more convenient than when she had to work from the bathroom!!! She is considerating getting a wifi cam to keep an eye on him without using a computer in there, it uses too much energies and the wifi cam would have night visions.

If you are interesting and you are our friends, e-mail Mommy for a link to the streaming live of the Figaro!!!


  1. Jenny said...

    anya- the webcam is awesome! i enjoyed watching figaro in actioin doing #1 and chatting with you as well. i wish you could watch what i see on my baby monitor. i wonder if i could hook it up to the net. there is an A/V output jack.


  2. Dark n Stormy said...

    Oh wow!
    I'd love to see a live stream. Send me the link!

    What a great idea to use the webcam. Have you been able to catch him mid-mistake yet?  

  3. Kimo & Sabi said...

    Hello kitties - welcome to da great cat blogosphere! We heard about you from Victor Tabbycat and Skittles - come visit us sometime . . . we'll add you to our blogroll - have fun!  


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