Well kitties, I am still around!

Hi kitties,

As you probably can tell I did not updated my bloggy for about a squillion days. That is because I have been busy doing very important things. For example relaxing. Also, my brothar has now become famous and so he posts a lot more than I do and I just visit other kitties' bloggies instead of posting!
I originally started my bloggy to chronicle my life as a toilet trained kitty, but then Figaro came along and he is a horrible toilet trainer. I was going to be Trained very shortly but Figaro keeped struggling on his Training, and since he is already so famous anymore mommy decided it will be fine to switch us to the Litter Box. Now we have a big sandy litter box to play in! I think it is not as ladylike but I still enjoyed it.
Also, I do not wear SoftPaws anymore. That is because I am a very nice kitty and I never scritch anything. Not even one thing! I am such a good kitty.
Of course Figaro still has to wear his SoftPaws because he scritches on furnitures all the time and especially on the doors.
I will keep updated sometimes but not as often as before!



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